Business Case Study Template - DOC by B_Gjas


									                                   Case Study Template

I. Your Expectations from this project
  Background: Put the project in perspective. Briefly and very generally, explain the environment
  and challenges in terms of
     - Country and region (geographical description)
     - Economic environment
     - Regulatory environment
     - The community
     - IT Readiness of the region

  Project Goals: Clearly and in detail explain the expected long-term and short-term
  goals/outcomes of the project in terms of
     - Targeted users
     - Financial objectives
     - Services and/or applications to be provided
     - Measurements of success
     - Involvement of partnering organization- The purpose of the partnership (financial,
         research, implementation etc) and the timeline of the commitment (long-term/short-term

  Time Line: Describe the project time line from inception to future plans.

II. Your Implementation Efforts
  Business Model: Explain in detail how the project is being deployed and run. Things to be
         - Project Financials- Costs structure, how the project is expected to be funded etc
         - Applications/ Services provided
         - Users- awareness, educating, training etc
         - Partnerships
         - Competitors
         - Maintenance

  Technology Used: Explain the technology (for connectivity (last mile and backend), power and
  devices) used. In detail describe the alternatives considered and give reasons for the technology
  preference. In short, provide pros and cons for each alternative considered.

  Also, give information on vendors used.

  Regulatory Environment: In detail explain the regulatory environment of region. Discuss the
  catalysts and hindrances. Also, explain how the regulatory environment was dealt with
III. Near Term Results
   Current real time users- who is using the services. Is it the community that was expected to
   respond? Is the response as expected etc?

   Applications/ Services Provided: Talk about all the services and applications provided. Explain
   the success and failures for providing them.

   Awareness: How aware is the community of the services provided? Is it responding? Is it not
   responding? What are the reasons… how is the service provider raising awareness about itself.

   Sustainability: Explain in detail whether the project can be sustained from this date on. Discuss
      - The steps taken to further fund the project (self-funded, needs outside funding etc)
      - Maintain and upgrade/update it
      - Training provided to users and implementers

   Also, talk about the involvement of the various parties. Discuss whether partnerships and
   environment has changed and how it affects the sustainability.

   Scalable: Discuss how the project can grow. Talk about increasing user base, replicating it in
   other regions etc.

IV. Your Future Hopes
   Lessons Learned: What would you do differently if you could begin again? What
   recommendation would you make to others?

   Future Plans: What is the status of the project? What are the plans from this day onwards?

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