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					         Free Printable Award Certificates
Why do we make awards available for free? Simple, some people only need to print one
or two award certificates. Plus it gives you a way to get a feeling for what lies in store
when you become a member.

Please realize that we have been forced to add an identifying mark to the awards we make
available for free. It's regrettable, but we've started finding our free award designs being
sold elsewhere in violation of copyright law. We're sorry we had to take this action, but it
is what it is.

Subscribers to the service do not have to worry about such things, because none of the
members area awards contain any restrictions or identifying marks.

Click here to review which plan best suits your needs.

                    You did it!                  Reading Achievement Award
                    (Rainbow)                          (Book Corners)

      "Perseverance is very important to       "Of all the diversions of life there
      success. How else would two snails        is none so proper to fill up its
                  have ..."                                empty ..."

               Reach for the Stars                          Outstanding
                    (Stars)                              (Diamond-Yellow)
"Genius produces great ideas and            "You are incredible!"
concepts. Hard work produces the

       Music Achievement                        Looking Good
        (Rainbow Staff)                         (Flowers-Red)

   "Great music is that which                    "No Quote"
penetrates the ear with facility and
         leaves the m..."

           Honor Roll                         Happy Face Award
        (Pinwheel-Purple)                       (Smileys-Pink)

"Our progress as a nation can be       "For being cheerful and friendly"
 no swifter than our progress in
          education. ..."

       Award of Excellence                    Certificate of Merit
          (Stained Glass)                       (Green & Blue)

  "Doing ordinary things in an           "For superior achievement"
extraordinary way will assure you
         of an extraor..."

           Bible Study                          You're the Best
        (Religious / Faith)                         (Blue)

"What is the life of a Christian but "The difference between good and
         a life of prayer"            great is just a little extra effort.

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