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					How to Make Money Blogging: 7
Strategies to Help you Get Started
You can make money from blogging. It can pay for your bills. It does work for everyone.
There’s no secret and you’ll just really need to know how to get started and which
blogging framework to follow.
It’s not a difficult process at all and this post will provide 7 distinct methods you can use
to generate substantial income from blogging. These seven methods are strategies you can
adopt right from the beginning, preferably before you set up your first blog.
You can think of them as guidelines which point out the different options you have, if
you’re serious about using blogging as a method of making money online.

1. The “Flagship” or Big Blog Route
This is simultaneously the most profitable and most time-consuming blog venture. The
flagship method directs all your focus on a few blogs in order to make them incredibly
popular in their niche. Flagship blogs should have a large audience as well as high daily
visitor traffic numbers.
These type of big blogs have a wide variety of monetization options with direct
advertising sales being a big part of it. Know that not everyone can successfully create a
big blog so attempt this route only if you absolutely believe that you have the networking
skills, niche knowledge and marketing know-how that’s needed.
     Benefits: Fame as well as more monetization options/potential for your blogs,
         alongside personal satisfaction. Another advantage is that big blogs usually
         market or promote themselves automatically once a certain level of fame has been
     Disadvantages: Very time-consuming especially if you are not outsourcing the
         content creation or marketing duties. Expect a lot of work and experiment with
         creative promotional ideas if you decide to go this route.
2. The “Pay per Post” or Get Paid to Blog Route
This is rather simple. Set up multiple on either your own domains or free blog hosts like
Blogger. Maintain them over a period of time and focus on writing content and building
up their Google PageRank, link profile and Alexa Rank .
     Benefits: The greatest strength of this method is that you don’t even need a large
         audience to make money. 20 people could be visiting and reading your blogs
         everyday and you’ll still be able to make at least $15 a day from each blog. If
         skillfully done over multiple blogs, this method can allow you to easily make over
         $1.5 K a month.
     Disadvantages: No passive income. You’ll need to spend time writing multiple
         sponsored blog posts, which can be boring and time consuming. Work will also be
         needed to maintain your multiple blogs, although that will be minimal after they
         have been optimized and running for some time.
3. The Automated Blogging or Splog Route
Automated blogging involves the setting up of blogs which automatically pull content
from RSS feeds, search engines and news sources to serve as content on your website.
Some bloggers set this to pull partial excerpts of RSS feeds, which does go against some
copyrights and one can choose to only include excerpts with a link back to the site in
question. Monetization for automated sites is usually done through contextual ads like
Google Adsense or affiliate programs.
     Benefits: Very little work needed to maintain these blogs as they do not need you
       to actively generate or write content. You might need to do a little SEO and
       regular maintenance now and then. Try if you are adventurous.
     Disadvantage: A weak potential for profit unless you understand the entire
       process perfectly and if you have quite a large number of blogs.I estimate that a
       fully automated blog will make you around $5 a month although the actual value
       depends on the niche and your skills. Assuming that this is so, you’ll need 1,000
       blogs to make around $5000 a month. Splogs dwell in ethically gray areas as well.

4. The Text Link Selling Blog Route
The main bulk of your income through this method comes from selling text links to
various webmasters and businesses who want to improve their site ranking in Google.
While text link selling works for the flagship or other blog models as well, sites can be
primarily built for text link sales as well.
The overwhelming emphasis here is on Google PageRank and niche relevancy so you’ll
need to focus on these two factors. You can either convert a domain into a text link and
sponsored post selling blog or you can purchase a domain with existing PageRank to sell
text links for a quick buck. I suggest looking for link buyers directly through webmaster
     Benefits: Selling text links or contextual text links is rather easy and doesn’t
        involve much work. Potential for profit will correspond to your Google Page Rank
        and niche. A site with a high PageRank and a profitable niche (mortgages, credit
        cards) will be very attractive to link buyers. Like paid review blogs, traffic is not a
        factor in these blogs as well.
     Disadvantages: Over Reliance on the Google PageRank algorithm means that
        your income may rise or fall depending on your actual Page Rank. There may also
        be a limit to the number of links you can sell which leads to an income ceiling.

5. The Made-for-Adsense or Made-for-Affiliate-Program Route
This involves setting up a blog around a specific topic with moderately high priced
keywords (e.g. teeth whitening, car loans). You’ll only need to create around 25 keyword
rich articles on the topic, optimize it for search, set up Adsense or affiliate programs and
then leave them alone.
The main emphasis is on building links to the specific webpages, according to the long
tail keywords you want to target. Search engine visitors will then find your blog and
either click on the ads or convert on a product.
      Benefits: Not a lot of time involved as you can usually contract an experienced
        writer to develop the keyword rich articles. Not much time is needed to update the
        blogs as well and new material can be added on a bi-weekly or even monthly
      Disadvantages: There might be a lot of competition in a profitable niche and
        search traffic might not lead to sufficient income, unless you go for volume and
        set up dozens of similar websites in other niches as well.

6. The Blog Network or Contract Blogging Route
This involves joining a blog network and getting paid to maintain and create content for
blogs. You’ll get paid according to the amount of pageviews, possibly receive a token
base fee in the hundreds or a share of the blog’s ad revenue.
     Benefits. Relatively stable monthly income because of the base fee. Contract
       work usually leads to more freelance blogging or writing assignments because of
       your proven ability or association with a specific organization.
     Disadvantages: Why bother? If you’re that good at creating and promoting a
       blog, set up your own website and keep all the profits. However, it is useful to
       note that a lot depends on the type of network or contract agreement you receive.

7. The Blog-as-Marketing or Branding Route
This method will only apply if you own an online business or provide a freelance service
like web design, copy writing or marketing consultation. A blog can be used to help
promote your personal or business brand and attract more customers.
This is an indirect method of making money. Ideally, this sort of a blog shouldn’t be
plastered with ads or paid reviews because it can tarnish the image of the brand.
     Benefits. A blog can help your brand or business to develop much more search
        visibility because it allows you to easily create more fresh content that caters to
        specific demographics as well.
     Disadvantages. Your blog will only be as useful as the quality of the service or
        product you are pushing. The amount of money you earn doesn’t entirely depend
        on the quality of the blog but the value of your service/product as well. Income is
        therefore indirect and can be inconsistent.

As you can see, there are several strategies you can choose if you’re interesting in making
money from blogs. To ensure maximum success, be sure to pick one that suits your
personal schedule, skill level and interests.
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