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									Modern Business Cards
It's a Modern World
The term 'modern' can be applied to a lot of styles. It can refer to contemporary designs,
to new age designs, or even to no free form design. If you are interested in designing a
modern business card your first step will be to decide what 'modern' means to you.
There are several modern elements that you can add to your business card to make it
stand out from the crowd. The first modern element is a modern color palette. Another
modern element is graphic size. Other modern elements include unique artwork, unique
fonts and unique layouts.

Make It Feel Good
If you operate or work at a health and dietary supplement business then a modern
business card design is a good option for you. You can take modern elements like unique
artwork and modern color palettes to appeal to your market. However, while a great
business card background design may catch the eye of your customers, in order for your
business card to be an effective marketing tool you also need to include useful
information on the card that is easy to read.
Work Out All the Kinks
If you are a massage therapist or physical therapist then modern business card designs are
a good option for you as well. For you a unique graphic or artistic impression of the
human body will be a great graphic to include on your business card. However, you will
want to keep your card's design simple and serene.

That Sounds Good
Musicians also need a great business card. Modern business card designs are flexible
enough to allow for personal interpretation. This is a great feature for musicians to take
advantage of. Add elements to your business card that will make it sing to your potential
Paint Me a Picture
Artists are very lucky when it comes to business card design because they can either
design a graphic for their card, or they can simple use a digital copy of one of their
masterpieces. Artists also have a good eye for color selection and layout. Take advantage
of your artistic skills by designing your own business card utilizing our great online
business card design system.
Keep It Clean
Another profession that can take advantage of a modern business card design is the
housekeeping service. If you own a housekeeping business, or if you are looking for a
housekeeping position, then a well designed business card will be one of your best
marketing tools. To create a great modern business card design for your profession try to
keep things simple, clean, and attractive. Utilize a smaller graphic, fewer colors, and a
bold print lettering.

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