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					Define Research? Discuss the special features of Scientific method of Research?

Ahmad is the manager of a restaurant; he wants to see his staff cooperative and hardworking but his staff is not working well according to his will. He decided to give the incentives in order to motivate and encourage them but his policy did not work effectively. There can be many factors behind this behavior of staff that needs to be researched. For this purpose, he appoints you as a researcher and asks you to discover those factors and submit a report to him. How you will undertake this kind of research and what steps you will choose to make a report about the behavior of the staff?

Define the measure that is used by the researcher in order to capture the intensity, direction, level, or potency of a variable construct. Also describes the different types of that measure. “Snowball sampling is also known as network, chain referral or reputational sampling.” Comment on this statement The purpose of cluster sampling is to sample economically while retaining the characteristics of a probability sample. At the same time, cluster sampling addresses two major problems. Discuss those problems Briefly discuss the steps that are involved in conducting an experiment. . Classify this research on the basis of: i. Purpose of doing research. ii. The use of research iii. Time dimension in research Justify your answer. What do you understand by the term “concepts are an abstraction of reality”? Explain with the help of an example What is meant by a Research Proposal? Explain briefly. Also mention at what time a research proposal is submitted Why turn over is high in some organizations? As per above given query, explain the following components of Theoretical frame work; (Marks: 10) i) ii) iii) iv) Develop an inventory of variables (min. five variables required) Specify direction of relationship Give clear explanation why you should expect the proposed relationship exists Make an inventory of propositions

Given the situation below, Discuss with reason into which category they fall  According to the purpose of doing research and  The uses of research Scenario 1: Reasons for Absenteeism A university professor wanted to analyze in depth the reasons for absenteeism of employees in organizations. Fortunately, a company within 20 miles of the campus employed her as a consultant to study that very issue. Scenario 2: Effects of Nasal Spray on Flu A research scientist surveys 1,000 employees in different organizational settings to study the efficacy of several types of nasal sprays in controlling the flu virus. He subsequently publishes his findings in a highly respected medical journal.

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