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Updated NOD32 Anti-Virus Policy for All Stores


									Updated NOD32 Anti-Virus Policy for All Stores
Compliance Date Extended for Stores Without Internet Connectivity Anti-virus software must be renewed annually, kept current (the date recorded by the software in the “last update” field is within seven days for restaurants with Internet connectivity and within six months for restaurants without Internet connectivity), and function properly at all times. As long as your restaurant has a broadband Internet connection, it will automatically keep itself up-to-date. If your restaurant has a dial-up Internet connection, a “get update” or “update now” button will have to be pressed in order for the software to update itself. In the STS News Alert Important Credit Card Security Measures to Protect You and Your Customers (Link) sent on Tuesday October 28, the compliance date to have NOD32 Antivirus software installed was December 1, 2008 for all stores. This compliance date has been extended for stores that do not have Internet connectivity to May 1, 2009. This extension will allow stores additional time to fulfill the requirement of keeping the software virus definitions current by accessing the Internet. If you don’t have an Internet connection, updates must be installed via a CD. If you need assistance, contact the Retail Technology Help Desk at (203) 877-4281, ext. 4767, or ® dial your toll-free number for SUBWAY HQ, or at

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