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 Adds Dolly Cart Mounted Explosion Proof Paint Spray Booth Light
Larson Electronics’ supplements its wide range of explosion proof fluorescent lights with paint spray booth ratings with portable, cart mounted implementations, including the newest model, the EPLCD-48-2L dolly cart mounted 4 foot 2 lamp fluorescent light.
(Vocus) January 26, 2010 -- Larson Electronics’ added a new dolly cart mounted paint spray booth light. The EPLCD-48-2L explosion proof paint spray certified light features a 4 foot 2 lamp Class 1 Division 1 and Class 2 Division 1 fluorescent light on a wheeled dolly cart. The hazardous location light fluorescent light fixture is protected by a mesh guard keeping tools from hitting the Pyrex lens and a Plexiglas shield preventing overspray from covering the lens. The fluorescent light fixture can be outfitted with T8, T12HO, T5HO or even “daylighter” type bulbs.

“Operators of paint spray booths are looking for a simple, manageable way to position bright, white explosion proof lighting where they need it,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’ “This simple dolly style cart enables operators to move a 65 pound paint spray booth light around easily and position it beside or even beneath the object they are painting. The fluorescent light fixture carries UL Class 1 and Class 2 ratings and a paint spray booth rating. With T12HO or T5HO bulbs, operators can deliver 120 watts of fluorescent light where they need it. Anti-static wheels, the aluminum cart and 50 foot SOOW cord with explosion proof plug make the fixture versatile and compliant as a hazardous location light fixture. Rob continued, “Other options include an integrated power switch and our LED tube style lights for a brighter, whiter light than that produced by fluorescent bulbs. “For portable explosion proof lighting applications not involving paint spray booth applications, the fixture can be outfitted with two 110 watt fluorescent bulbs for a total of 220 watts of illumination. For a lighter weight alternative, we offer the EPLCD-24-2L which has a 2 foot 2 lamp Class 1 Division 1 and Class 2 Division 1 light fixture.” “The EPLCD-48-2L explosion proof paint spray booth certified portable fluorescent light is just one of many options we offer for portable hazardous location lighting. Our portable cart mounted EPLC-48-4L is a much larger 4 foot 4 lamp fixture that can deliver up to 440 watts of light. We have pedestal mount and tripod mount explosion proof metal halide and incandescent lamps as well. Depending on the application, we have a wide variety of portable and permanent mount hazardous location lighting to meet the needs, from incandescent hand lamps to dolly cart style Class 1 Division 1 paint spray booth lights,” Rob concluded. Larson Electronics offers a wide range of hazardous location lighting and general area lighting for high voltage and low voltage applications. Ranging from explosion proof LED lights to HID lights powered by solar powered generators, is a one stop source for industrial, commercial and military applications. You can learn more at or 1-800-369-6671 (1-214-616-6180 international). ###

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