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									                                                                                    Senior Reading & Writing
                                                                                             Mrs. Bortnichak
                                Writing College Entrance Essays

        More students than ever are applying to colleges and the increase of applicants is making
it tougher for students to feel assured they will get into the college of their choice. It also makes
the selection process a more difficult task for college admissions and many colleges are now
requiring essays as part of the admissions process. The Good News???? Writing a good college
entrance essay boosts your chances of getting into the college of your choice and, in some cases,
may just be that little thing needed to put you ahead of others and help you get in.

Choose one of the following essay topics to write on1:

       Discuss a risk you have taken that has led to a change in your personal or intellectual life.
       What quality do you like best in yourself and what quality do you like least? How do you
        think these qualities will affect your future academic life?
       Describe an obstacle or setback you have had to overcome. Discuss its impact and what
        you have learned from the experience.
       Explain why you want to go to this particular college. How will your presence here help
        add to our campus?
       Describe a challenging situation and how you responded.
       Tell us about a person who has had a significant influence on you and describe that
       OR…choose an essay topic that you need to write for your college application

    Your essay should:
    1. Be 300-500 words (400 words is approx. one page)
    2. Have a narrow focus and be personal
    3. Be specific – referencing experiences and ideas from your life
    4. Be original (you should not simply tell them what you think they want to hear)

So, some of you are thinking, “Why should I write this if I’m not planning on going to college?”
or “my college doesn’t require an essay, so what’s the point?” Well, no matter what your plans
are after high school, college essays allow you to reflect on yourself as an individual, which is
essential no matter what you plan on becoming in the future. Also, you will have to express your
desires, goals, and strengths when you are interviewing for jobs or going up for a promotion.
Finally, we will be working on revising these and using these to talk about the 6 Traits of
Writing, which will be essential in your upcoming papers as well.

 Topics adapted from www.collegeboard.com and Writing a Successful College Application Essay: The Key to
College Admissions by George Ehrenhaft

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