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Cover Page for Assignment 3 Thematic Resources by woo44846


									Cover Page for Thematic Resources Assignment

The cover page should be a letter to the teacher for whom you are finding the resources. It should be
written in a professional letter style. Address the letter to the teacher. Introduce yourself. List the
specific resources you found (a bullet or outline style is fine). Give a brief explanation of each one
and/or explain how it fits the theme or how it will benefit the students.

Be sure the letter is grammatically correct! Don’t embarrass yourself or UNT.

Staple the letter to the top of the stack of printouts. Remember that you are to hand in two identical
packets. I will give one to the teacher and I will grade the other one. A copy of your letter needs to be
on the top of both packets.

Sample cover page:

    April 1, 2003

    Dear Mrs. Peabody,

    My name is Mahildabob Morgan. I am a senior at University of North Texas enrolled in Miss
    Overall’s CECS 4100 course. I enjoyed finding resources for your 5th graders related to panda
    bears. Below is a listing of what I found.

        1) Build a Panda software by Don’tBreakTheChina Software Co. This $39 package
           allows students to create a simulated bamboo forest and see if they can pick the right
           combination of factors that will save the pandas. The manufacturer says it’s
           appropriate for grades 3 to 6. I’ve attached a list of vendors in the Dallas area.
        2) The website of the National Zoo in Washington DC includes a live webcam showing
           the new pandas in the recently renovated panda enclosures. Your students should enjoy
           watching the antics of Ching-Ching and Mia-Tse and learning about a panda’s daily
           life. There is also a link to a “Frequently Asked Questions” page where the zookeepers
           tell fascinating things like how much bamboo a panda eats in a day. <>
        3) The Teachers Web Resource page has an interesting activity appropriate for 5th graders
           where students keep records of the pandas at each of the US zoos that currently have
           panda bears (Atlanta, San Diego, and Washington DC). The students keep their daily
           findings in a spreadsheet and calculate weekly and monthly averages in areas such as
           height, weight, amount of food consumed, and hours slept. Then students compare
           their data to the data for the pandas at the other 2 sites. <>
        4) Etc. etc. etc.
        5) And so on and so on

    The attached print outs show you the actual content of the web pages. A software review for
    the Build a Panda software is included, too. I hope you find these resources helpful. Good luck
    to you and your students as you study these endangered animals.


    Mahildabob Morgan

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