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									On Assignment
At Digital Focus we are available to take on various photographic assignments. Whether
this is to capture news/public/private events, document people/locations, or to shoot
publicity and/or marketing materials, etc. Digital Focus always provides “top-notch”
coverage – whatever your needs


 $150/hr. up Assignments
     to 8 hrs. Each assignment is extremely unique. Please use the information here as a

                guideline only as a starting point for discussion. We are extremely flexible in
                putting together assignment packages for our clients, depending upon issues
                such as timing, rights, requirements, etc.
                    •   Digital Focus will provide all standard equipment. Additional equipment
                        may need to be rented “on-site” at additional cost.

                    •   Models, if needed, are to be provided by the client, along with whatever hair,
                        makeup, wardrobe requirements are needed.

                    •   Any permits, permissions, access, etc. required for specific locations, etc.
                        are to be obtained by the client and made available to Digital Focus prior to

                    •   All digital files will become the property of the client. Any additional re-
                        touching, photo-editing or manipulation will be quoted at an hourly rate.

                    •   Transportation and additional expenses are to be covered by the client.

                    •   While we are available for “last-minute” assignments, due to other scheduling
                        considerations, it is recommended that assignments lasting longer than a day
                        be booked at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

                An individualized, customized plan will be created after an initial, free
                consultation to determine the extent and scope of the services required.

$1,2500/day Assignment – Day Rate

                Should our services be required for more than 8 hours in a day (this includes
                time away from our offices), then our Day Rate of $1,250/day shall apply.

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