AP Calculus Summer Assignment by woo44846


									                                AP Calculus Summer Assignment

Preliminaries: AP Calculus is the culmination of all the mathematics you have ever had!
1) You must be competent in basic algebra. The calculator will not always be available to you.
2) You must be competent in trigonometry. You MUST know the unit circle. Almost all problems are
  worked in radian measure, not degrees.
3) You must be willing to explain your answers. Just getting the correct number will not be sufficient for
  this course.
4) You must own your own calculator and bring it to class everyday!
Knowing how to use your graphing calculator is essential. If you do not currently own one, you need to
buy one. A TI-83 is the minimum calculator needed for this course. The TI-89 is better as it has a CAS
(computer algebra systems) which can handle symbolic manipulation. If you already own a calculator,
you do not need to buy another one. If you already own or choose to buy a different brand (Casio, HP,
etc), be certain you know how to use it as I will only be teaching how to use a TI calculator. If you don’t
want to buy new, you will find good prices at pawn shops, at Cash Converters, and on Amazon and eBay.
If you don’t know how to do something using your calculator, refer to your manual. If you have lost or
misplaced your manual, you can download a free copy from the TI website: www.education.ti.com

You have multiple tasks for the summer.
1. Complete the attached Packet ’o Problems. Work on your own and make sure to read the cover page.
  Use internet and book resources as necessary (there are good internet resources listed in the packet).
  You will need to turn in all of your work, including answers, in a neat and organized packet the first day
  of school. This assignment will count as a significant process grade for the first quarter and should be
  completed before task #2.

2. On August 1st an online test will be posted at the PHS Calculus Blog (patuxentapcalc1.blogspot.com).
  You must complete this test before school starts. Make sure to read the directions fully (NO
  CALCULATOR). Do your work in an organized manner on a separate sheet which you will turn in by
  the first day of school. This will be graded as a product grade for the first quarter.

Optional: Print a copy of the worksheet located at:
 http://www.mathbits.com/MathBits/StudentResources/Algebra2/TrigCachingWorksheet.pdf. This
 worksheet (with all of your work) will be collected by the first day of school. Contact a teacher if you
 have any questions. Use the worksheet to record your answer for the problems beginning at:
 http://mathbits.com/caching/trigopencache1.html and then print a copy of the last page – box #10. You
 will work 29 problems by the time you complete this activity. If you chose to complete this assignment
 by the first day of class you will receive a free homework pass for the first quarter.

These assignments (including the optional trigonometry) will provide a good review for a non-calculator
test given during the first week of school. Be prepared!

Mr. Mably and Mrs. Brown will be available off and on during the summer. Make sure to ask/email
questions as necessary! You may contact us via email at brownb@calvertnet.k12.md.us (available after
August 7th) and mablyb@calvertnet.k12.md.us. Be certain to send your email to BOTH of us and to
INCLUDE YOUR NAME. Good luck, we are looking forward to next year!

***If you need help with the web assignments, the University of Michigan has a really good website with
practice problems and tutorials at: http://prep.math.lsa.umich.edu/pmc/. Enter the module and select any
topic, or test your overall knowledge with the diagnostic test at the end of the list of topics***
                           AP Calculus - Packet ’o Problems
To: All students enrolled in AP Calculus AB for the school year 2008-2009
From: AP Calculus teachers: Mr. Mably and Mrs. Brown

Going into AP calculus, there are certain skills that have been taught to you over the previous years that
are assumed that you have mastered. If you do not have these skills, you will find that you will
consistently get problems incorrect next year, even though you understand the calculus concepts. It is
frustrating for students when they are tripped up by the algebra and not the calculus. This summer packet
is intended for you to brush up and possibly relearn these topics.
It is assumed that you have basic skills in algebra. Being able to solve equations, work with algebraic
expressions, and basic factoring, for example, should now be a part of you. If not, you would not be going
into AP calculus. The topics covered in the packet are skills that are used continually in AP calculus.

The attached summer packet is for all students enrolled in AP Calculus AB in the fall. This packet will be
collected on the first day of school and you will be tested on its contents. Show all work and check your
solutions so that you can focus on refreshing the skills that you are lacking. Use the listed websites if and
when you are unsure of how to work out any problems. Don’t fake your way through these problems. As
stated, students are notoriously weak in them, even students who have achieved well prior to AP calculus.
Use the websites.

This packet is intended to get you off to a good start in AP calculus, and as stated earlier, you will be
tested on this material at the start of the course in the fall. Spend some quality time with this packet this
summer. Do not rely on a calculator. Half of the AP exam is done without a calculator. It is a mistake to
complete this immediately after school lets out for the summer. Let it go until midsummer. The idea is
that these techniques are fresh in your mind at the start of the course in the fall. Likewise, it is a mistake to
wait until the last minute to complete this as well. These problems do take time.

Below are listed topics in the review. You can certainly do Google searches for any of these topics.
Several sites are listed below that will cover almost all of these topics. Here is a good site for most algebra
topics: http://www.purplemath.com/modules/index.htm

Beginning algebra topics                                 Advanced algebra topics
Exponents                                                Asymptotes
Negative and fractional exponents                        Complex fractions
                                                         Composition of functions
Intermediate algebra topics                              Solving rational (fractional) equations
Solving inequalities: absolute value                     Trigonometry topics
Solving inequalities: quadratic                          Basic right triangle trigonometry
Special factoring formulas                               Unit circle
Function transformation                                  Trigonometric equations
Factor theorem (p over q method)
Even and odd functions                                   Here is a good site for trigonometric topics:
Solving quadratic equations and the quadratic            http://www.mathematicshelpcentral.com/index.html
formula                                                  Once in the site, go to lecture notes.

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