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We’ve done our homework!
  The E-Team-Project

                      Preface                                                                   3
                      The E-Team Project: How It All Began                                      4
                      How Can My School Get Involved and What Has To Be Done?                   5
                      Specific Ways of Saving Energy: The Energy Tour                           6
                      The E-Team Project: Energy-Saving Brought to Life                         8
                      Suggested Activities                                                     10
                      Bonus System: Saving Energy Pays                                         12
                      Energy Saved as a Result of the E-Team Project                           13
                      Support Provided by the City of Heidelberg                               14

                                                         Yeah, the good years are over;
                                                         Tja, die fetten Jahre sind vorbei,
 All they ever do anymore is save,                           it's time to tighten our
Überall wird nur noch gespart, wo soll
 save, save. I hinführen... where
               just wonder                                     Verzicht ist angesagt.
           das                                                   belts.
         it's all leading to.
                                                                             If we economize
                                                                          Durch intelligente
                                                                       intelligently, können Mittel
                                                                    Einsparungen we can make
                                                                       funds available for future
                                                                      für Zukunftsinvestitionen
                                                                               frei werden.

                                                                    E-team's the word!
                                                                   Ich sag' nur E-Team!


   The City of Heidelberg has        lessons, such as physics,         as multipliers by taking the
   been committed to climate         politics, mathematics, bio-       knowledge they have
   protection for many years.        logy, German and art. As a        acquired at school home
   The project on “Saving Ener-      result of the project, school     with them; in addition, as
   gy in Heidelberg Schools”         itself becomes the subject        the basis of future genera-
   (the E-team project) is part      of the lesson. In art classes,    tions, they are indispensable
   of these climate protection       pupils can design posters         for changing society’s
   activities. The aim of the        for information campaigns         awareness.
   project is to familiarise chil-   at school, in physics lessons
   dren and young people             they can take a closer look       The City has introduced a
   with the subjects of energy       at the lighting or heating        bonus system as an incen-
   and the environment at an         systems, in maths they can        tive. Schools are given 40 %
   early age.                        determine the amount of           of the energy costs they
                                     energy saved etc.                 save to invest in energy-
   There are various ways of                                           saving measures and an-
   saving energy in schools —        The focal points within the       other 40 % to use as they
    not just through technical       schools are the energy-           wish. In the course of this
   improvements, but also by         saving teams, or “E-teams”        project, a great many crea-
   pupils and teachers beco-         for short. They consist of        tive ideas have been deve-
   ming more aware of how            pupils, teachers and energy       loped and implemented
   they use energy. We can pro-      officers (caretakers) and         with a strong sense of com-
   tect the environment by           are supported by the head         mitment and a great deal
   only using light where            teacher and deputy heads.         of enjoyment. We would
   necessary and by airing           E-teams     examine     the       be very pleased if even
   rooms properly. The money         school’s energy consump-          more schools in Heidelberg
   thus saved can then be            tion, and they develop            were to participate in the
   used for more useful things.      energy-saving programmes          project and if similar initia-
                                     and public relations pro-         tives for a sustainable fu-
   Young people are very flex-       grammes to implement              ture were started in other
   ible and willing to take in       them. Creative ideas are          towns as well.
   new information and to            developed as to how ener-
   change their behaviour            gy can be used more effi-
   accordingly, and schools          ciently by changing beha-
   play an important role in         viour and by making minor
   this respect. There are           technical improvements.           Beate Weber
   various opportunities for                                           Lady Mayor
   including energy and envi-        One of the aims of the pro-
   ronmental subjects in les-        ject is to protect the climate
   sons and for teaching             by directly reducing energy
   pupils about the subject in       consumption and green-
   an interdisciplinary way.         house gas emissions that          Dr. Eckart Würzner
   The curricula for all types       damage the climate. In ad-        Mayor for the Environment
   of schools and all age levels     dition, it is also designed to    and Energy
   offer numerous options for        promote the pupils’ perso-
   putting this into practice in     nal responsibility and their
   lessons. Saving energy can        communication and pro-
   be the topic of all kinds of      blem-solving skills. Pupils act

      E-Team-Projekt –
      How It All Began
                       Four schools led the way       board with representatives                 open to all types of schools.
                       when the E-team project        from all the participants                  In elementary schools, all
                       was introduced in 1995:        was set up to support the                  types of secondary schools
                       Bunsen-Gymnasium, Heili-       project and to serve as a fo-              (Hauptschule, Realschule,
                       genbergschule, Johannes-       rum for the exchange of                    Gymnasium and Gesamt-
                       Kepler-Realschule        and   information and experi-                    schule) and vocational
                       Mönchhofschule. The City
                       of Heidelberg’s Office of                             19
                       Environmental Protection,                                     Schools with E-teams
                       Energy and Health Promo-          Number of schools   15
                       tion and the ifeu Institute                           13
                       started a project called the
                       “Campaign to Save Energy                              9
                       in Heidelberg Schools”;
                       they offered advice and                               4
                       assistance to the schools
                       involved and received sup-
                                                                                  95/96   96/97 97/98    98/99   01/02
                       port in doing so from the
                                                                                           School year
                       Structural Engineering Of-
                       fice, the Education Admin-
                       istration Office and Heidel-   ences. A survey carried out                schools, E-teams are enthu-
                       berg Public Utilities (SWH).   in the schools at the end of               siastically spreading the
                       During the pilot phase, in     the school year showed                     idea of efficient energy
                       the school year 1995/1996,     that two thirds of those                   use. In spring 1997, the City
                       the project was presented      asked had actually seen                    of Heidelberg, the ifeu
                       to the schools, and tea-       changes in behaviour. A to-                Institute and BUND (the
                       chers and pupils who were      tal of some 5 % of heat and                German Association of En-
                       interested started setting     electricity was saved in the               vironmental and Nature
                       up E-teams. A bonus system     schools.                                   Protection) organised a con-
                       was introduced to allow        Since then, new schools                    ference on climate protec-
                       schools to profit from their   have been joining the pro-                 tion in schools, aimed at
                       success, and an advisory       ject every year and it is now              promoting the exchange of
                                                                                                 experience at schools with-
                                                                                                 in the Rhine-Neckar region.
      Yeah, E-teams!
      Ja, die E-Teams!                     only have to in dein look at your school
                                        I Ich brauche nurhave a Zeugnis zu schauen,
They're teams that save
Das sind Energiesparteams                       report to see where you save
                                              dann sehe ich, wo du Energie sparst!
                                                                                                 A joint network called “Cli-
     an den Schulen...
   energy in schools...                                         energy!                          mate Protection Schools in
                                                                                                 the Rhine-Neckar Region”
                                                                                                 has been established in
                                                                                                 which schools, local autho-
                                                                                                 rities and other institutions
                                                                                                 are participating. Network
                                                                                                 meetings about various
                                                                                                 subjects have taken place
                                                                                                 since then; in addition, a
                                                                                                 website has been set up
                                                                                                 where addresses and other
                                                                                                 information can be found.

How Can My School Get Involved
and What Has To Be Done?
    Any school in Heidelberg          tion on the project, the       • Include the subject in les-
    can join the E-team project       promotion of communica-          sons on a long-term basis
    at the beginning of each          tion within the school and     • Promote good communi-
    school year.                      good public relations all        cation within the school
    In order to officially partici-   serve to ensure that the E-    • Ensure helpful and effec-
    pate in the project, a reso-      team’s work meets with           tive co-operation
    lution has to be passed in        widespread acceptance. In      • Promote acceptance and
    a meeting for the entire          contrast, rushing into tak-      support for the project
    teaching staff. Representa-       ing action, e. g. making         within the school by pro-
    tives from the Office of          rash changes to the heat-        viding detailed informa-
    Environmental Protection,         ing control system, may          tion
    Energy and Health Promo-          harm the cause. The head       • Decide how the E-team
    tion and the ifeu Institute       teacher and deputy heads         is to be organised and
    are happy to present the          should be informed about         hold regular meetings
    project, either to the teach-     any major projects, and        • Do not expect too much
    ing staff alone or to both        enough time should always        at the beginning
    the teachers and the pupils,      be allowed for questions.      • Focus on perseverance
    e. g. pupils’ representatives.                                     and continuity (achieve-
    The school receives the           Here once again are the          ments such as financial
    support it requires (see p.       most important tips to en-       savings or changes in
    14) to implement the pro-         sure success:                    behaviour usually take a
    ject and, in turn, under-         • Get the headmaster or          little time)
    takes to set up an E-team,          headmistress and the         • Do not get frustrated
    to provide active support           caretaker involved             about energy waste due
    for the project and to            • Provide information and        to structural or technical
    document its activities. For        get all the teachers in-       defects
    further information, please         volved at staff meetings
    contact the Office of En-
    vironmental Protection,
    Energy and Health Promo-           Blödsinn! An den Schulen bilden Schüler, Lehrer
                                        Nonsense! Pupils, teachers and the caretaker form a team
    tion.                              und der Hausmeister ein Team mit dem Ziel,
                                            with the aim of putting energy-saving measures
                                       sinnvolle Energiesparmaßnahmen an den
                                                     into practice in the schools.
    The first thing that needs               And this is how it works...
                                       Schulen durchzuführen.
    to be done is to set up an         Das geht so...
    energy-saving team or E-
    team. The starting point
    might be interested pupils
    or teachers, and the care-
    taker should definitely be
    involved. Support from the
    head teacher and deputy
    heads is also important. It
    is useful to have people
    from outside to provide
    advice and present the pro-
    ject at the first meeting.
    Very often, the key to suc-
    cess is choosing the right
    approach. Specific informa-

       Specific Ways of Saving
       Energy: The Energy Tour
                          Let’s get to work immedi-          Boiler Room                        in class-rooms, i.e. around
                          ately and do something!                                               20 °C. This is unnecessary,
                          That's usually the first           For many participants, it is       and unless corridors are
                          thought that a newly esta-         interesting to take a look at      used as a meeting place or
                          blished E-team has. A brief        their school's boiler room.        during breaks, the tempe-
                          analysis of the building in        Important questions about          rature doesn't need to be
                          terms of energy use has            heating control can be dis-        any higher than 15 °C; in
                          proved to be a very useful         cussed here. In some cases,        Heidelberg, this is specified
                          basis for later activities. In     lesson times can be taken          in the staff instructions on
                          Heidelberg, a so-called ener-      into account more effective-       energy for municipal build-
                          gy tour is organised in each       ly. The temperature might          ings.
                          school. This means that            be able to be turned down          Many corridors are also too
                          those involved in the E-team       earlier in some parts of the       brightly lit. The amount of
                          project (pupils, teachers,         building than it has been          light can be measured by
                          caretakers, representatives        before because the room is         means of a luxmeter. It is
                          from the Office of Environ-        not used in the afternoon,         often possible to stop us-
                          mental Protection, Energy          for example, or classes of-        ing some of the lights.
                          and Health Protection, the         fered in the evenings by
                          Structural Engineering Of-         the adult education centre         Class-Rooms
                          fice and the ifeu Institute)       may be organised such that
                          go through the most impor-         some parts of the building         This is where pupils and
                          tant rooms of the school           do not need to be heated           teachers spend most of
                          together looking for “ener-        in the evening. Sometimes          their time during the day
                          gy leaks” and making a             a hot water tank can even          and where the most ener-
                          note of the best approaches        be switched off because no         gy is consumed in the form
                          for using energy efficiently.      hot water is needed.               of heating and lighting.
                          It is precisely this interaction                                      Excessive rates of energy
                          between the users on site          Corridors                          consumption for heating
                          and specialists from out-                                             can be reduced by choos-
                          side that provides the deci-       Very often, the temperature        ing a room temperature of
                          sive impetus for later work.       in corridors is as high as it is   around 20 °C and by airing
                                                                                                the rooms properly. Win-
                                                                                                dows should not be tilted
     We started by doing an energy tour to discover the first
Zuerst haben wir einen Energierundgang gemacht und so erste few                                 for this purpose. Instead,
       ways of saving energy:
Sparmöglichkeiten herausgefunden:
                                                                                                they should be left wide
          Turn the heat down                                                                    open for about five minutes
    Heizung runter, wenn kein
        when there is no class,
     Unterricht ist, kein lights on,
       don’t leave the Licht                                                                    whenever the need arises
    brennen lassen, kürzer das
          air class-rooms for                                 Dann wurden die                   (short, intensive airing).
     Klassenzimmer lüften...
            a shorter time...                            Verbrauchswerte verglichen             The thermostat valves be-
                                                           und weitere Vorschläge
                                                             Then we compared
                                                                entwickelt...                   low the windows should be
                                                             the consumption
                                                        figures and                             turned to zero during this
                                                       developed                                period.
                                                      proposals...                              “Prompts”, i. e. small signs
                                                                                                attached to the window
                                                                                                handles, can be used as re-
                                                                                                minders. Incidentally, signs
                                                                                                made by the pupils them-
                                                                                                selves (e. g. in art classes)

                                                                  Administrative Rooms/
                                                                  Staff Rooms

        Save your e                                               What applies to class-rooms
                                                                  obviously also applies to
                        ne                                        staff rooms as well: opening
                          rgy                                     the windows wide for a
                                                                  few minutes to air the
                                                                  room, putting signs on the
                                                                  switches, checking that the
                                                                  room temperature is around
                                                                  20 °C.
                                                                  In addition, gyms, chang-
last longer than pre-fabri-      Special Class-Rooms              ing rooms, handicraft rooms
cated or bought ones.                                             and all hot-water taps
Contrary to what is fre-         In physics, chemistry, biology   should also be closely exam-
quently assumed, lighting        and handicraft class-rooms,      ined to see whether energy
often accounts for most of       there are many additional        or water can be saved.
the electricity used in          pieces of apparatus that
schools. It is therefore im-     use electricity; these usually
portant to use the lights        do not require much power
selectively, which means         or are only used during
always switching the light       short periods. Here, too,
off when it is not needed,       people should be reminded
even during a five-minute        to switch off electrical ap-
break. Contrary to com-          pliances, e. g. by putting up
mon belief, this does not        signs near the switches.
damage modern lamps. In
many cases, there is enough
natural light to work near                   really do
                                    Da mußI ich mich wonder what my children was
                                                    aredoch ernsthaft fragen,
                                                        actually learning
the windows. Along the              meine Kinder in der Schule lernen.
                                                       at school.
wall side, however, artifi-
cial light is frequently
required, and it is therefore
sufficient just to switch on
the light along the wall.
However, to do so, pupils
and teachers need to know
which is the right light
switch. Putting signs on the
switches helps to avoid mis-
understandings and thus

The E-Team Project: Energy-
Saving Brought to Life

Pupils just love the City of Heidelberg's “Energie-       This is what winners look like: The winning models at the solar compe-
Info-Mobil” (mobile energy advice centre) . Electricity   tition and their designers.
can be produced by energetically pedalling the bi-
cycle mounted inside.

Members of one of the youngest E-teams from the Tiefburgschule use
posters to inform their fellows pupils about the right way to use light
and heating.

                                                                            The most committed E-teams during their outing to
                                                                            Apeldoorn in summer 1998. It’s obvious what they
                                                                            wanted to see at the North Sea.

A prerequisite for successful E-team work: the City       Happy faces at school: prize-giving for the school year 1997/1998
of Heidelberg’s energy measuring kit.

Lights off or lights on? Looking at the electric meters brings the terms    The effort put into constructing solar models was
“electricity” and “energy” to life.                                         worth it. The participants from the Marie-Baum-
                                                                            Schule went to Freiburg as prize-winners in the

      Suggested Activities

                       The first step has been         information in an easily
                       taken, with the energy tour     understandable way and
                       showing areas where ener-       can offer room for ideas
                       gy could be used more effi-     and feedback. Energy con-
                       ciently. The next question is   sumption data need not be
                       how the E-team can pass on      presented in long columns
                       its experience to other pu-     of figures; instead, they
                       pils and teachers who did       can be illustrated by var-
                       not take part in the energy     ious examples and pictures
                       tour.                           or diagrams.
                       There are many examples         The energy information
                       and ideas showing how           board should be in a cen-
                       entire schools in Heidelberg    tral location, noticeable
                       have been encouraged to         and visible for everyone. In
                       join in through effective       addition to basic informa-
                       activities.                     tion about current con-
                                                       sumption figures and ener-
                       Suggested Activity:             gy-conscious behaviour, it
                       Energy Information Board        can also be used to let peo-
                                                       ple know when and where
                       Information is the most im-     E-team meetings are to
                       portant aspect. Hardly any-     take place and to announce
                       body knows how much             forthcoming activities. The
                       energy a school uses, how       energy information board
                       much this costs and how         can also be used to obtain
                       to start saving energy. A       feedback by offering space
                       notice-board on energy,         for ideas or criticism.
                       the “energy information
                       board”, can provide all the

  This Unterricht, voll class ; it's
Das istis what we do in praktisch:really
In Mathesheetsin maths, we draw up
           bilanzieren wir den Energie-
                                                  In physics, we built a
                                              In Physik haben wirnowphotovoltaic
                                                   installation, and eineI Fotovoltaik-
                                                                           know how
 balance         for our school's energy            Anlage gebaut, und ich weiß
verbrauch der Schule.
       consumption.                                  you can produce electricity
                                                 jetzt genau, wie man aus Sonne
                                                            from the sun!
                                                             Strom macht!                     And Erdkunde
                                                                                            Und inin geography
                                                                                        haben wir die globale Erd-
                                                                                           we looked at global
                                                                                      erwärmung durchgenommen.

Suggested Activity:             organised like this, they       tion: The pupils turn on the
Energy-Saving Competi-          have always been a great        lights in the school for one
tions:                          success in Heidelberg schools   lesson and switch them all
                                and everybody has had fun       off in the next. During the
Energy-saving competitions      — not just at the light-        lessons, each class goes to
motivate people to partici-     hearted prize-giving cere-      look at the electricity me-
pate, especially if there are   monies.                         ters to see the difference it
attractive prizes to be won.                                    makes in how quickly the
A good way of practising        Suggested Activity:             “disc” turns round. The
energy-conscious behaviour      “Lights Off/Lights On” Cam-     consumption is read off
is to award a prize to the      paign                           and a poster with the re-
class that saves the most                                       sults can then be designed,
energy. Unfortunately, the      Young pupils, in particular,    showing clear comparisons
amount used by individual       approach the subject of         between high and low
classes cannot be measured.     energy with curiosity and       energy consumption.
However, all that needs to      enthusiasm. However, in pri-
be done is for a “jury” to      mary schools, the approach
grant points over a period      chosen must be different
of time, e. g. bonus points     from the one followed in
for opening all the windows     secondary schools. The
to give the room a short air    “lights off/lights on” cam-
during the 5-minute break       paign provides a good illus-
or for switching off the        tration of the significance
lights during the main          of our energy consump-
break. Points are subtracted
if the windows are tilted,
for example.
An energy-saving competi-                  But the best is still to come ...
                                    Aber das Beste kommt erst noch...
tion such as this needs to
be carefully prepared; this
includes providing the right
information about energy-
conscious behaviour and
organisational aspects (who
will be responsible, who
will be on the jury, how
long the competition will
last and how points will be
awarded) right up to
actually announcing and
holding the competition.
The head teacher and
deputy heads must be in-
volved, and the winners
can look forward to attrac-
tive prizes.
Whenever energy-saving
competitions have been

        Bonus System -
        Saving Energy Pays
                         The City of Heidelberg has           to the same reference val-        facilities, such as a miniature
                         introduced a bonus system            ues every year, i. e. the aver-   demonstration solar collec-
                         as an incentive for the E-           age value in the 2 years          tor for heating non-drink-
                         team project in Heidelberg           before the school joined          ing water. Prizes for energy-
                         schools according to which           the E-team project. If ma-        saving competitions, musical
                         schools are given 40 % of            jor renovation work is car-       instruments, books, desk
                         the energy costs they have           ried out or if new buildings      lamps, exemplary renova-
                         saved to invest in renova-           are put up, new reference         tion of the lighting system
                         tion work and 40% to spend           values have to be deter-          in class-rooms, minor tech-
                         for their own purposes.              mined. For new schools, the       nical improvements to save
                                                              2 previous years are taken        energy, a table-tennis table,
                         Calculating the Savings              as reference values. As far as    a solar powered fountaine,
                                                              the savings are concerned,        excursions or painting jobs
                         The deadline is 30 June of           it is the activities of the       have been financed using
                         each year. The consumption           school itself that count,         the bonuses.
                         data for the preceding heat-         and not things such as new
                         ing period are then deter-           windows being fitted by
                         mined, and the City of Hei-          the City.
                         delberg informs the schools
                         how much they have saved             Using the Bonus
                         and how much they will be
                         receiving in bonuses.                Schools have used their
                         Values are corrected for all         bonuses in different ways.
                         construction and technical           The Heidelberg Internatio-
                         renovation work. When de-            nal Comprehensive School
                         termining heat consump-              (IGH) used its money to
                         tion, how cold or mild the           install a photovoltaic in-
                         winter was is also taken into        stallation and a wind power
                         account. The savings made            station, for example. Other
                         by the schools participating         schools have invested their
                         in the project are compared          bonuses in thermal solar

   Die of the funds made available through energy
  40 %durch die Energieeinsparung frei werdenden Mittel                    We’re Modell to adopt this model
bekommt die Schule zu 40% zur freien Verfügung, as it                       Das going übernehmen wir,
   savings are given to the school for it to use zu 40% für               too: tomorrow wir unser E-Team!
                                                                          morgen gründen we’ll set up our
     pleases, 40 % are used on energy fließen zurück
  energetische Verbesserungen und 20%improvementsin                                  own E-team!
                   20 Haushalt der into
               andden % flow backStadt.the
                       City's coffers.
                              Unsere Kinder
                           at our children ... aren't
                                 they great!

Energy Saved as a Result of
the E-Team Project
               A number of different actors    costs, it is important to have
               and measures have had an        an energy controlling sys-
               influence on the energy         tem that records energy
               savings. They reflect all as-   consumption on a monthly
               pects of municipal energy       basis. This shows how be-
               management in schools:          havioural changes, renova-
               energy controlling, train-      tion work or energy-saving
               ing courses for caretakers,     contracting has led to chan-
               energy-saving contracting       ges in energy consumption,
               and renovation work.            thus making it possible to
               The E-team project is not       influence and optimise use.
               an isolated measure in Hei-
               delberg; it is accompanied
               by various other municipal
               energy management ins-
               A total of over 1,500 t car-
               bon dioxide has been
               saved since the introduc-
               tion of the E-team project.
               There have been savings in
               energy costs totalling
               230,000 Euro for the same
               period. A major part of the
               savings that have been
               made are due to the peo-
               ple who use the buildings
               changing their behaviour.
               To register energy consump-
               tion and to reduce energy

That’s 40% der % of the
Genau, right: 40Ersparnis                                       And I fließen zurück in
                                                              Und 20%get 20 % as extra
      savings for my
 für mein Mountainbike.                                        house-keeping money.
                                                               meine Haushaltskasse.
  mountain bike.

                        40 % Ersparnis
                     40% der of the
                      für die for more
                     savings Taschen-
                      pocket money.

 Support Provided by the
 City of Heidelberg
              ... in Implementing the E-     are designed not only to         Mobile Energy Advice Cen-
              Team Project                   enable information to be         tre
              The City of Heidelberg of-     shared, but also for people      The “Energie-Info-Mobil”
              fers schools comprehensive     to give each other new           (mobile energy advice cen-
              support in implementing        ideas. They offer an oppor-      tre) demonstrates the sub-
              the E-team project.            tunity to discuss difficulties   ject of energy to younger
                                             and provide tips on how to       pupils. Electricity can be
              Project Steering               make the project successful.     generated here by pedal-
              The Office of Environmen-      In the 1997/1998 school year,    ling a bicycle. In addition,
              tal Protection, Energy and     a network of “Climate-Pro-       there are also computer
              Health Promotion offers        tecting Schools in the Rhine-    games about energy issues.
              advice in co-operation with    Neckar Area” was set up;
              the ifeu Institute on issues   this network is initially be-    Heidelberg Energy Con-
              of energy consumption,         ing coordinated by the ifeu      trolling at the Local Level
              gives tips on how to save      Institute and is designed to     (“HECK”):
              energy and makes specific      ensure that experiences are      In order to draw up balance
              proposals for campaigns.       shared on a regular basis        sheets showing the success
                                             within the region. How-          achieved by the E-teams
              Communication Between          ever, this is something that     and to monitor consump-
              Schools                        is also being pursued at an      tion in municipal buildings,
              The Environmental Office       international level, e.g. with   the Heidelberg Local Ener-
              organises meetings for         Apeldoorn or the cities in       gy Controlling (“HECK”)
              schools once a year to al-     the “Energie Cités” net-         system has been introduced
              low them to share their        work. The aim is to estab-       in Heidelberg. It allows
              experiences. These project     lish links between schools       heat, electricity and water
              advisory council meetings      via the Internet in order to     consumption to be exactly
                                             promote school activities        recorded. This controlling
                                             aimed at saving energy and       system is also indispensable
                                             protecting the climate and       for electricity-saving compe-
     And what für get?
Und was bleibt do I mich?
                                             to encourage experiences         titions and other campaigns.
                                             and ideas to be shared with-
                                             in the region.

                                             Measuring Kit for “Energy
                                             In the way of scientific and
                                             technical support for the
                                             project, the City of Heidel-
                                             berg has supplied the
                                             schools with kits consisting
                                             of equipment for measur-
                                             ing electricity consump-
                                             tion, temperature and light
                                             intensity. Thus electricity
                                             and water consumption can
                                             be monitored by the pupils.

The City of Heidelberg pro-
vides support to all active
schools within the Rhine-
Neckar Region by enabling
information to be shared on
the Internet.
Additional up-to-date infor-
mation on the subjects
addressed in this brochure
and the names of contacts
in schools, administrative
departments and other
institutions can be found
at the following website:



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