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					Homework Assistance Program


                                                                       Section 4 of the Basic school regulation
                                                                      for preschool, elementary and secondary
                                                                     education stipulates that students should
                                                                 be provided with support services designed
                                                                       to provide them with conditions that are
                                                                  conducive to learning and to help with their
                                                                 academic and career choices, and with any
                                                                 difficulties they encounter. Homework assis-
                                                                 tance can be part of such a complementary
                                                                                 educational services program.

 School boards already devote considerable efforts to providing      • boost student motivation to carry out their
 these services. To better support them in their efforts, the gov-     school work
 ernment announced, in its 2004-2005 budget, that it would
                                                                     • improve the quality of parent-school relations
 invest $10 million in a new Homework Assistance Program. The
 purpose of this program is to support schools in providing          • get the community to take a greater interest
 homework assistance to elementary school students to help             in the success of young people
 keep them interested in school. It also aims to mobilize the com-
 munity and to stimulate local initiatives to set up programs
 adapted to each school, in order to:
                                   PROGRAM CRITERIA

                                   To be eligible for financial assistance, schools must plan and submit projects to their school board.
                                   The school board must ensure that the projects conform to the following ministerial criteria:
                                   • Their goal is to implement new services or to complement or improve existing services or activities.
                                   • They are integrated into the school’s success plan, which is based on the school’s educational project.1
                                   • They give priority to children with learning difficulties.
                                   • They involve the community, for example, a partnership with community organizations, retirees or secondary school, college
                                     or university students, who may receive recognition for their participation from their educational institution.

                                   In order ensure that these projects truly reflect the needs of the community, the school board may add
                                   its own criteria, which it must communicate to its schools.

        APPLICATION PROCEDURE                                                                  FINANCIAL ASPECTS
        1. The school board asks its schools to develop a Homework                             Each school board will be informed as to the maximum budget-
           Assistance project that respects the ministerial orientations                       ary envelope to which it is entitled, which is determined in
           and criteria, as well as any additional criteria it has defined,                    advance according to the following formula. This envelope will be
           and provides support as needed.                                                     the sum of the product of $2 000 times the number of elementary
                                                                                               schools and of the product of the number of elementary school
        2. The school develops its project and, after obtaining approval
                                                                                               students enrolled on September 30, 2003, times $11.92. This
           from its governing board, submits the project to its school
                                                                                               sum will be paid to each school board once it has established a
                                                                                               list of selected projects, up to the maximum predetermined
        3. The school board sets up a selection committee. At least half                       amount.
           the committee members must come from outside the school
           board staff or council of commissioners (i.e. members of the                        The allocated funds cannot be used to pay a salary to regular
           community, parents)2 and be recognized for their expertise.                         personnel hired to carry out the project, although it may be used
                                                                                               to offer a small compensation to students or persons from the
        4. The committee analyzes the projects submitted according to                          community who participate in the project.
           the ministerial and school board criteria, while respecting the
           maximum budget allocated by the Ministère de l’Éducation                            START OF PROJECTS IN THE SCHOOLS
                                                                                               The services must be available to students during the 2004-2005
        5. Based on the committee’s recommendations, the school board                          school year.
           submits to the Minister the list of projects selected. For each
           project, the school board provides the following information:                       DEADLINE FOR SUBMITING PROJECTS
              • the name of the school                                                         Projects accepted by the school board’s selection committee
              • a brief description of the project (main features, location, schedule, etc.)   must be received by your MEQ regional office no later than
                                                                                               November 15, 2004.
              • the number of students concerned
              • the amount requested, specifying the exact nature of the expenses to           APPLICATION FORM
                be incurred
                                                                                               The application form is available on the MEQ Web site at the
              • the people or organizations associated with the project
                                                                                               following address:
        6. Upon receiving this list, the Minister gives the school boards a
           budgetary envelope based on the projects accepted.
                                                                                               For more information, please contact your regional office.
        7. The schools include a report on the implementation of the proj-
           ect in their evaluation on the implementation of their success
           plan prescribed by the Education Act.

1. Projects submitted may involve more than one elementary school. In fact, there may be as many eligible projects as there are success plans.
2. This committee may be the same as the one that selects projects submitted under the Wellness-Oriented School Program.