I’m writing this letter to request a 9th grade by zux20538


									August 26, 2005

Dear Students and Parents,

I would like to welcome you to the beginning of the 2005-2006 school year.
Students, I am looking forward to working with you and teaching you concepts of Trigonometry.
Parents, below I have outlined the procedures I use in my classroom. If you have any questions, feel
free to contact me at the number listed below. Please fill out and return the attached student
information sheet with a parent/guardian signature. I thank you in advance for your cooperation and

1.         Notebook - You are required to keep a detailed notebook in this course. A notebook with
           one section for notes, and another section for homework will be ideal. A three ring binder
           would be the most efficient. Use three-holed paper for your practice sets.

     2. Class Opener Folder – A folder will be provided to hold all of your past tests and quizzes
          as well as your class opener activities. This folder will be kept in the classroom. Class openers
          must be completed in the first four minutes of class after the bell. Pick up your folder as you
          come into the room each day.

     3.    Practice Sets – A.K.A, Homework. These sets will be for your practice. Practice sets are
           problems from the text assigned over a 2-3 day period. These sets will be scored on effort, and
           completeness with all required work. 10 points
           (½ point off for each missing problem)      (1 point off for each day the set is delinquent.)

     4.    Problem Sets – A.K.A., Take-Home Quizzes. Problem Sets are selected problems from
           each section graded for completeness and accuracy with all required work. Problem sets will
           be collected as you arrive to the classroom, three days after they are assigned.
           (2 points off for each day the set is delinquent.)

     5. Make-up – For extended absences and other acceptable excuses, make-ups will be allowed.
          Full credit will be received for these situations. The general rule for make-ups is one point off
          for each day the assignment is late. Two points off for each day after the fourth day.

     6. PSSA Practice Sheets – A practice sheet from the PSSA test will be given at various times
          throughout the year. Complete sentences are required. The PSSA sheets are required. Points
          will be given for each sheet. Bonus can be earned occasionally.

     7. Writing Assignment – Each marking period you will be required to write on an assigned topic
          in mathematics.

     8.    Grading - The breakdown of how you will be graded follows:
           Tests             100 points each                PSSA Pages         5 - 10 points each
           Quizzes           10 - 25 points each            Responsibility     20 points
           Problem Sets      10-20 points each              Writing Assignment 20 points

           Your final grade will be computed by dividing the total number of points acquired by the total
           number of possible points.

Michael Kramer, Math Teacher Central Mountain High School            570-893-4646 Ext. 4536 or email: mkramer@kcsd.us
                                                            Student Information Sheet

      Student Name                                                         Parent(s)/Guardian(s)

      Student E-mail:                                                      Parent/Guardian E-Mail:

      Hobbies or interests:

      School Activities/Clubs in which you participate:

      What is one thing you would like me to know about
      you, or one thing that makes you unique:

         Please keep the course syllabus paper for your records and return this student information sheet to me for my records. Thank you.

         I have read and understand the syllabus, the assessment, and evaluation methods of this course.

         Student signature: __________________________________________________                                     Date _______________

         Parent/Guardian signature: ___________________________________________                                    Date _______________

Michael Kramer, Math Teacher Central Mountain High School       570-893-4646 Ext. 4536 or email: mkramer@kcsd.us

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