Adding Value When Writing the Portfolio

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					Adding Value When Writing the Portfolio

Descriptive Writing
   Make sure you have painted a realistic picture of your
     classroom. Assessors need to be able to “see” the class.
     Paint a realistic picture of: student ability range, behavior
     issues, parent support issues, and resources available to you
     during instruction

Analytical Writing
   Unpack your thinking for the assessors: help the assessor
     to understand the thinking behind your instructional
     choices. Elaborate in depth on your thinking
   Focus your analysis on your efforts to insure that all
     students are accomplishing your instructional goals for the
     lesson. Highlight any adaptations you make during the
     lesson (changing your strategy midstream) and explain why
     the change was made

Reflective Writing
   The reflection portion must address your instructional goals
   Where there are opportunities for improvement, elaborate
     on what could be addressed more effectively to positively
     impact student learning, such as teaching strategies,
     resources, pacing issues, and needs of diverse learners.
     Make sure to provide a rationale for each change that you
     would make

   Make sure that your assessment activity is directly linked
     to your instructional goals and explicitly shows the
     There must be 100% alignment between your instructional
      goals, your assessment activity, and your reflection on the

Videotaping and Student Work
    For your videotaped segments, be sure to note any student-
     teacher interaction during the lesson
    Point the assessors to the exact places that they will find
     the evidence. Quote directly from student work and
     student’s comments during the videotaped lesson
    Back up all claims with explicit evidence from either student
     work samples or the videotape
    Make sure that your work samples have enough “meat” to
     comment on

   Descriptive writing (narrative of event) is NOT enough. You
    must analyze (how and why) and reflect (look back for
    successes and opportunities for improvement) and be
   Be sure to address all of the National Board standards
    needed for the entry
   Check to make sure you have addressed every aspect of
    every question in the prompt. Re-check the “How Will My
    Response Be Scored?” portion of your directions
   Follow all formatting directions

Carole Einhorn, adapted by Marchelle Kassebaum, 2004