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         Sample Basic Essay Outline: Residential Schools

Thesis: Residential schools led to loss of indigenous languages which led to cultural

Topic Sentence 1: Residential schools led to loss of indigenous languages.

    1. Schools caused children to lose their indigenous languages
    2. Fewer speakers of indigenous languages

Topic Sentence 2: Loss of language from residential schools led to loss of
relationships between children and their families and communities.

    1. At the schools between siblings
    2. In their communities with older generations

Topic Sentence 3: Loss of language led to loss of traditional belief systems.

    1.   Connection to nature important in traditional spirituality
    2.   Elders passed on spiritual teachings through myths and rituals
    3.   Children could not learn from elders because of lack of language
    4.   Not learning from elders meant not learning about spirituality, places and
         traditional skills

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