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									                                     Constructing the Essay: an Example
                                 Essay Prompt: Explain the statement: “Columbus’s voyage began a process that
                                 changed the world forever.” Use specific examples as you consider cultural and
                                                               economic changes.

                                  Opening              As the first European to reach the Americas in modern times,
                                 Statement         Christopher Columbus - and his contemporaries - indeed “changed the

                                                                              world forever.”

                               Thesis, Essay         The exploration of the West Indies in the 16th century launched a
                                  “Map”           complex era of democracy, destruction, and global interaction, which has
                                                                       continued to today’s world.
                             Topic Sentence 1          The opportunity for new countries and new ideas arose out of
Supporting Paragraph #1

                                    SFI           Spain was soon followed to the Americas by the Portuguese, French, and
                                                  English. In search of religious freedom, the Puritans came from England
                                                    sailed to Plymouth, Massachusetts where they sought to establish a
                                                                             religious community.

                                                   This ideal of religious freedom laid the groundwork for a country of
                             Wrap-Up sentence, political and religious freedom, which gave birth to the United States and
                              relates to thesis   introduced democratic ideals that the world had not previously seen in
                             Topic Sentence 2 Unfortunately, not all the effects of discovery were positive. Almost
                                                immediately after Columbus reached Hispaniola in 1492, Europeans
                                                raced to the Americas to lay claim on the uncharted territory and the
                                                people that inhabited it.

                                                  Spanish explorers Hernando Cortes and Francisco Pizarro discovered
Supporting Paragraph(s) #2

                                                  and quickly destroyed the Aztec and Incan empires respectively.
                                                  Employing the “encomienda system,” the Spanish forced the Natives to
                                                  work under harsh conditions in return for fair treatment. The English
                                                  colonists and the Native Americans had a similar relationship. War
                                                  killed many in both groups and the Europeans also passed smallpox to
                                                  the Natives. The Natives had little immunity to this European disease
                                                  and died by the millions.
                                                          Since the Europeans needed a labor force in the Americas, they
                                                  looked to Africa. Thus began the Triangular Trade - the transatlantic
                                                  trade between Europe, Africa, and the Americas. By 1860 roughly two
                                    SFI           million African slaves inhabited North America. After almost 350 years
                                                  in slavery in North America, the problem still exists.

                                                Though it slowly improves, racism still pervades many parts of the
                             Wrap-Up sentence, United States and the wrongs done to the Native Americans and African
                              relates to thesis slaves cannot be righted.
                          Topic Sentence 3    The slave trade was part of an extensive trade network that developed in
                                              the 15th century. Columbus’ discovery established new economic
                                              systems and an unprecedented global community.
Supporting Paragraph #3

                                              After Europeans established themselves in the Americas, the Columbian
                                              Exchange began between Europe and Asia and the Americas. Trading
                                              plants, animals, and diseases, this exchange increased the products’
                                              availability world-wide. This extensive trade resulted in a new type of
                                              economy as mercantilist and capitalist theories developed. Mercantilism,
                                              a theory that held that a country’s power depended on its wealth,
                                              encouraged Europeans to have a favorable balance of trade. Capitalism
                                              developed as private companies invested resources to become wealthy.
                          Wrap-Up sentence, These economic systems and global interactions continue as countries
                           relates to thesis work in a capitalist market to exchange products.

                          Synthesize major    Some hail Columbus as the man who established the free world and free
                               points         trade, while many others blame him for many of the atrocities done to


                             Reviews and      It is unfair to credit only Columbus for transforming the world at 1500,
                           reaffirms thesis   but his discovery laid the foundation for some of the complexities of the
                                              modern world.

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