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									                                 I  f you could write your
                                 future, how would it read?
                                 There is truly no restriction on your possibilities as
                                 you begin to explore what your future holds. You are limited
                                 only by your own imagination and desire to reach farther than you
                                 have ever considered.

Choosing this next step in your future is probably the most exciting challenge in your life
as you begin to discover your potential. Consider today your overall goals and seek an educational
institution to help you define and achieve success in a nurturing, supportive environment. Graduates
of North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University have run for President of the United
States, developed materials that are changing the future, and explored space.

N.C. A&T recognizes the importance of being prepared for the ever-changing global economy.
You will need the skills to evolve, adapt and change if you are to meet and successfully overcome
the challenges of today’s job market. A&T offers you an extremely successful, well-rounded,
interdisciplinary approach to designing and managing your career path. We offer world-class
teaching and practical applications, including the use of modern technologies to fully prepare you
for the future you design. We do this for the simple reason: we believe in the power of you – to
make the right choices in education; to make the right choices in life; and to make a difference in
your world. A&T believes in you, and we invite you to use all our resources to help you succeed. We
encourage you to consider the exciting possibilities available at A&T. As a member of our family, you
will receive some of the best academic instruction available anywhere, an exciting student life and
opportunities to explore your options. Above all, we offer you the power to become the person you
always wanted to be and experience Aggie Pride first hand.

The A&T family thanks you for your interest, and we invite you to take the next step and visit us in
person or call for more information. We look forward to welcoming you to the Aggie Family.
 2   Aggie Pride
 4   Aggie Life
 6   Aggie Family                     VITALINK®
                                      Design, Photography
 8   Aggie Spirit
                                      LEE YOUNG
10   Aggie Edge
                                      Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic A airs
12   Aggie Universe
                                      MABLE SCOTT
14   School of Agriculture &          Associate Vice Chancellor, University Relations
     Environmental Sciences
                                      MOZELL WESTON
16   College of Arts & Sciences
                                      Senior Associate Director, Admissions
18   School of Business & Economics
                                      SHEKEITHA BURNETTE
20   School of Education              Assistant Director of Admissions
22   College of Engineering
                                      CHARLES WATKINS
24   School of Nursing                Photography
26   School of Technology
28   Graduate Studies
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A&T is one of the largest producers of African Americans with bachelor’s degrees,
master’s degrees and doctorates in the nation in engineering, certi ed public
accounting and technology. One out of every ten African Americans with
engineering degrees received them from A&T.

More than 90% of full time faculty have Ph.D.s.

New interdisciplinary programs are global studies, entrepreneurship and
motorsports. A&T’s Motorsports Technology Program races internationally
and has been featured on NBC Nightly News.

A&T holds one of the largest university career fairs in the nation where our students
meet with hundreds of representatives from Fortune 500 corporations, federal
and state agencies and public school district recruiters.

Christine Barrett, a 76-year old freshman, appeared on CBS Late Late
Show, showing A&T’s diversity and exemplary reputation.

A   ggie Pride
is a feeling that you can only
understand through experience.
It is a family atmosphere and a
sense of belonging that few other
universities can match. Aggie Pride
is the teachers who spend long
                                       A   ggie Pride is the sense of
                                       community among all A&T students,
hours with students helping them
                                       faculty and staff. This nurturing
to individually succeed to be future
                                       environment helps to bridge the gap
NASA employees, NASCAR drivers
                                       between family life and newfound
and Fortune 500 company executives.
                                       independence. The feeling of belonging
                                       to something special transcends all
                                       barriers and connects a community of
                                       Aggies from all cultures, backgrounds
                                       and experiences.

                             3                               www.aggienewsonline.com
11,000+ student body

15:1 student/teacher ratio

A&T          has a lot to offer beyond the typical
classroom setting. The large variety of student
organizations, intramural sports and leadership
opportunities foster excellence and make for an
unforgettable and rewarding college experience.

Make lasting friendships through participation in
                               athletics, Greek life,       nlike other campuses, where students
                               the A&T Register         are randomly assigned to residence halls,
                               student newspaper,       at A&T you can choose from 13 different
                               WNAA 90.1 FM,            halls including traditional rooms, suites
                               Blue & Gold              and two or four bedroom apartments.
                               Marching Machine,        Currently, more than 4,000 students
                               ROTC and much,           take advantage of the convenience and
                               much more.               community of campus life.

                                                                     5                              www.ncat.edu/students/
90%+ receive financial aid

I magine yourself
surrounded by all the resources
and experiences of a large university,
while immersed in a caring and nurturing
community where faculty members take a
vested interest in your success.

The moment you step onto campus,
you become a cherished member of the
Aggie Family. Let A&T become your home
away from home.

A&T is conveniently located on 188                                                                   T  he financial aid team at A&T is always

scenic rolling acres in the center of North                                                          available to help you find ways to pay
Carolina’s Piedmont, just blocks from             t A&T, you are never just a number or statistic.   for college. There are several options available
downtown Greensboro. Experience the           Our Admissions Office staff provides all potential      to assist you in financing your education,
best of both worlds, a small town campus      students and their families with direct, and           including grant assistance, scholarships,
feel, surrounded by a culturally-rich         personal service regarding the academic and            employment, monthly payment plans and
metropolitan city.                            extracurricular environments of the university.        long-term loans.

                                                                       7                                    www.ncat.edu/campus
T  he atmosphere is
electrifying at A&T sporting events
and Aggie Pride transcends all campus
rivalries and brings forth a community of
fans. Whether it is a football game, such as
Aggie Homecoming, men’s and women’s
basketball, volleyball, track & field, cross
country, baseball, softball, tennis, swimming
or bowling, a support system of blue and
gold is assured to be in the stands.

                                                P  repare to be entertained and amazed at
                                                football games as The Blue & Gold Marching
                                                Machine takes the field along with the nationally
                                                acclaimed Cold Steel Drumline. The band
                                                represents a tradition of excellence and is the
                                                essence of “Aggie Pride” with their dedication,
                                                work ethic and school spirit.

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Companies all over the world seek A&T students. Many Fortune 500
companies, such as Gillette, Merck and others, regularly visit the campus
to attract tomorrow’s best and brightest leaders. The variety of degree
programs that A&T o ers includes:
• 99 undergraduate degrees
• 50 master’s degrees
• ve Ph.D.s
Set yourself above the rest with the multitude
of internships, co-ops and international
opportunities which provide you
with the real life experience that
recruiters desire.

                                       N AT I O N ’ S L A R G E S T C A R E E R FA I R
                                       A&T helps you realize your future by hosting one of the nation’s largest
                                       university career fairs. Our students meet with hundreds of representatives
                                       who recruit for Fortune 500 corporations, federal and state agencies
                                       and public school districts. Students are recruited so heavily with these
                                       companies because of the outstanding mentoring and guidance they receive
                                       at A&T and the quality reputations of our graduates in the work force.

                                                                                                    A Partial List of Partners:
                                                                                                    • Abbott Laboratories
                                                                                                    • American Express
                                                                                                    • BellSouth Corporation
                                                                                                    • Bethlehem Steel Corporation
                                                                                                    • Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
                                                                                                    • Caterpillar
                                                                                                    • DaimlerChrysler Corporation
                                                                                                    • DuPont
                                                                                                    • Eastman Kodak Corporation
                                                                                                    • Ford Motor Company
                                                                                                    • General Motors Corporation
                                                                                                    • GlaxoSmithKline
                                                                                                    • Hewlett Packard Company
                                                                                                    • IBM
                                                                                                    • John Deere Construction
                                                                                                    • Kimberly-Clark Corporation
                                                                                                    • Kraft
                                                                                                    • Lockheed Martin Corporation
                                                                                                    • Lucent Technologies
                                                                                                    • Marconi Communications
                                                                                                    • Michelin
                                                                                                    • Microsoft
                                                                                                    • NASA
                                                                                                    • Northrop Grumman
                                                                                                    • O ce Max, Incorporated
                                                                                                    • P zer
                                                                                                    • Raytheon
                                                                                                    • Peace Corps
                                                                                                    • SAS Institute
                                                                                                    • Sears
                                                                                                    • Target
INTERNSHIPS                                                                                         • Texas Instruments Incorporated
A&T works with companies of all sizes                                                               • Union Carbide Corporation
throughout the nation to match your interests                                                       • Volvo Commercial Finance
with work experiences to better prepare you                                                         • Wachovia Corporation
for a successful future. Internships provide                                                        • Westinghouse Electric Company
real-world experiences that give you an edge                                                        • Xerox
in the job market. Opportunities include full-
time summer positions to part-time positions     CO-OP
during the school year.                          A&T offers a formal program of alternating semesters of
                                                 academic study with practical application of lessons learned through
                                                 meaningful work experiences. As a student, you benefit from the opportunity
                                                 to integrate classroom theory with real-life experiences. This allows you
                                                 to better understand the relevance of your course work through the use of
                                                 resources off-campus, explore potential career fields and build networks of
                                                 professional contacts. In addition, a co-op experience provides a competitive
                                                 edge for post-graduate employment or graduate school admission.

                                                            11                                 www.careerserv.ncat.edu
       “I came to [A&T] so I could study
abroad. Thamasat University in Thailand
  was a great experience. I feel like I can
        go anywhere and be successful.”
  • Nicole Gully, Study Abroad in Thailand, 2002

                S T U D Y A B R O A D. G R A D U AT E AT A & T.
               Add a professional luster to your resume that enhances
               your value to potential employers or helps open doors to
               competitive graduate schools.
               At A&T, you can participate in study abroad, international internships and
               overseas service learning opportunities. Opportunities are available in
               nearly 200 locations in Africa, Asia, Australia, North America, South America
               and Europe. Experience abroad can be applied toward the interdisciplinary
               Global Studies Certi cate, designed to add value to an A&T degree in any

W    e have designed an educational
program that gives you the skills you need for success
in a global economy and workforce. Our interdisciplinary
approach includes not only your major, but also the resources of other
fields that are vital to prepare you for an ever changing and growing workforce.
The need for employees with all-around skills, rather than a concentration in one area is a
competitive advantage. Make it happen in your own way. Imagine what you want to become,
and you can become what you imagine at A&T.

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If you think a career in The School of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences is
just about farming, think again. Agriculture is science. Agriculture is technology.
Agriculture is the “A” in North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.
In fact, if you are interested in marrying technology and science with your interest in
food and ber, then SAES is the place for you.

T   he SAES is the largest school of agriculture             In these departments, we offer 13 Bachelor of Science
                                                             degrees and five Master of Science degrees. To
among historically black colleges and universities.
This year, over 700 students will have the                   complement the academic programs, the SAES has an
opportunity to work in our high-tech labs with               Agricultural Research Program, a Cooperative Extension
some of the country’s premier researchers,                   Program, a University Teaching and Research Farm (567
interact with our high caliber faculty and staff             acres), an Agricultural Communications and Technology
and participate in national and international                Unit and 20 plus research and teaching laboratories.
learning experiences. From child development, to             We also offer certificate programs in biotechnology,
biotechnology, to agribusiness, to environmental             entrepreneurship, agriculture and natural resource
engineering and veterinary medicine, we have                 information science and waste management.
programs designed for you.
                                                             The SAES departments offer science and technology–
Because most of our students are from cities, not            based curriculum for careers as a biotechnologist, food
farms, we enhance the educational experience by              engineer/scientist, environmental scientist, nutritionist,
offering academic enrichment and honors programs             landscape architect, investment analyst, veterinarian,
and summer internships with government, business             educator, fashion merchandiser and community development
and educational institutions. These activities play a        specialist, to name a few.
critical role in helping to build the communication
and leadership skills needed so you leave the SAES           The SAES boasts nine nationally accredited programs–
prepared for today’s jobs and careers.                       Agricultural Education, Bioenvironmental Engineering, Child
                                                             Development Early Education and Family Studies, Fashion
The SAES has diverse students, faculty and staff             Merchandising and Design, Family and Consumer Sciences
from across the nation, who bring their experiences          Education, Food and Nutritional Sciences (Dietetics), Food
to enrich our programs and activities. As a result           and Nutritional Sciences (Food Science) and Landscape
of our diversity, we attract students in programs            Architecture. The SAES is also one of few agricultural
where there is a great need for diversity.                   schools in the nation with a program in Laboratory Animal
                                                             Science/Pre-Veterinary Medicine.
The SAES has four distinct academic departments:
• Agribusiness, Applied Economics                            Why is the SAES a place for you? Consider this:
  and Agriscience Education                                  • It’s challenging.
• Animal Sciences                                            • Highly rewarding and multi-faceted.
• Family and Consumer Sciences                               • The demand for technically–qualified men
• Natural Resources and Environmental Design                   and women in the field continues to grow.
                                                             • Our work is a larger part of everyone’s life
                                                               because it affects food, water, shelter, clothing, air,
                                                               earth, economics, society, aesthetics and recreation.

                                                             Is there any other choice?

Cultivating Potential. That’s what the SAES is all about.
Visit our website at www.ag.ncat.edu for more information and a complete listing of course information.

                                                        15                                       w w w.ag.ncat.edu



Foreign Languages




Political Science


Sociology & Social Work

Journalism & Mass Communication

Visual & Performing Arts

Liberal Studies

The College of Arts & Sciences represents the heart of education at A&T, preparing
our students for professional careers or advanced study, nurturing a growing
graduate community and providing the core curriculum for the entire university in
the areas of arts and humanities, sciences and social sciences. The largest academic
unit at A&T, the College encompasses 12 departments and seven buildings.

A&T students earning degrees in Biology, Chemistry,      Perhaps even more important than the college’s
Mathematics and Physics are among the best-              outstanding academic programs is its nurturing
prepared and most successful scientists in the           environment and strong student support
country in part because they get their start in the      services. These opportunities include a range of
College of Arts & Sciences. The late NASA astronaut      study abroad programs; a Lyceum Series
Ron McNair, who obtained a physics degree from           that includes lectures from Nile Valley cultures
A&T’s College of Arts & Sciences,                        to jazz concerts; scholarly presentations on the
is just one example.                                     Text-in-Community selection; and a reading
                                                         by the nation’s former poet laureate. These
Our graduates continue their studies at some of the      programs are devoted to helping you
most prestigious graduate schools in the nation.         become as well-rounded as you are well-
Those who choose not to pursue further studies           prepared academically.
often begin their careers with the many research
institutions, businesses or government agencies that     Our faculty helps you through one-on-one
recruit and hire a significant number of our students.    academic guidance and support, specialized
                                                         tutoring, as well as the University Writing
The College of Arts & Sciences prides itself on being    Center. Small class sizes not only give you
a leader in its field, as well as partnering with other   maximum access to our high-tech labs, but also
schools in the interdisciplinary learning process.       opportunities for hands-on experience through
                                                         internships and research projects.

                        Visit www.ncat.edu for more information on the College
                        of Arts & Sciences as well as a complete list of majors.

                                                   17                                 w w w. nc at. edu /a r ts ns ci /
In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, having a strong
educational background and professional skill set is more critical than ever.
A&T’s School of Business and Economics will help you achieve success.

T   he School of Business and Economics is among            The School of Business and Economics is
a select group of business schools internationally to       home to four highly regarded departments:
achieve accreditation from the premier management           • Business Administration features outstanding
education accrediting agency, AACSB International – the       programs in management, management information
Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business.        systems, finance, marketing and entrepreneurship.
A&T had the first business program in the Piedmont           • Accounting prepares students for careers in public
Triad area and the first HBCU in North Carolina to             and private accounting, accounting information
earn this level of peer recognition. Supporting this          systems and auditing.
accreditation is a world-class faculty with academic and    • Business Education provides professionally educated
professional experience in both the classroom and the         personnel for educational institutions and businesses
boardroom and new, state-of-the-art facilities located in     throughout the economy.
the heart of campus.                                        • Economics and Transportation/Logistics prepares
                                                              students for careers in the public or private sector,
A&T is one of the largest producers of African-               graduate study and law school. It offers graduate
American Certified Public Accountants in the nation.           programs (including the Certificate in Supply Chain
The accounting program, one of only four AACSB                Management) and undergraduate programs to serve
                                                              business and government.
International accredited accounting programs in North
Carolina, was the first accredited program at an HBCU.       The Economics and Transportation/Logistics
                                                            Department is also home to the Transportation
                                                            Institute, an interdisciplinary research, training and
                                                            technology transfer unit that draws faculty, staff and
                                                            students from the entire university. Devoted to
                                                            addressing and improving transportation issues that
                                                            impact the economy, the Institute combines innovative
                                                            management techniques with advanced technologies,
                                                            and works closely with the U.S. Department of
                                                            Transportation to address national needs.

                                           Visit www.ncat.edu for more
                                           information as well as a complete list of majors.

                                                     19                                  w w w. nc at. e du / ~ bu s i ne s s /
Teachers ignite passion, stimulate interest and engage the minds of our most
precious assets: our children. As a teacher, you not only impart knowledge to
your students, but leave impressions that last a lifetime. At A&T, we prepare you
to become a world-class educator by emphasizing activities, service, leadership,
decision-making, responsibility, individuality and creativity.

A&T’s School of Education is nationally accredited           Joint teacher education programs are also available
and is the nation’s #1 producer of African-American          through partnerships with the College of Arts
graduates with bachelor’s degrees in education and           and Sciences, School of Business and Economics,
masters degrees in counseling, adult education,              School of Technology and School of Agriculture
instructional technology and leadership. One                 and Environmental Sciences.
hundred (100%) of students pass licensure
examinations in leadership, counseling and teacher           Students who graduate from A&T’s School of
education. Graduates from our program are in high            Education choose rewarding careers in elementary
demand: 97% receive jobs in the teaching field, while         education, secondary education, special education,
the remaining 3% opt to continue their studies in            research, administration and instructional
graduate school.                                             technology, counseling, school administration and
                                                             sports administration.
When you choose education as a career path, you
utilize our interdisciplinary approach to learning           High school seniors who are interested in a career
to create the program that is right for you. While           in teaching have a unique opportunity through the
working toward your degree, you will combine                 Teaching Fellows program. If you have a 3.5 GPA,
classroom learning with real-life teaching situations        are in the top 35% of your class and score at least
to prepare you for your career. You can further              a 900 on the SAT, you may qualify for a $26,000
strengthen your skills with A&T’s Professional               Teaching Fellows Scholarship. This scholarship
Development School partnerships to learn the “best           fully funds your education at A&T in exchange for
practices” in the industry.                                  your commitment to teach at least four years in
                                                             North Carolina’s public schools.

                                                             A&T’s School of Education, in conjunction with
                                                             our School of Graduate Studies, has programs
                                                             preparing teachers for licensure. We have the
                                                             authority to administer and recommend licensure
                                                             in 44 programs, including 20 at the graduate level.

        Visit www.ncat.edu for more information on the School
           of Education as well as a complete list of majors.

                                                        21                                www.ncat.edu/~schofed/
Engineers make things happen all over the world. They are the designers of virtually everything in
life that must be built. They design concepts to entertain us and buildings to house us comfortably
and safely. Our graduates have earned a reputation and a designation they wear with pride
throughout the world: Aggieneers. A&T graduates conduct research for NASA, the Department of
Defense and many other world-changing organizations. They touch virtually every facet of life and
do it with a skill and pride that comes from earning an A&T engineering degree.

A&T         engineers are as distinguished in caliber     A&T’s academic programs help you develop the
as they are in sheer numbers. Our graduates are           judgment you need through practical experiences such
highly sought after by industry and government, as        as internships, co-ops and study-abroad opportunities,
well as by graduate and professional schools across the   while encouraging the appreciation for the process of
country. A leader in the field of engineering, A&T is:     continuing education. Enrichment activities seek to
                                                          develop the whole student – intellectual, professional
• A leading producer of African-American                  and social – enabling you to become responsible leaders
  engineers (men and women) at the undergraduate          in your community.
  level. In fact, one out of every 10 African-
  American engineers earns his or her
                                                          Housed in five buildings including the Ronald E.
  engineering degree from A&T.
                                                          McNair Hall, named for the A&T graduate and famed
• The third largest producer of African-American
                                                          NASA astronaut, the College of Engineering is home
  engineers with master’s degrees and a
  leading producer of African-American                    to an exceptionally talented faculty working to develop
  engineers with doctorate degrees.                       innovative curriculum and creative research to stimulate
• Women comprise approximately 30% of the                 student interest in learning. Students in the College of
  students in the College of Engineering,                 Engineering work with professors and other students to
  thus ranking the college sixth in the country           conduct research for agencies such as NASA, National
  in the percentage of degrees awarded                    Science Foundation, Department of Defense and other
  to women.                                               federal agencies.

                                                          The college’s interdisciplinary centers include the
                                                          Center for Energy Research and Technology, Center for
                                                          Composite Materials, Research Center for Aerospace
                                                          Research, Center for Human-Machine Studies, Center
                                                          for Advanced Materials and Smart Structures and the
                                                          Rockwell Solid State Electronics Laboratory.

  Visit www.ncat.edu for more information on the
  College of Engineering as well as a complete course listing.

Are you interested in joining a growing, fast-paced and exciting profession
that has the added benefit of helping others? A&T’s School of Nursing
is here to prepare you for a successful future. A&T’s nursing program
produces confident, educated and compassionate nurses to act as
caregivers throughout the world.

T   oday there are more than 2.5 million registered         You learn nursing skills through a combination
nurses in the United States. Many states are                of classroom education, observation and hands-
already experiencing shortages of qualified                 on experience. Through all of these facets, the
nurses, and the country as a whole is expected to           program emphasizes care, dedication, commitment,
experience a nursing shortage by the year 2010.             volunteerism, responsibility and professionalism. In
In addition to career options available in the U.S.,        addition, you have the opportunity to travel abroad
there are also many opportunities to put your               and receive hands-on experiences with cross-cultural
nursing degree to use internationally.                      care. Receive your clinical experience at a number of
                                                            participating hospitals, including:
A&T’s School of Nursing is a nationally accredited
program that offers one major area of study, the            • Alamance Regional Hospital
Bachelor of Science in Nursing. There are various           • High Point Regional Hospital
student entry levels for the program which include          • Forsyth Memorial Hospital
the pre-licensure, the Registered Nurse (RN to              • Duke Hospital
BSN) and the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN to               • Veterans Administration Hospital
BSN). The School of Nursing partners with                   • Annie Penn Hospital
Moses Cone Health System Operative Services                 • Moses Cone Hospital
and Continuing Studies to offer one of 23                   • Evergreens Senior Healthcare
approved AORN/CCI Registered Nurse First                    • Women’s Hospital
Assistant programs.                                         • Wesley Long Hospital

A&T offers a special RN/BSN program for qualified practicing nurses who wish to earn the BSN.
The RN completion program is accelerated, allowing candidates to finish the program in two
semesters after completing their prerequisites and general education courses.

Visit www.ncat.edu for more information on the School
of Nursing as well as a complete list of majors.

                                                       25                                         www.son.ncat.edu
We live in a technological age, where almost everything we see, do, touch
and even eat is impacted by technology. A&T’s School of Technology o ers
programs that are designed to help you become technologically literate while
meeting the emerging challenges of our high-tech society.

R   anked as one of the top technology schools         The School of Technology graduates more
in the country, A&T’s School of Technology             African American students in industrial
is a learner-centered community that                   technology professions than any other
develops and preserves intellectual capital            institution in the United States. We offer
through interdisciplinary learning, discovery,         fully accredited degree programs in Industrial
engagement and operational excellence.                 Technology (i.e., technical-management
The school facilitates learning through both           degree programs), Technology Education and
the classroom and hands-on laboratory                  Occupational Safety and Health.
experience in our state-of-the-art research
facilities. These experiences are designed to          The school utilizes its advisory committees,
prepare you for an exciting career in business,        which are comprised of corporate executives
industry, government and education.                    and industry practitioners, to continually
                                                       review academic programs (i.e., curriculum
A&T’s School of Technology is housed                   and facilities) to facilitate on-going quality
in Smith Hall, and includes 16 high-                   and national accreditation. Additionally, you
tech research laboratories as well as a                are encouraged to secure internships and
teleconferencing complex for distance                  co-operative experiences. These discipline-
learning. Each year the school receives                related work experiences enable you to bridge
millions of dollars in grants and funding for          the gap between classroom learning and the
cutting-edge research and academic support.            real world leading to your career path.

                                                       Several degree programs are offered on-line,
                                                       providing flexibility for traditional and non-
                                                       traditional students. All degree programs
                                                       are accredited by their respective national
                                                       accrediting boards.

           Visit www.ncat.edu for more information on the
       School of Technology as well as a complete list of majors.

                                                  27                                     w w w. n cat. e d u / ~s o t /
If you are looking to continue your education, the School of Graduate Studies
provides the framework from which you can build on the knowledge learned
in undergraduate school and in the workplace. Our School of Graduate Studies
o ers more than 50 master’s level and ve doctorate level programs.

M     ore than 6,500 students have completed             Our graduate programs provide you the
graduate degrees at A&T, and a significant                opportunity to participate in research alongside
number of those students have moved on                   our faculty in many different fields and from all
to pursue Ph.D.s at the most prestigious                 over the world. The classroom and laboratory
institutions in the world.                               experiences provided by our faculty create an
                                                         interactive learning environment that encourages
The School of Graduate Studies heralds                   you to excel. In addition, the school coordinates
the new frontier of higher education with                advanced course offerings and provides support
three new interdisciplinary graduate                     services specifically for graduate students.
programs: Computational Science and
Engineering, Leadership Studies and                      As an A&T graduate
Energy and Environmental Studies. These                  student, you can expect:
merged disciplines offer you an unparalleled
                                                         • To acquire special competence in one
opportunity for specialization in the areas                or multiple fields of knowledge
of leadership, economics, environment,                   • To further develop your ability to think
engineering and technology. The                            independently and constructively
interdisciplinary programs present you with              • To develop and demonstrate the ability to collect,
the unique opportunity to draw expertise and               organize, evaluate, develop and report facts that
                                                           will enable you to make a scholarly contribution
resources from various disciplines across the
                                                           to knowledge in your discipline
university. Throughout the program, you will
                                                         • To make new application and adaptation of
undertake rigorous research and internships                existing knowledge and to contribute to your
while enjoying close interaction with scientists,          profession and to mankind
engineers and professionals in other fields.
                                                         In addition to the master’s and doctoral level
                                                         programs, the School of Graduate Studies also
                                                         offers Post-Baccalaureate Studies for students
                                                         not seeking to be admitted to a graduate degree
                                                         program. As a PBS student, you may be allowed
                                                         to take courses for personal and professional
                                                         development, provided you meet standard
                                                         entrance requirements.

 Visit www.ncat.edu for more information on the School of Graduate
            Studies as well as a complete list of majors.

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Declaring a Major
An undergraduate student is required to declare a major at or before 45 semester hours. If a major is not declared, the student will not be
allowed to register for the next semester. Below is a list of majors offered at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.
BS: Bachelor of Science       BA: Bachelor of Art

School of Agriculture & Environmental Sciences                                            School of Business & Economics
BS • Agricultural Economics                                                               BS • Accounting
BS • Agricultural Economics (Agricultural Business)                                       BS • Economics
BS • Animal Science                                                                       BS • Transportation
BS • Animal Science (Animal Industry)                                                     BS • Marketing
BS • Child Development                                                                    BS • Finance
BS • Landscape Architecture                                                               BS • Management
BS • Agricultural Science, Earth & Environmental Sciences                                 BS • Business Education (Information Technology)
BS • Laboratory Animal Science                                                            BS • Business Education (Vocational Business Education)
BS • Agricultural Education (Agricultural Professional Service)                           BS • Business Education (Administrative Systems)
BS • Family & Consumer Science Education                                                  BS • Management (Management Information Systems)
BS • Food & Nutritional Sciences (Dietetics)
BS • Food & Nutritional Sciences (Food Science)                                           School of Education
BS • Family & Consumer Science (Fashion Merchandise & Design)                             BS • Human Performance & Leisure Studies (Teaching)
BS • Agricultural Science, Earth & Environmental Sciences (Plant Science)                 BS • Elementary Education
BS • Agricultural Science, Earth & Environmental Sciences                                 BS • Special Education
     (Landscape Horticulture Design)
                                                                                          BS • Recreation Administration
BS • Agricultural Science, Natural Resources (Plant Science)
                                                                                          BS • Health & Physical Education (Fitness/Wellness Management)
BS • Child Development: Early Education & Family Studies (B-K) (Teaching)
                                                                                          BS • Human Performance & Leisure Studies
BS • Agricultural Science, Earth & Environmental Sciences (Soil Science)                       (Sports Science & Fitness Management)
BS • Agricultural Education (Secondary Education)                                         BS • Human Performance & Leisure Studies
                                                                                               (Fitness/Wellness Management)
College of Arts & Sciences
BA • Visual Arts, Design                                                                  College of Engineering
BS • Visual Arts, Art Education                                                           BS • Architectural Engineering
BS • Biology                                                                              BS • Chemical Engineering
BS • Biology, Secondary Education                                                         BS • Civil Engineering
BS • Chemistry                                                                            BS • Computer Science
BS • Chemistry, Secondary Education                                                       BS • Computer Engineering
BA • English                                                                              BS • Electrical Engineering
BS • English, Secondary Education                                                         BS • Industrial Engineering
BA • History                                                                              BS • Mechanical Engineering
BS • History, Secondary Education                                                         BS • Bioenvironmental Engineering
BS • Engineering Physics
BA • Music (General)                                                                      School of Nursing
BS • Music Education
                                                                                          BSN • Nursing
BA • Music (Performance)
BS • Physics
BS • Physics, Secondary Education
                                                                                          School of Technology
BS • Political Science                                                                    BS • Construction Management
BA • Professional Theatre                                                                 BS • Electronics Technology
BA • Psychology                                                                           BS • Manufacturing Systems
BSW • Social Work                                                                         BS • Technology Education
BA • Sociology                                                                            BS • Graphic Communications Systems
BA • Speech                                                                               BS • Occupational Safety & Health
BA • Speech (Speech Pathology/Audiology)
BA • Liberal Studies (Business)
BA • Liberal Studies (Women’s Studies)
BA • Liberal Studies (African/American Studies)
BA • Liberal Studies (International Studies)
BA • Liberal Studies (Dance)
BA • Liberal Studies (Interdisciplinary)
BA • Liberal Studies (Pre-Law)
BA • Liberal Studies (Cultural Change & Social Development)
BS • Mathematics
BS • Applied Mathematics
BS • Mathematics, Secondary Education
BS • Journalism & Mass Communications (Broadcast Production)
BS • Journalism & Mass Communications (Electric Media & Journalism)
BS • Journalism & Mass Communications (Journalism & Mass Communications)
BS • Journalism & Mass Communications (Media Management)
BS • Journalism & Mass Communications (Print Journalism)
BS • Journalism & Mass Communications (Public Relations)
BA • Romance Languages & Literatures (French)                                                       1 - 8 0 0 - 4 4 3 - 8 9 6 4 • w w w. n c at. e d u
BS • Romance Languages & Literatures (French, Secondary Education)
BA • Romance Languages & Literatures (Spanish)                                               North Carolina A&T State University • Admissions O ce
BS • Romance Languages & Literatures (Spanish, Secondary Education)                      1601 East Market Street • Webb Hall • Greensboro, NC 27411

                        North Carolina A&T State University is a land-grant, high research activity university and AA/EEO employer. N.C.
                        A&T is an ADA compliant institution, and university facilities are designed to provide accessibility to individuals with
                        physical disabilities.

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