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					How to run SAMS Reports

Click on Reports to open it.

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Select the “Services” Category of Report by clicking on the third icon down on
the dark grey column on the far left.

Select and open (double click) the Service Report (2nd one down)
“Agency Summary Report” from the list.

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Give your report a Title. You can add Comments or Description if you prefer.
You can enter Y or N for “Yes” or “No” to “Print Parameters”
      If you say “Yes” you will have a printout of the parameters selected to run
      the report but you will not see the actual report until you print it.
Sort by = Client ID (each consumer has an individual and unique number)
Group by = Provider

Say “No” to other items under - Report (except “Show Subservice Details and
Totals if you have entered sub services).
Include Consumer Groups, enter Y for Yes

Skip down to - Service Delivery.

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Enter the Service Start Dates and Service End Dates for the quarter.
       1     07/01/2006 - 09/30/2006
       2     10/01/2006 - 12/31/2006
       3     01/01/2007 - 03/31/2007
       4     04/01/2007 - 06/30/2007

You can also run cumulative dates to check by entering the start of 07/01/2006
      and then the end of the quarter we are in.

Select your organization as the Provider from the drop down box.
For Level of Care select Federal Administration on Aging Programs
For Service Program select NAPIS – Title III

Click on Print Preview.

If you said “Yes” to “Print Parameters” you will see a sheet that looks just like the
information on the left of your screen (and you will not see the report but it will
print out when you Print Report).

If you said “No” to Print Parameters you will see the actual report.

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These numbers on the SAMS Agency Summary Report should match the
number of Consumers and Service Units on the CFR2.

If the numbers match you can close report. (You do not need to save the report
because you can reproduce it at any time.)

If there are differences in the numbers you must determine whether the errors
are on the CFR2 or in SAMS. You can change the parameters to include the
Show Consumers Yes and/or Show Client ID Yes and Show Consumer
Subtotals to help pinpoint the inaccuracy in SAMS. The printouts with names
must be shredded or stored in a locked file to protect consumer confidentiality.
You can then exit Reports and go into Consumers - Service Delivery to revise
SAMS data. If the inaccuracy is on the CFR2, revise that to match the SAMS

End of the first report.

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Registered Services require NAPIS Consumer data:
      Congregate Meals*
      Home Delivered Meals* **        *Require Nutrition Health Score
      Assisted Transportation
      Homemaker**                     ** Require ADLs and IADLs
      Nutrition Counseling*

If you are providing these services a second report needs to be run and again
you select the “Reports” icon,
Services Category (far left dark grey column)
Double click NAPIS Consumer Listing (6th one down on list)

Give it a Report Title and leave “Choose Columns for Consumer” at (All)
unless you do not want to see names. (You definitely do want to see all
information from DOB down. This will show you if you have any missing NAPIS
Click OK

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Click Print Preview and you will see if there is missing NAPIS data. Individuals
with missing data can easily be found using the Search button under
Consumers and have their Details revised.

Consumers NAPIS data should be collected on an annual basis. Under
Consumer – Details – Consumer Details Last Reviewed, enter the latest date
that the characteristics were completed. If necessary, edit information.

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