The Gateway Student Journalism Society Job Description Position MANAGING EDITOR Reports to Editor in Chief Terms of Contract Full time

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					The Gateway Student Journalism Society | Job Description

Position:                      MANAGING EDITOR

Reports to:                    Editor-in-Chief

Terms of Contract:             Full-time, one-year position from May 1 to April 30

Job Summary:

The Managing Editor shall be responsible for providing support to the Editor-in-Chief in
respect to editorial workflow and administration, and shall be an educational resource for
line editors and volunteers. The Managing Editor will also be responsible for internal
editorial and volunteer relations. The Managing Editor shall follow the wishes of staff as
expressed in staff decisions, and must operate in accordance with the bylaws and
policies of the Gateway Student Journalism Society at all times.

Duties and Responsibilities:

   1)       Provide support for section editors in conjunction with the EIC.

   2)       Assist the EIC with copy-editing duties.

   3)       Write copy as needed for the Gateway.

   4)       In conjunction with the Editor-in-Chief and Design & Production Editor,
            establish and maintain a features schedule and supervise the completion of
            each feature.

   5)       Solicit editors and volunteers for features ideas, and ensure that there with be
            at least one feature per week of publication.

   6)       Coordinate three volunteer training workshops each semester, roughly once
            a month. The ME will not necessarily give the sessions, but will be
            responsible for arranging them and shall be encouraged to give at least two
            per semester.

   7)       Hold weekly or bi-weekly features meetings, and solicit feature ideas from
            other section meetings as well

   8)       Ensure, in conjunction with the EIC, that the tasks of any absent editor are

   9)       In the case of an unanticipated temporary absence of the Editor-in-Chief, the
            Managing Editor, ensure that the duties of the EIC are completed.

   10)      In the case of any vacancy in the office of Editor-in-Chief, assume the role of
            Acting Editor-in-Chief until such time as hiring of a new Editor-in-Chief is
            conducted in accordance with the Bylaws.
   11)    Assist the EIC in administrative matters as delegated.

   12)    Attend society meetings and/or review all minutes. In the event of the Editor-
          in-Chief’s absence from any society meeting the Managing Editor shall
          endeavour to attend on a non-voting basis and speak in his/her place.

   13)    Ensure that the volunteer relations budget is adhered to.

   14)    Coordinate Gateway events and “swag” purchases, in conjunction with the
          volunteer relations committee.

   15)    Endeavour to maintain a welcoming office atmosphere for volunteers, and
          bring any human resource issues to the attention of the EIC.

   16)    Perform other job-related duties as required by the EIC or Society.


   1)     Must be registered in the equivalent of at least one (1) course for credit at the
          University of Alberta during each term of the Fall and Winter sessions of their
          term in this position.

   2)     Must be available to work varying hours.

   3)     Must have basic computer skills.

   4)     Must have held a Gateway line editorship, or have equivalent editorial and
          leadership experience.

   5)     Must be able to deal effectively with Society and University staff, students
          and the general public.

AG / 21 February 2008
MF & CF / 2 February 2007
DI / 5 March 2005
DI&AR / 13 February 2004