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									DT Networks Consulting 15 Queen Street Tampa 4530 United State 16 October 2004 MR. Ronney Network Engineer 300 King Street Tampa 4530 United State

Dear Mr. Ronney This is the report you requested for analyzing and recommend a network management system. This report contains the information about the MIB data types, OSI network management models, three different versions of SNMP, and two types of correlation techniques. In the first section, twelve MIB data types have been discussed. Besides, descriptions of four OSI network management models are included in this report. In order to help you to gain a better picture to the OSI network management models, several diagrams are included in this section. Moreover, I have included the Pros and Cons of different SNMP versions and issues of integrating equipment from different manufacturers. In the last section of the report, Case-Based reasoning and Codebook Correlation Model will be discussed. It has been pleasure and challenge working on this report. Please feel free to contact me in case of clarification or queries on this report.

Yours sincerely,

Chong Kai Loon



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Mr. Ronney Chong Kai Loon 16 October 2004

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