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					                                       Cambridge International Examinations
                                          Examiner Reports Order Form
Ordering examinations material is a 4-step process. Please complete all four steps before sending in your order.

Step 1: Customer Contact Details

Please ensure that your contact details are accurate to prevent any delays in receiving photocopy orders.

               Name:                   _________________________________________________________________

               Mailing Address:        _________________________________________________________________



               Telephone: __________________                     Email: ____________________________________________

Step 2: Complete the Photocopy Order Form

               Instructions on Completing the Order Form

               Available reports are indicated by a tick under the session date; boxes that are shaded grey indicate that the report is
               not available.
               Please select the report that you would like to order by circling the appropriate box with ball pen . For example, if you
               want the A-level Accounting Examiner Report from June 2004, your form would look like:

                           Subject/       Codes        Jun-03      Nov-03      Jun-04      Nov-04       Jun-04      Nov-05
                          Accounting       9366

Please circle the reports you would like to order. Grey boxes indicate that the report is not available.

                                                         GCE Advanced Level
                Paper       Jun-02        Nov-02       Jun-03      Jun-04      Jun-05      Nov-05       Jun-06      Nov-06      Jun-07
  Subject       code
Accounting      9706

Art And
Design           9704
Biology          9700
Chemistry        9701
Computing        9691
Economics        9708
Literature       9695

French           9716

Mathematics      9231

Food Studies     9336
               Paper      Jun-02   Nov-02   Jun-03   Jun-04   Jun-05    Nov-05    Jun-06    Nov-06   Jun-07
  Subject      code
Studies         9373

Geography       9696

History         9697

Law             9084

s Studies       9707

Mathematics     9709
Physics         9702
Politics &
Government       9080
Public Affairs    3
Psychology       9698
Sociology        9699
Urdu             9698

                             GCE Ordinary Level
               Paper      Jun-02   Nov-02   Jun-03   Jun-04   Jun-05   Nov-05    Jun-06    Nov-06    Jun-07
  Subjects     code

Mathematics       4037

Agriculture       5038

Art               6010

Biology           5090

Chemistry         5070
Sciences          5129

Commerce          7100

Computing         7010

Economics         2281
English       1115/112
Language      3

French            3015
Paper         AO Level

Geography         2220

History           2158
                  Paper         Jun-02              Nov-02              Jun-03            Jun-04            Jun-05            Nov-05              Jun-06            Nov-06     Jun-07
  Subjects        code
Human &
Biology              5096

Islamiyat            2058

Lit in English       2010

Syllabus D           4024
Studies              2059

Physics              5054

Principal of
Accounts             7110
Religious        2040/204
Studies          1

Chemistry)           5124

Statistics           4040

Syllabus A           3247

Syllabus B           3248

Step 3: Payment Details

Each paper costs Rs. 30 in addition to postage and handling charges. Each order incurs postage and handling charge of Rs. 50.

Please use the table below to calculate the total cost:

                               Number of Papers**                         Cost per paper                       Total Photocopying costs
                                                                    Rs. 30
                                                  Postage and Handling Charges                                                 + Rs.50
                                                  Total Cost (Photocopying Costs
                                                      + Postage and Handling

**(Please note that the cost is per paper and not per report. For example, Paper 1 and 2 of Chemistry for the June 2005 session will
be counted as 2 papers and the photocopying charge will be Rs. 60.)

Payment procedure:

                 The fee must be paid through a Bank Draft / Pay order in favour of “British Council Lahore”.
                 The Bank Draft / Pay order should be attached to the Order form and send to British Council

                 Lahore office through a reliable courier service. Please write your full name and contact details on
                 the reverse of the Bank Draft / Pay order.

                 Customers are advised to keep a copy of the Order form and Bank Draft / Pay order for their own
                 reference. The order will be dispatched in ten working days.

Step 4: Mailing the order Form and DD/PO

Please mail this order form and the Bank Draft / Pay Order to:

British Council
65 Mozang Road
PO Box 88
Lahore 54650

For any further information please write at: info@britishcouncil.org.pk or call us on our Toll free number : 0800-22000
Please note that all orders will be sent back to customers through courier.

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