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Dear Sir/Madam, APPLICATION FOR THE POSITION OF Apply Job Position I would like to apply for the post of Apply Job Position in your company. The position seems to fit my interest and qualifications very well. Currently, I am working as a Current Job Position in a XXX company. I am looking for a company that provides me a more challenging environment and allows me to learn new technologies in order to achieve my objective. For your information, I am the major Current Job Position who handling a regional in my current company. Furthermore, I have experienced two software development cycles and I have experience in representing my current company for onsite support in Hong Kong. Besides, I have a strong knowledge in OO concept and I am very interested in software programming and development work. I am positively sure that I have a lot to offer your company. If I am chosen as a Apply Job Position in your company, I will work hard towards achieving the objectives and goals of your organization. I am willing to attend any training provided by your company. I like to improve myself all the time. Attached herewith is my resume for your future reference. I am prepared to be called up for an interview by the company at any time convenient. I hope that my application will receive a favourable reply from you.

Yours faithfully,


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