Possible essays for exam 2 1. Compare and contrast

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					Possible essays for exam 2

     1. Compare and contrast the pattern of development in the root and the stem.
        Begin with a general summary of the overall pattern of development, and then
        indicate what meristems are involved in each. Be sure to include the relative
        timing of the various meristematic activities.

     2.Describe the pattern of development in a simple dicot leaf with an entire margin.
        Describe the meristems involved, the timing of the various activities, and how
        genetically controlled variations in these activities could lead to the evoluton of
        more elaborate leafstructure seen in nature (ie. pine needles vs. simple leaves vs.
        lobed leaves vs. compound leaves)

     3.The shift from vegetative to reproductive growth in Arabidopsis occurs in two
        stages: transition to inflorescence then the transition to flower development.
        Three developmental shifts (listed below) occur during these transitions.
        Describe in detail the regulation of these events.
            a. determinancy
            b. phyllotaxis
            c. floral organ development

     4. Describe in detail what we know about vascular development in a shoot. Start
        with a general description of vascular development from apical meristem to
        mature xylem and phloem, then continue with a description of each tissue, its
        structure and function and what we know about its development. Why is it that
        we know so little about its regulation?

     5. Describe the development of the bark of a tree as it results from the activities of
        cork cambia. Be sure to include the general sequence of events beginning with
        the initiation of secondary growth, and ending with the structure of the bark on
        the trunk of a large tree. Also, be sure to describe details of cell production.

     6. Beginning at the time that a stem has a mature primary, describe the sequence of
        events that lead to the production of secondary vascular tissues. Be sure to
        include a general statement of the changes that take place through time, and to
        describe the meristematic activity and maturation events at the level of
        individual cells. Also include what is know of regulation.