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									                 RESEARCHING HOT TOPICS
      Source Materials for Persuasive Essays and Speeches

DVC Library Databases
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Click on the heading Social Sciences .

CQ Researcher (Published by Congressional Quarterly)
Available online (1991+), each weekly report covers a subject currently in the news, and
provides an in-depth examination of the background, history and controversial aspects of the
topic, with an extensive bibliography. Previous years and paper copies of current issues are
found on the Hot Topics shelves in the Reference Area.

Recommended web sites that cover many hot topics are:
Documents in the News
Univ. of Washington
Hot Topics Supersites

Print Materials
The following materials are located on the Hot Topics shelf in the Reference Area.

Opposing Viewpoints (Partial list below.)

Abortion                           Censorship             Euthanasia             Genetic Engineering
Aids                               Civil Liberties        Family in America      Racism in America
America’s Cities                   Crime & Criminals      Health Care            Teenage Sexuality
Animal Rights                      Death & Dying          The Homeless           Welfare State

Taking Sides (Partial list below; complete list at )

American History                   Crime & Criminality    Family & Personal      Moral Issues
Bioethical Issues                  Drugs & Society        Relationships          Political Issues
Business Ethics &                  Economic Issues        Health & Society       Social Issues
Society                            Environmental Issues   Legal Issues
Childhood & Society                                       Mass Media & Society

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