Sample Marking Scale for Argumentative Essays by oyr19245


									Sample Marking Scale for Argumentative Essays

    GRAMMAR           MECHANICAL            VOCABULARY         ORGANISA-          CONTENT
                      ACCURACY                                 TION               AND STYLE
5 wide range &                              wide range of      completely
    correct use of                          effective and      logical
    complex                                 appropriate        organisational
    structures               XXX            vocabulary         structure              XXX
    *very few slips                         *controlled and    *varied use of
    & minor errors                          natural use of     cohesive
                                            language           devices
                                            *appropriate       *complex
                                            register           sentence
4                            XXX                                                    XXX
3 sufficient          almost no errors of   somewhat limited   sufficient         arguments
    accuracy          spelling,             vocabulary but     organisation       effectively
    *some gross       punctuation,          largely correct    *easily followed   related to
    or systematic     capitalization        OR more            most of the        specific area
    errors and                              adventurous but    time               within the topic
    more minor                              less accurate      *occasionally      *consistent &
    errors which do                         vocabulary         repetitive         appropriate
    not distort                             *able to express   *some variety of   style
    communi-                                oneself without    sentence
    cation                                  distortion         structure
    *sound grasp of                                            *some use of
    tense system                                               cohesive
1 low accuracy        frequent or           limited            practically no     written mostly
    *frequent basic   systematic errors     vocabulary         organisation       to the point
    errors            but meaning           *misuse of words   *ONLY simple       with occasional
    *grammatical      mostly not            makes              sentences          lapses
    patterns based    confused or           communication      or serious,        *not consistent
    on direct         obscured              difficult          frequent errors    in tone
    translation       OR some gross         *essentially       in sentence        *use of
    *unable to        errors                translation        structure          contractions
    apply the tense   *POOR                                    *no cohesive       *is shorter than
    system            HANDWRITING                              devices            200 words
0   ignores topic     ILLEGIBLE             ignores topic      ignores topic      ignores topic
                      HANDWRITING                                                 OR is shorter
                      ignores topic                                               than 180 words

Rating scale
Accepted Institutional Grading System: 0 (Fail) – 5 (Excellent)
Points         Mark
20-21          5 – excellent
18-19          4 – very good
16-17          3 – good
14-15          2 – satisfactory
12-13          1 – sufficient

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