Book Report for Number the Stars

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					                                  Book Report for Number the Stars

   Complete one of the following activities using at least 5 specific examples from the story to
   support your answer. Your examples must be taken from throughout the novel (beginning,
   middle, and end).

   1. Imagine that Annemarie Johansen is a real person and that you want to recommend her
      for an honor. Write a letter to Danish Prime Minister Rasmussen explaining why
      Annemarie deserves a medal for bravery. Describe her achievements in detail. Make
      sure you use the correct format for a formal letter.

   2. Read the full text of Psalm 147 and consider the context in which this Psalm is used in
      the story. Why do you think that Lois Lowry named this book Number the Stars?
      Explain the significance of the title and the use of the Psalm to the theme of the book.

Grading criteria:

Identification: 5 points
        Heading or Essay provides title and author as well as student name.

Tone:          10 points
        Tone of letter or essay is appropriately respectful and formal.

Format:       10 points
      Letter: Correct letter format (see attached)
              Typed, 12 pt font (Times New Roman, Arial, Comic Sans, Courier)

        Essay: Typed, 12 pt font (Times New Roman, Arial, Comic Sans, Courier)
               Double Spaced

Introduction: 10 points
       Introduction clearly states main idea of letter or essay.

Examples:    50 points (10 points each example)
      Each example is accurate, detailed and supports the main idea.

Conclusion: 15 points
      Conclusion restates the main idea of the letter or essay and neatly ties up all loose ends.