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					Book report Heroes

Title of the book:

The title of the book is Heroes.


The author of Heroes is Robert Cormier.

Who are tehe main characters? Give a short description:

The main character is Francis Cassavant. He lost most of his face when
he fell on a grenade in France in the Second World War.

Where does the story take place?

The story take place in Frenchtown, a small village in the United States.

Explain the title of the story:

The title of the story is Heroes, because Francis received the Silver
Star for bravery. He was namely a hero in the Second World War.

What do you particulary like or dislike in this book?

What I particulary dislike is that the story is very strange. On the
end I got the story yet. But that makes the story mysterious and that’s nice.

1. The title of the book is ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’.

2. The author of this book is James Baldwin, he died in 1987.

3. If Beale Street Could Talk was first published in 1974

4. The book has 137 pages.

5. The time in which the story is situated can not exactly be derived
from the text.

6. The story is set in Harlem, an area of New York. There especially
live poor Negroes.

7. The main characters are Tish and Fonny. Tish is a Negro girl. She is
19 years old. Her real name is Clementin Rivers and she lives in
Harlem, New York and works in the perfume department of a store. She is
in love with Fonny.

Fonny’s real name is Alonzo Hunt. He’s 22 years old and he’s black too.
Fonny is in jail, because he’s accused for raping a Puerto Rican woman.
Before he came in jail, he had made sculptures, and to earn some extra
money he works as a cook. Fonny is deeply in love with Tish.

They want to get married and Tish is having a baby. Therefore Tish
tries to get Fonny out of jail.
8. I’d call it a novel. It is a real love story. It’s a kind of Romeo
and Juliet. The rewriting of Romeo and Juliet by James Baldwin.

9. The story is told in the I-form. Tish is the I. Tish describes only
the things she has experienced by herself and imagines what happened
when she was not present.

The story has many flashbacks. It tells in an unchronological way about
Tish and Fonny's childhood and about events in the present.

10. The story was quite difficult to read.

11. I’ve read the story in about 6 hours.

12. I believe that ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’ isn’t a good book. I
don’t like it, because it is too extensive. Everthing is described.
Therefore the story is been boring. Because of the many flashbacks, the
story is sometimes quite difficult to understand.

Then you’re reading a flashback, then you’re reading in the present.
That is confusing.

13. Beale Street is the street where Tish and Fonny grew up. Tish
thinks that people aren't always truthful, and this is why Fonny is
accused of rape, which he didn't commit. If the street could talk,
Fonny wouldn't have to go to jail, because it would tell the truth.

14. Tish and Fonny both live in the same street in Harlem, an area of
New York populated mostly by Negroes. They have been friends since they
were young. Fonny’s mother is overly religious and is a member of a
anatical Christian church. Fonny doesn’t get much attention from her.
Fonny’s sisters aren’t nice either. His father Frank is very good to
him, but he becomes an alcoholic. Tish’s parents do everything they can
for Tish and Fonny. Tish and Fonny fall in love. In the neighbourhood
they are known as Romeo and Juliet. They want to get married. Tish’s
parents and Fonny’s dad are happy, but Fonny’s mother thinks the
marriage will be a suitable punishment for Fonny, because she thinks
Tish is not good enough for him. Fonny’s sisters aren’t happy with the idea either.

While Fonny and Tish are shopping, an Italian man harasses Tish, and
Fonny beats him up. The police officer Mr. Bell accuses Fonny of
causing the trouble. Mr Bell is a racist and a liar. A lady in the shop
says the Italian started the fight, so Mr Bell can’t arrest Fonny, and
he becomes resentful.
Later a Puerto Rican woman, Mrs Rogers, is raped. Mr Bell asks her to
pick out the offender from a line of people. Fonny stays in that line
too and since a black man committed the crime, the woman is convinced
that Fonny is the rapist, but she is mistaken. Fonny even has an alibi,
and the lawyer tries to prove his innocence, but without success.
Tish finds out she is pregnant. Fonny is very happy and wants to be out
of jail for the baby’s birth. Tish, her parents and Fonny’s father work
very hard to get out of jail. They take extra jobs and try everything
they can to earn extra money to pay the lawyer. Mrs Rogers goes to
Puerto Rico. She could free Fonny if she would change her testimony.
Tish’s mother goes to Puerto Rico to see Mrs Rogers, but unfortunately
she doesn’t want to change her testimony, because she doesn’t want to
be reminded of the rape and she is confused.

Fonny is released on bail on the end after a whole lot of hard work to
get the money together. The same day Fonny’s father is found dead in his car.
He has committed suicide after losing his job because he stole some money.
At the end of the story, Tish's baby is going to be born, but it is
still not known whether or not they will win the trial.