Book Report Bingo

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					Book Report Bingo

Book Reports are due on the following Dates:

                                  October 15
                                  November 19
                                   January 7
                                  February 11
                                   March 17
                                    May 05

You must choose Book Reports that will create a BINGO. For your sixth and
final book report of the year you will have a free choice. To complete your report
you must choose one of the response choices. (See Response Sheet) Once you
have responded in one way you may not choose that response for the remainder of
the year.
                      Book Report Responses

Reporting “Live” from the Scene – Write a script presenting one of
the major events in a book as a real event. Create a background or use
a local setting as the backdrop for “Live at 11” news report. This
should be recorded on a VHS film so it can be viewed in the classroom.

Book Float – Transform a shoebox into a “book float” similar to a float
that might be seen in a large parade.

Once Upon a Timeline – Create a timeline showing a chain of important
events from a book read.

Now You’re Cooking! – Make an edible book report! Locate a recipe
for a food dish that plays a role in the book or represents the setting
of the book. When you share your food with your classmates be
prepared to explain how the food relates to the book you read.

Sell It! – Pretend to be a publicist for your book. Write and deliver a
60-second speech that will persuade your classmates that they should
read the book.

Interview a Character – Compose six to eight questions to ask a main
character in the book. Write the character’s response to each
question. The questions and answers should provide information that
shows you read the book. Don’t give away specific details.

Script It! – Write a movie script for a favorite scene. At the top of
the script you can assign real-life TV or movie stars for each role.
You may also perform this with a classmate.
In the News – Create the front page of a newspaper that tells about
events and characters. The newspaper page can include weather
reports, an editorial, ads, etc. The title of the newspaper should be
something appropriate to the book.

Create A Comic Book – Turn your book, or part of it, into a comic
book, complete with comic-style illustrations and dialogue bubbles.

Picture Books – Create a picture book version of the story that would
appeal to younger students. Be prepared to share your book with the

Book in a Bag- Select a book report container (plastic bag, can,
oatmeal box). Decorate your container to convey some major details,
elements, or themes found in the books. Include in your container
questions, vocabulary, and things. Be prepared to share this in class.

Mapping a Book – Create a map highlighting places described in the
story. The map’s features should be based on information provided by
the author.

* Once you have picked a response you need to check-in with Mr.
Bishop to get details of your report and a rubric.

** A copy of the rubric with your name on it is due with each report.