Homework Lunch Club by oyr19245


									                       Hornets Nest Lunch Club
                             Flow Chart

                    Student doesn’t turn in an assignment.

                       Student is placed on the teacher’s
                           missing assignment list.

           Thursday- Teachers put students with missing assignments
           on the appropriate Team Hornets Nest list on the L Drive.

Friday- Students receive Hornets Nest slips with missing assignments during 8th
 period. Teachers hand out slips and remind students to turn work into office
or at the Hornets Nest on Monday. Teachers remind students that a lunch will
                           be in the Nest for them.

     Monday- Students will receive a Hornets Nest Slip during the period
    before their lunch period. Teachers will escort students with slips to the
    appropriate rooms. This step will be repeated each day throughout the
             week for students who still have missing assignments.

     Assignment completion- At any point in the process, when a student
   completes the missing assignment, they will be dismissed from attending
          the Homework Lunch Club. This includes leaving early.

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