Math B Homework Week 7 Triangle Congruence Due Monday by xtw17906


									Math B Homework Week 7: Triangle Congruence
Due Monday 31 October 2005
Ms. Burke and Mr. Quinn

Part I: Determine whether we can show that these triangles are congruent, and if so, which congruence postulate is applicable.
If they can’t be proven congruent write ‘No Good!!!’

 1                                  2                        3                                 4

 5                                   6                               7                          8

       9                        10                        11                               12

      13                       14                       15                                16
Part II: In each case, use the two-column format to show why the statement is true ON ANOTHER PIECE OF PAPER.

1. Segment DE is congruent to segment GH.

2. Segment SR is congruent to segment QT.

3. Angle CAD is congruent to angle ACB.

4. KJ is congruent to PM.

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