Moderating Writing for Formative assessment

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					Moderating Writing for
Formative assessment
     Staff Meeting

   Introduction and aims
   Activity 1    Identifying Key Indicators
   Activity 2    Moderating Samples
   Activity 3    Setting Targets
   To develop teacher knowledge in the
    formative assessment of writing.
   To develop moderation skills across key
   To discuss and identify the key attributes
    at a range of sub levels.
   To clarify the role of formative assessment
    in the target setting process.
       Formative assessment
            Activity 1
1.   Move into working groups.
2.   Use year group appropriate pages from
     the GWL.
3.   Discuss and identify the key indicators
     (no more than 3 or 4 at each level)
     essential for attainment at each sub
       Formative Assessment
             Activity 2
1.   Using the samples brought, review the
     levels given and in the light of the
     previous discussion, moderate with
2.   Identify a focus for teaching to move the
     child forward
       Formative Assessment
             Activity 3

1.   Use the NLS ‘Target Statements for
     Writing’ to identify the priority targets for
     the child and convert into ‘I can’