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									EN 445: Report Writing First Semester, 2009 Instructors: Asst.Prof.Dr.Chutima Thamraksa (02-3503619, 085-8011933) Asst.Prof Dr.Chuenchanok Kovin (081-3045522) A. Nasaphorn Sildanchandra (081-9123999) A. Atipat Boonmoh (086-3837090) A.Jon Fernquest (085-1192063) E-mail: chutima.t@bu.ac.th kchuench@chula.ac.th by_nas@hotmail.com atipat_b@yahoo.com fernquestj@Bangkokpost.co.th Course Website: http://tulip.bu.ac.th/~chutima.t/ Course Description This course is designed as a practical guide for the preparation of well-written academic reports. The course provides students with an opportunity to write different types of reports, including a reading report, an interview report, an observation report, an annotated bibliography, and a research paper. Emphasis is on clarity of content, concise expressions, and correct format of report organization. Course Objectives This course aims at: 1. increasing ability at writing a variety of coherent, well-organized, and accurate types of reports; 2. developing basic skills in doing academic research; 3. acquainting learners with key resources inside and outside the library; 4. enhancing creative thinking ability; 5. promoting collaborative learning in the classroom community. Course Requirements 1. You are expected to attend all class meetings, read the required materials, and be prepared for class participation and activities. By doing so, you will be awarded ten points. If you attend the class 10 minutes late after the class starts, you will be marked “absent.” 2. You are expected to keep a course journal which is divided into three sections. The first section is your reading response log in which you write a minimum of one singlespaced page entry for each required reading. The first part of each entry is in the form of an abstract. The second part contains personal responses to that reading. This may include information on your reaction to what you read, for example, areas you feel critical about, areas you feel particularly interested in, areas where you see connections with other parts of your experience. (Please check the course website for guidelines for writing good personal responses.) The third part is a simple list of questions raised in your mind by the readings and perhaps by your reflection on what has been going on in class. The second section is in-class freewriting where you will write freely, without worries about grammar and mechanics, on a variety of topics given by your teacher. This section aims at enhancing your creative thinking skills and fluency of ideas.

The third section is your personal diaries where you can record anything you wish including your thoughts, feelings, reactions to situations, or poetry of your own. The purpose of keeping this section is to develop writing fluency; therefore, the rule to follow is to keep the entries at least twice a week with the minimum of one page per entry. Towards the end of the term, you should have at least 20 pages for grading. Any student who can write up to 25 pages or more will be awarded some bonus points (25 = +1, 30 = +2). Note: Please buy a two-ring binder and a good supply of A4 sheets of paper to go in the binder. You will also need three dividers to separate the three sections of your entries. Keep your reading response log in the front, the freewriting log in the middle, and your personal log at the end. In the upper right hand corner of each entry, put the page number, the date, the time of day, and the location you are writing. Please bring your journal to class with you, since we will be asking you to freewrite in the log during class time. 3. You are expected to select a controversial topic of your interest, do library research, and write an annotated bibliography on this topic. This bibliography should include between ten to fifteen items (three books minimum). The purpose of writing the bibliography is for you to prepare to write a research paper on the same topic. 4. You are expected to write an argumentative research paper of 12-15 typed, doublespaced, one-sided pages of text based on the research done for the annotated bibliography. This paper must have substantial content which has been highly processed. To show that you go through the process of writing and revising, you should have your peers or teachers read and respond to at least one draft of this paper. 5. In groups of 4-5, you are expected to write three informal reports: Reading Report, Interview Report, and Observation Report. The length of each paper is between 5-6 pages. Instructions and guidelines to writing these papers will be discussed in class. Note: - All papers prepared in this course are to be typed double-spaced using the font “courier new” size 12. - We do not accept assignments after the date they are due. 6. You are expected to do five written assignments. Each assignment is worth two points towards your final grade. You will receive full credit if you do outstanding work, meaning to think about the questions and spend time and effort to answer them in a thoughtful way. Required Materials - Thamraksa, C. (2009). Report writing. Bangkok: Bangkok University Press. - One loose-leaf binder (two rings) for A4 papers

Grading Procedures Your grade for the course will depend on your performance on all the tasks listed below: Class Participation & Activities Written Assignments Course Journal Reading Report Interview Report Observation Report Annotated Bibliography Research Paper Course Schedule (Tentative) 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 10% 30%

Week/Date Week 1: June 1-6

Activities - Course overview

Homework - Read Chapter One “Writing An Effective Report.” (Keep journal.) - Read Chapter Two “A Reading Report.” (Keep journal.) - Read Chapter Five (pp.41-51). (Keep journal.)

Week 2: June 8-13

- Discuss Chapter One.

Week 3: June 15-20

- Discuss Chapter Two. - Discuss Chapter Five (pp.4151).

- Read Chapter Five (pp.51-62). (Keep journal.) - Work on the reading report. - Read Chapter Five (pp.62-78) (Keep journal.) Prepare (#1 written assignment) a one page statement about a topic you would like to research. Use these questions as guidelines: What is the controversial topic? What do you already know about the topic? What do you want to learn about this topic? What made you decide on this topic? How do you plan to collect information for your research? And how do you plan to organize your writing?

Week 4: June 22-27

- Discuss Chapter Five (pp.5162) - Library Tour

Week/Date Activities Homework

Note: Use your prior knowledge about writing an argumentative essay along with the knowledge acquired from the reading of Chapters One and Five to prepare this first written assignment. Week 5: June 29-July 4 - Discuss Chapter Five (pp.6278). - #1 written assignment due Week 6: July 6-11 - Reading Report due - Discuss Chapter Five (pp.7985). - Class activity (Reflect on your experiences in the preparation of the reading report[#2 written assignment].) - Class activity (Create an outline) Week 7: July 13-18 - Discuss Chapter Three. - Discuss Chapter Five (pp.8696). (Keep journal) July 21-31 Week 8: August 3-8 - Work on the interview report. - Read Chapter Five (pp.96107). (Keep journal.) - Read Chapter Three “An Interview Report.” (Keep journal.) - Read Chapter Five (pp.86-96). (Keep journal.) - Read Chapter Five (pp.79-85). (Keep journal.)

MIDTERM EXAMINATION - Discuss Chapter Five (pp.96107). - Bring three (already read sources—a book, an on-line article, and an academic journal article—to class. - Read Chapter Four “An Observation Report” (Keep journal.) - Read Chapter Five (pp.107115).

Week 9: August 10-15

- Class Activity (Annotating three sources) - Library Research

Week 10: August 18-22

- Interview Report Due - Class Activity (Reflect on your experiences in the preparation of the interview report [#3 written assignment].)

- Read Chapter Five (pp.124135). (Keep journal.) - Work on the observation report.

Week/Date Activities - Discuss Chapter Four. - Discuss Chapter Five (pp.107115. Week 11: August 24-29 - Discuss Chapter Five (pp.124135). - Annotated Bibliography Due - Discuss Chapter Five (pp.116124). - Journal grading - Observation Report Due - Class Activity (Reflect on your experiences in the preparation of the observation report [#4 written assignment].) - Discuss Chapter Five. - Journal grading Week 14: Sept.14-19 - Research Paper Due - Class Activity (Reflect on your experiences in the preparation of the research paper [#5 written assignment].) - Class Activity (Read and give responses to your peers’ research papers.) - Journal grading Sept.22-Oct.2 FINAL EXAMINATION - Read Chapter Five (116-124). (Keep journal.) - Read the rest of Chapter Five (only APA style). Homework

Week 12: August 31Sept. 5

Week 13: Sept.7-12

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