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					TRANSITIONS (resource): linking words and phrases in essay writing Addition and Conclusion and equally important in the same way moreover much more interesting then, too of even greater appeal next consequently in fact just as surely thus likewise at the outset again as a result as I have said for further more specifically inasmuch as also undoubtedly so that therefore indeed it is certain hence too in truth for this reason accordingly last[lastly] under these conditions in other words over and above in addition to furthermore to conclude another besides finally in summary in conclusion second[secondly] to summarize on the whole at the same time but however yet whereas on the contrary as if much more interesting notwithstanding in contrast to nevertheless at the same time despite for for instance in the same way indeed more specifically on the account naturally most important Contrast and Comparison rather or conversely nor although neither though either as quite as evident on the other hand equally important as though still in spite of of even greater appeal otherwise likewise similarly in the manner just as surely for all that Emphasis and Repetition for example in other words that is to say undoubtedly of course thus obviously in truth

in particular in fact certainly as I have said to be sure therefore emphatically

soon not long after at length at last finally some time later afterwards presently from this time on from time to time a few minutes later before until at present all of a sudden in the future in future from over here in front of here and there at the right in the foreground whenever inevitably as a result for this purpose hence provided that therefore admittedly with a view to on account of

Time immediately instantly at this instant suddenly now without delay in the first place forthwith straightaway quickly at this point after formerly yesterday later in the day since then while subsequently Place where in the middle there in the distance above before on this side opposite

when whenever next as once since occasionally henceforward then meanwhile thereupon in the meantime sometimes in a moment shortly whereupon during

beyond around near farther below between beside

Reason, Condition, Purpose and Result inasmuch as in order that under these conditions because in this way since if> thus so that for this reason granted that on that account notwithstanding in case that unless consequently owing to accordingly