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									Research methodology (economic report writing)
3–6 November 2009

Course director:           Dr S L Mollentze
The aim of this course is to provide the candidates with some exposure to the practical
side of economic research with a special focus on the writing of professional economic
reports. The spotlight is largely on the ability to analyse research information stemming
from data on economic, socio-economic and central banking issues, and transform it into
well-structured reports.

The following topics will be covered:

• Assessing and transforming data from the following fields into written reports:
  –     Micro and macroeconomics
  –     Monetary policy issues
  –     Economic growth and economic development
  –     Other economic indicators
• Workflow tips and techniques (economic databases, Microsoft Office products: Excel,
  Word, PowerPoint)
• Writing short reports
• Business English
• Presenting economic reports to various audiences.

Group activities
Candidates will be split into groups. Group activities will be assigned to candidates on a daily
basis, for analysis and review.

On the final day each group will present its research findings in the form of a professional report.

Target group
This course is aimed at researchers across the various fields of economics. It covers the
typical stages in the research process, and focuses on developing language, writing, presen-
tation and group-participation skills. In addition, it serves as a useful refresher course that
deals with basic economic principles and concepts.

This is a course in which formal lectures, informal group discussions and group assignments
form part of the training methodology.

Candidates will be provided with a range of micro and macroeconomic tools and techniques
that can be used to analyse and interpret basic economic problems and issues. Candidates
will also be shown how to access and manipulate economic data extracted from various
economic databases. Finally, candidates will be split into groups and be given the task of
analysing a relevant topic which must be submitted in the form of a professional research
report. The research report will be evaluated by the main presenter, Prof. G P Brown
(University of South Africa).

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