What will be the struggle of Hazrat Mehdi

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					What will be the struggle of Hazrat Mehdi and how will he do? The second important question about Hazrat Mehdi is that after his appearance what kind of struggle will he do and what ever he will do how would that be possible for him? In His way from Bai’t (fellowship) on Jihad till the establishment of Khilafat, how will He succeed in the extreme fight He will face from the superpowers and first world countries all around the world whereas today we see political, economic, military else all other key areas are under the control of evil powers. They rule both on sea and land. Uproar of their supremacy is everywhere. As a matter of fact no hope is seen to the extent that in near future Muslims would be able to break all the supremacy magic of these evil powers. The budget of every multinational company is more than the budget of many Muslim countries. Every think tank is so powerful that it alone is giving the 100 year planning to the west. They also have such unity that United States of America and Russia who are extreme enemies to each other get united in the opposition of Pakistan naturally. Other united organizations formed only to end “extremism” and form “universal establishment”. All world class universities are in the west world. Only United States of America has 5758 universities while in the whole Muslim world of 57 Muslim countries has just 500 universities and there is not a single university in the whole Muslim world that entered in Top 500 universities of the world. Western world attracts all the intelligent and skilled individuals of the Muslim world to their magical world and bound them to live their rest of the lives there. As a result only unskilled, opportunist and empty from patriotism bunch of messy people are left for the Muslim world in the form of bureaucracy. In Muslims discipline, education, high affability, unity, calmness in short each and every element of success is lacking from Muslims. The world still praise the Muslim skills and intelligence but this intelligence and skills are all benefiting the west only. As the time passes, every dawn comes with the news of new unusual advancement in west while every evening brings us the news of further worsening of the Muslims. In such situation do we admit that Hazrat Mehdi will be capable of “transcend powers” so that to defeat these all powers unusually will be possible for him? Will He defeat all the scientific inventions with unusual spiritual wonders that has never found in the history of humans or is there any involvement of the contribution of ideological, practical and martial efforts of His companions? And if it is the case then how would the scenario get 180 degree opposite so abruptly in such a way that the winds blowing in favor of west suddenly change their direction inversely in favor of Muslims.

The answer to this question is that both dedicated and highly skilled leadership of Hazrat Mehdi and dispersed skills and scattered movements of the Muslims will defeat the superiority of the evil powers. There is no doubt that Allah (Subhanahu T'ala) will get wonders occur through Him but the biggest wonder that will occur would be that when He ask people to seek true pardon from Allah (Subhanahu T'ala) and live-up all those Sunnah which were forgotten at that time that will result in providing unity to them. They will then think and work uniformly. Their hearts get pure from greed and jealousy. They get free with internal disputes and disobeying of Ameer. They will follow Hazrat Mehdi in each perspective of life and will not be feared of death. Death does not mean the physical death but it also means the death of ego inside. Many People are facing deaths delightfully but when asked to conquer their ego that would not achieved to the level which Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed (RA) showed during allegiance to

Hazrat Umer (RA). Hazrat Mehdi’s egoless soul and the spirit of achieving the unified goal will be of so much clarity that all pious Muslims of the world forget themselves and give all they belong and themselves to Hazrat Mehdi and they trust Him the way Muslims trusted to Sultan Salahuddin Ayubi of His time. It should not be hidden to the students of history that in front of the unity of whole European military Sultan had a small military however groups of mujahideen arrived from different areas when saw Him riding on His horse from one end to the other like a mother searching for her only child, tears in His eyes and shouting loudly “O Muslims! Help Islam O Muslims! Help Islam” they who were famous for their ego left everything and get agreed to live and die with Sultan and history witnessed that if Sultan ran out of funds they fought the war with their own funds and weapons with deep from their heart and consider Kufr for leaving Him or His army. They had a strong trust that in case of defeat Sultan will never leave them alone and if He won He will never take benefit instead all of the credit would be given to Islam. If the leadership of today win the trust like this whole scenario will get inverse in just the time required by the leader to get rid of ego and to fill his heart with deep love for Islam.

The secret of success of Hazrat Mehdi will be that he will prove to have the leadership qualities before he took Bai’t (fellowship) and then the scattered literate and learned scholars, students, mujahideen, engineers, doctors, professors, scientists, businessmen, administrators, military personals in short different specialized people will offer everything including their skills to Hazrat Mehdi to serve Islam and accepting His command from heart will kill their selfness. This will be the memorable moment and delightful soul feeling that happened once before Ghazwa-e-Badar in a meeting of Sahaba-e-Kiraam before the war of “Hateen” which has given calm to Ayubi and which NATO and Non NATO unions are today observing and world will again see it before the last war.

On the extremeness in fight in Afghanistan and in the tribal areas of Pakistan world analyst start saying that after 8 years has gone in “war against terrorism” its getting clearer that the war is being won by Taliban and not the Allied Forces. In this perspective various European high position holder has started the struggle for smoothing the way for peace agreement with Al Qaeda. Local newspaper “Dagsavisen” published from Oslo, capital of Norway, wrote that Norway may have adopted the policy of maintaining good relationship with Muslim groups. It further wrote that when asked from assistant minister of foreign affairs about if they were quitting from the “War against terrorism” he replied actually peace talks with friends is a continuous process however for true peace there should be peace talks with those also who you believe are your enemies. Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs Raymond Hansen said that he is not alone on the matter but other European countries also wish the same. Be noted that just before this Switzerland also has wished the same that it wish to establish peace talks and peace agreement with Al Qaeda and Osma bin Laden and is ready to take any initiative action required for the same. We don’t want to be the target of revenge actions on the return of United States of America.”

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