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					                                    Stages of Writing
       Stage                        Characteristics                                      Sample

Pictures:               •   Working out the relationship between
Uses drawing to             drawing and writing
                        •   Sees drawing/writing as communication of
stand for writing
                            specific and purposeful message
                        •   Participation in writing via drawing; reads
                            drawings as if there is writing on them
                        •   Writes about life experiences and                          (I like trees.)
Approximation:          •   Experiments with marks on the paper and
Uses scribbles, but         often scribble from left to right
                        •   Understands writing and drawing are
intends it as writing
                        •   Scribbles resemble writing
                                                                                       (I like trees.)
Emergent                •   Aware that speech can be written down and
Writing:                    that written message remains constant
Uses letter-like        •   Understands left to right organization of
                            print and experiments with writing letters
forms or letter             and words                                                B mdn VWo
strings                 •   Realizes that print contains a constant
                        •   Rehearses for writing by drawing
Early Writing:          •   Uses initial consonants and final consonants                   I to h
Uses random letters     •   Relies heavily on most obvious sounds of
                            the word
                                                                                     (I like to color.)
and initial
                        •   Words are separated by spaces
consonants and                                                                          Ihapc
then transitions to
                                                                                   (I have a pretty cat.)
using both initial
and final
consonants                                                                         I pa en mi ft yrt.
                                                                                 (I play in my front yard.)
Transitional            •   Vowel sounds appear                            My favrrit food is appls and
Writing:                •   Syllables are represented
                        •   Beginning sense of sentence                    makrone.
Use of temporary
                                                                           (My favorite food is apples and
Conventional            •   Attention to the mechanics of writing          Wen I was on vacashon it
Writing:                •   Uses a range of strategies for planning,
                            revising, and publishing own text              was fun to play weth Nicole.
Audience and
purpose for writing
                        •   Matches illustrations to text                  She is my baby sister. She is
becomes important
                            Multiple sentences and many words have
                            correct spelling
                                                                           one year old. She is a verry
                                                                           nice sister becss it chers you
                                                                           up weth a baby sister around.

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