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                   Technical Report Writing

Effective Technical Reporting of activities is mandatory for the existence of a successful
organization. Technical reports serve as auxiliary tools to the day-to-day, tactical operations of any
organization. It is crucial to communicating findings and transferring information in a manner that
is factual, objective, clear, concise and traceable.

This three (3) day programme will enable participants to plan, write, revise and produce effective
technical reports. Participants will learn strategies for presenting information effectively, the tools
and techniques used for clarity, conciseness and accuracy of expression. They will also learn the
differences between strong and weak technical report writing.

This programme also focuses on the range of technical reports, its’ typical introduction, contents, and
the purposes, audiences, and situation that they serve.
Topics Include

•   Introduction

•   Communication Context : situation, purpose, audience

•   Techniques for objectivity, clarity, conciseness, accuracy and traceability

•   Standards for technical reports

•   Organization

•   Types and Sections of Reports

•   Use of headings and lists

•   Use of techniques for developing and organizing paragraphs to facilitate coherence and flow
•   Condensing written procedures - Illustrations, graphs, tables, layout

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•   Replacing Text - Graphics, layout, illustrations

•   Techniques for organizing, numbering and accessing a manual's content

•   Revising and editing technical documents

•   Common stylistic errors

•   The use of cross-referencing

•   The uses and advantages of checklists

•   Collaborative writing

•   Technical presentations

•   Conclusions, Recommendations and Executive Summaries

Learning Outcomes

•   Learn the common structure and business professional contexts of technical reports

•   Learn strategies for gathering information for a report project

•   Learn the standard design, format and style of technical reports

•   Evaluate the organization, cohesiveness, paragraph structure and critical format elements of
    technical reports to enhance easy use and retrieval of information

•   Identify critical communication factors that simplify a user's understanding and use of written

•   Apply standard guidelines for headings, lists, tables and illustrations to technical reports

•   Evaluate various techniques for organizing, numbering and accessing a manual's content

•   Evaluate and design various layouts, tables, charts, and other visuals for condensing written
    procedures and replacing texts

•   Edit procedures for completing draft instructions and other manual contents

•   Review sample technical writings, correct errors, and establish critical standards for technical

•   Work productively in a team

•   Write effective technical reports, proposals, procedures and process explanations

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Date            : June 29 – July 01, 2009
Cost            : Four thousand, two hundred TT dollars (TT$4,200.00) plus VAT
Time            : 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Contact         : Mrs. Cherry Ann Francis-Lau - Programme Director

                 Ms. Camille Mohammed – Marketing Coordinator

                  Telephone #’s: 672-9302 or telefax #: 671-7633


Venue           : 1st Floor, #43 Mulchan Seuchan Road, Chaguanas (Upstairs Climate Control)

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