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									                                           Teacher Evaluation Tool for Webquests-Writing to Persuade

                                                                   Writing to Persuade
                                                (Check with your teacher to see if all of these criteria apply)

      Criteria      Five points                       Four points                   Three points                     Two points
Health, Human       The paper highlights a health     The paper conveys the         The brochure addresses a         The brochure does not address an
Interest            issue(s) of interest to youth     importance of a health        health topic of interest to      health topic or issue of interest to
                    and conveys its/their             topic of interest to youth,   youth, but does not convey its   youth
                    importance. The arguments,        but the elements of the       importance, nor the actions
                    organization and other            paper do not effectively      that youth can take to prevent
                    features emphasize the            communicate the actions       it.
                    actions that youth can take to    that youth can take to
                    prevent the health problem.       prevent the problem.
Health Promoting    Paper presents several            Paper presents at least       The health-promoting             The health promoting purpose of
Purpose             health-promoting actions          one action,                   message is present, but not      the paper is not evident.
                    feelings/ attitudes/beliefs or    feeling/attitude/belief or    clearly defined or presented..
                    understandings that youth are     understanding that youth
                    likely to remember                are likely to remember.
Understands         Shows that all arguments are      Shows that most               A few arguments are tailored     Shows no recognition of audience
audience needs,     tailored to audience              arguments are tailored to     to audience
biases,                                               audience
Introduce           Engages audience from             Has interesting opening       Has a muddled beginning,         Does not present an introduction
arguments and       beginning with good               but does not explain how      with some good points
sequence of         introduction, explains how        presentation will follow.
presentation        arguments will follow
Takes clear stand   Takes clear stand in              Understands assigned          Tries to take stand on issue     Does not take stand on assigned
                    response to assigned              task but presents unclear     but misunderstands main          issue.
                    question and defends it very      stand or position.            point.
Logical, easy to    Presents at least three good      Presents at least two         Presents at least one good       Does not present a supporting
follow arguments    arguments (economic, moral,       good arguments for stand      argument for stand taken.        argument for stand taken. Does not
                    political, or others) for stand   taken. Organization and       Sequence of arguments is         have logical sequence.
                    taken. Organization is logical.   sequence are                  weak.
Supports            Presents several proven facts     Presents some key facts       Presents disputable facts in     Does not present facts.
arguments with      in clear concise manner.          in reasonable manner.         somewhat disjointed manner
                                            Teacher Evaluation Tool for Webquests-Writing to Persuade

       Criteria      Five points                     Four points                  Three points                     Two points
Provide details or   Details explain or illustrate   Details or anecdotes are     Details or anecdotes are         Provides no details or anecdotes.
anecdotes to         the facts or arguments very     presented without context    irrelevant or distracting from
illustrate           well.                           or explanation.              main points.
Refers to personal   Presents well-selected          Has at least one personal    Tries to invent personal         Does not refer to any personal
experiences (their   personal experiences and        example or experience to     example through rhetoric or      experiences.
own or those of      presents them well.             add impact or credibility.   invention
the audience) to
gain impact or
Language,            Chooses language, symbols,      Most language, symbols,      Most language, symbols,          All language, symbols, references,
Symbol, Historical   references and terms that       terms, references are        terms, references are            terms are not appropriate for
references,          audience will understand and    appropriate to audience.     inappropriate for audience.      audience
Terminology          relate to. Quotes experts,      Sources are not cited.
Choices are          cites sources.
Concludes with       Concludes with reference to     Simply repeats opening       Conclusion id not related to     Has no conclusion
summary of points    begining but extends it.                                     beginning.
Grammar,             Grammar, punctuation,           Paragraph, sentence          Paragraph and sentence           Numerous grammar, punctuation,
Punctuation,         spelling paragraph, sentence    structure are good, but      structure are adequate, but      spelling mistakes. Paragraph and
                     structure are excellent         some grammar, spelling       numerous grammar, spelling,      sentence structure is inadequate.
                                                     and punctuation mistakes     punctuation mistakes.
                                                     interfere with delivery.

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