Internet Marketing is Not a Form of Lottery! by toriola1


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Internet Marketing is Not a Form of Lottery! By Tim Whiston

There are literally millions of people online who say they want their own “Internet business”. But the truth is most of these individuals are lazy daydreamers who want to win the lottery. Business and the lottery are two very different things. The Web seems full of people who don’t realize this. Many people seem hung up on the idea that if they just keep going through the motions, they’ll eventually get the break they’re waiting for. In fact sentiments of “it’s going to happen if I keep trying” are common among wannabe Internet entrepreneurs. Here’s the thing: Nothing happens for us unless we actively create it. Another really bizarre phenomenon in the pretend Internet business sector is the huge number of people who have been “working online” for years without ever making their first sale. It’s incredible that such circumstances are accepted as normal. Consider this: Have you ever come across a plumber, accountant, dog trainer, landscaper, florist, or restaurant owner who says things like... "Yeah I've been at this for five years and still haven't made my first sale." or... “I really need this to work out soon before I run out of money." Or have you ever heard someone who is about to start a new venture as a commercial cleaner, dentist, real estate investor, or hair stylist say things like... "There isn't a lot of work involved is there?" or...

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
"Can I do this for two hours a week and still make six figures each year?" or... "Will I get my investment back in less than two weeks?" Statements and questions like these would be considered absurd by any traditional businessperson. And yet such ridiculous sentiments are totally common when talking to people who want their own "Internet business". I submit that this kind of mentality (term used loosely) is ludicrous, and closer to the attitude of a lotto card gambling junkie than a real entrepreneur. Anyone who says such things and means them should seriously reconsider this whole "online business" thing. Too many people seem to be looking for a cookie-cutter system that instantly puts them on track to be wildly successful. Even when offered legitimate coaching services, it’s quite common for people who claim to be Internet marketers to ask things like: “How fast will I start making money after the coaching is complete?” and… “Will I get a refund if I don’t make any money?” It’s an embarrassment to the whole industry of online commerce that people who claim to be Internet entrepreneurs have this kind of childish attitude about their so-called business. No other business niche breeds so many clueless, lazy, something-for-nothing crackpots. It may be true that infomercials and manipulative copywriters help perpetuate this kind of get-rich-quick mentality. But the truth is the individual must take responsibility for his or her own expectations and actions. Any form of business requires creativity, effort, risk, commitment, and time to become profitable. Online ventures are no exception. Choosing to ignore these words and pursue an Internet marketing business with the something-for-nothing mentality is the fast track to frustration and failure. If you don’t love this business, it will crush you. The world of Internet marketing is no place for the wishy-washy, weak-kneed, or undecided entrepreneur. Success as an entrepreneur is about being passionate, giving wholly of yourself, busting your ass, falling flat on your face and getting right back up, having a good crying jag from time to time, and reveling in the thrill of complete and total victory at the end of it all. Making real money online doesn't come with the "I'll scratch off the blocks and maybe match the icons for the prize" approach. Tim Whiston is a professional entrepreneur who enjoys helping other entrepreneurs achieve success. He has created hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit for his clients and owns many of his own Websites and products. Check out his blog for more great content.

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Winning Lotto - 10 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before You Buy Another Lottery Ticket By Terry Fisher

Winning Lotto - 10 Things You Absolutely Must Know Before You Buy Another Lottery Ticket by Terry Fisher

1. There IS an incredibly simple way to lower Lottery Odds. 2. The odds in, for example, a 6-49 lottery are 1-in-13,983,816. 3. Play all 49 lottery numbers – and you are GUARANTEED to have one ball correct. And it only requires 9 games. Even the 59-ball New York Lottery only requires 10 games. 4. Win just one ball guaranteed correct, your Lottery Odds have now fallen from 1-in-13,983,816 to 1-in-1,712,304 – A reduction of over TWELVE Million! And all this with a technique that takes 5 minutes and costs under $10. 5. The most probable lottery result has three odd lottery numbers and three even lottery numbers (33.3% of the 13,983,816 combinations are of this type) 6. A lottery result with no consecutive numbers occurs just over 1-week-in-2 on average (50.5% of the 13,983,816 combinations are of this type) 7. Your lottery results can be boosted using games with three high lottery numbers and three low lottery numbers (33.3% of the combinations are of this type) 8. The most probable lottery result will have no lottery numbers from the previous week (43.6% of the 13,983,816 combinations) or only two lottery numbers from the previous week (41.3% of the 13,983,816 combinations) 9. Constructing your games using these rules – and using all the numbers in your lottery – is the simplest, easiest, quickest way to improve your lottery results. 10. A 49-ball lottery has been used as an example – but the concept applies to all lotteries, with just slight changes in the percentages. In the Lottery, it’s true that anything is possible – but some things are more probable than others!

This lottery article was submitted by Terry Fisher, CEO of LottoMasta International, and is an extract from his book “Winning Lotto Secrets.” His website provides an analysis of the best lottery books on the 'net, ranked from 1 to 10.

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