Operations Report by mre15330


									Operations Report

Neal J. Couture, CPCM
Executive Director
Board of Directors Meeting
Denver, Colorado
July 12, 2009
Action Items from April 2009 BOD Meeting
1. Publish an article in CM magazine regarding the NCMA Board of
   Directors election process, the results, and the lessons learned.
   Assigned to: Couture          Status: September 2009 edition
2. Develop and implement a communication plan to the Chapters
   explaining that distribution of FY 2009 and FY 2010 rebates would
   not occur. Plan to include details on a grant program for chapters
   in need of the $1,000.00 chapter rebate.
   Assigned to: Chapter Development Committee           Status:
   Pending BOD approval of proposals to eliminate rebates and
   adopt grants program.
3. Request legal opinion to confirm if decision to eliminate rebates
   was allowable per Article V of the Association’s By-laws.
   Assigned to: Couture          Status: Complete
4. Review the chapter rebate process and make a recommendation
   for final resolution of the matter at the July 2009 meeting.
   Assigned to: Chapter Development Committee Status: Complete
Certification Program
•    Oversight plan:
    – Monthly written report to Executive committee.
    – Transactions, customer feedback, issues.
    – After 6 months, EC will determine whether additional
      oversight is necessary.
       CMBOK Project

• Kickoff meeting April 14, 2009.
• Working groups being appointed and trained,
  research starts in July.
Annual Operating Plan Overview
Annual Operating Plan 2009-2010

 1. Develop and propose to BOD a membership restructure
 2. Survey dropped members monthly, establish metric tracking %
    drop due to dissatisfaction.
 3. Maintain average 18,500 members per month.
 4. Recruit 4,400 new members.
 5. Expand complimentary subscription program.
 6. Survey retired and student members to identify special needs.
 7. Review and assess all group membership agreements.
Annual Operating Plan 2009-2010
 1. E-courses:
      •   Expand e-course portfolio by 15 courses, by incorporating audio-
          seminar recorded content.
      •   Develop and implement instructor-facilitated, web-based
          certification preparation courses for each exam.
 2. NES program:
      •   Implement “Risk Management” NES.
      •   Conduct 50 NES seminars.
      •   Develop NES for release in September 2010.
 3.   Conduct CMLDP program.
 4.   Conduct 24 audio-seminars, with 66 sites/seminar average.
 5.   Conduct 4 CoPs virtual conferences.
 6.   Revise and publish certification preparation manuals.
Annual Operating Plan 2009-2010

 1. Assess exam performance for each exam through September,
    and revise as necessary.
 2. Validate exam questions against CMBOK 3.0 and preparatory
Annual Operating Plan 2009-2010

 1. Publish CMBOK 3.0.
 2. Publish CM2 Competency Models for the CM profession.
 3. Publish Organizational Alignment study.
Annual Operating Plan 2009-2010
 1.   Conduct ADC2009 in Denver in July 2009.
 2.   Conduct Academic Conference – virtual – in August 2009.
 3.   Conduct GCMC2009 in Bethesda in November 2009.
 4.   Conduct ADC2010 in San Diego in March 2010.
 5.   Implement World Congress 2010 plan, for conduct in July 2010 in
      Ft. Lauderdale.
 6.   Conduct Career Fair at GCMC2009 in November in Bethesda.
 7.   Obtain trade association sponsorship for 2011 events.
 8.   Execute facility contracts for all conferences through June 2012.
 9.   Research and test VTC for conference sessions. Assess results
      and, if desired, develop plan for VTC adoption in future
Annual Operating Plan 2009-2010

 1. Publish Contract Management magazine monthly, and conduct a
    readership survey.
 2. Publish Journal of Contract Management in e-book form,
    with 500 paperback copies.
 3. Publish the Resource Guide, with expanded expert directory.
 4. Publish Risk Management book.
 5. Publish standards in appropriate media.
 6. Publish CM News e-newsletter twice monthly.
 7. Maintain NCMA’s websites, publish news updates daily,
    implement members-only content service, and
    implement business intelligence.
Annual Operating Plan 2009-2010
                         Component Relations
1. Implement “Virtual Chapter” and “Chapter Lite” plans.
2. Redesign Communities of Practice (CoPs) program.
3. Implement online directories for EAC, Fellows, Speakers, Experts, and
4. Publish monthly e-newsletters for Fellows, Students, Chapters and
5. Conduct Leadership Summit in Denver in July.
6. Conduct Mid-Year Leadership Conference in January in Las Vegas.
7. Conduct EAC meetings, with teleconferencing, at ADC2009, GCMC2009
    and ADC2010 conferences.
8. Conduct Fellows meeting at World Congress 2010.
9. Conduct General Membership Meeting at ADC2009.
10. Conduct awards and honors program.
   –   Obtain sponsors for Macfarlan awards.
Annual Operating Plan 2009-2010

 1. Obtain sponsorship for Journal in conjunction with
    sponsorship for the Macfarlan awards program.
 2. Sell job ads on CMjobs.com website.
 3. Sell print ads in Resource Guide and CM magazine.
 4. Sell web ads on NCMA’s website.
 5. Sell ads in NCMA’s e-newsletters.
 6. Sell corporate memberships and educational partnerships.
 7. Sell exhibits and sponsorships for ADC2009 in Denver, GCMC2009
    in Bethesda, ADC2010 in San Diego, and WC2010 in Ft.
Annual Operating Plan 2009-2010

 1. Conduct Board of Directors Meetings and Committee Meetings
    at ADC2009 in July in Denver, at GCMC 2009 in November in
    Bethesda, at Mid-Year Leadership Summit in January in Las
    Vegas, and at ADC2010 in March in San Diego.
 2. Conduct National Elections in February 2010.
 3. Conduct Board Orientation webinar in June 2010.
 4. Support committee activities.
            Financial Report Update
THROUGH May 31, 2009    YTD           YTD             YTD
                       ACTUAL       HISTORY         BUDGET
Membership              1,690,058     1,544,007       1,680,673
Education                695,113        828,808        824,838
Advertising             1,311,553     1,438,504       1,352,289
Certification            105,136         62,661        100,195
Meetings                1,889,174     1,757,087       1,744,970
Total Revenue           5,693,835     5,633,542       5,814,040

                       1% increase over last year
           Financial Report Update
THROUGH May 31, 2009      YTD           YTD            YTD
                         ACTUAL       HISTORY        BUDGET
Revenues                  5,693,835      5,633,542     5,814,040
Expenses                  5,687,113      5,378,065     5,704,487
Net from Operations           6,722       255,477       109,553

            Variance from budget
            • 2.0% unfavorable variance in revenue
            • 0.3% favorable variance in expenses

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