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									Instruction sheet for your:
Plain Talk Progress Report
Annual Report to the Office of the Governor

Use the form beginning on pg. 2 to officially report on your overall progress
carrying out Executive Order 05-03 on Plain Talk.

Send to:            Dana Howard Botka:
                    Dana Howard Botka, L&I, PO. Box 44050, MS 4050,
                    Olympia, WA 98504-4050, if you have materials or
                    examples to enclose with your report.

Due:                July 16, 2007

Updates:            We will use this same form to announce new projects and to
                    update new ones.

Information         The Governor’s official record – and to share information
will be used for:   among state agencies.

Questions?          Dana Howard Botka, L&I 360-902-5408
                    Barb Burgener, GMAP 360-902-4107

Do you have before-and-after examples to share? If so, please mail them along
with your report, or send them to Dana Botka at any time. We are collecting
examples for our Plain Talk web site – and for the Governor to use when
speaking and writing about this initiative.

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Plain Talk Progress Report
Annual Report to the Office of the Governor

Name of agency:

Name of Plain Talk lead:

Date report completed:

1.) Please write a short description (300 words or less) of your agency’s overall
    progress carrying out Executive Order 05-03 since your March 1, 2007
    Progress Report to the Governor’s Office. Also describe your overall progress
    over the past year, including any important achievements, such as goals set,
    rewrites completed or employees trained.

2.) Describe your progress with the top two or three Plain Talk projects at
    your agency that you are now tracking, using the format below. (Note:
    Update the projects you described in your March 1 report and introduce any
    new projects you are working on. You may list more than three projects if
    you wish.)

   1. Project #
   2. Name of project:
   3. Name of project lead:
   4. Name of project’s executive sponsor:
   5. Division/program in your agency sponsoring this project:
   6. Description of project and the problem you expect it will solve (200 words
      or less):
   7. Short description of executive support or involvement:
   8. The project involves:
      __   Form letters       How many?
      __   Forms              How many?
      __   Web pages          How many?
      __   Large document
      __   Other:

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9.   How many staff members are involved?
     Have they received Plain Talk training through DOP or another source?
      Yes __       No __

10. Are your new documents/web pages/materials being used by customers
    yet?    Yes __     No __

     If yes, do you have any results/feedback to report yet? Please describe.

11. Do you have a measurement plan in place for this project? Yes __       No __
    If yes, please describe.

12. Is this project included in your agency’s GMAP program? Yes __         No __

13. We began this project on:

14. Target date for making new material available to customers:

15. Other comments you would like to make about this Plain Talk project.

Use the above format for each project you are describing.

Additional Notes:

Questions? Dana Howard Botka
           Plain Talk Coordinator, Office of the Governor

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