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									ISSUE 1 Welcome to the first East Ayrshire North Communities Federation Limited (EANCF Ltd) Newsletter. It contains a review of all our recent activities, which now that we are both a Limited Company and a Registered Charity are expected to increase in both quantity and scope. We welcome the participation of all the Community based organisations in the North of East Ayrshire in our activities, and can also offer assistance and advice to Community Groups who prefer to remain independent. Together, we can really make a difference – helping to make East Ayrshire a good place to live and work. Graham Piggott Convenor

Established in 2005, East Ayrshire North Communities Federation Limited (EANCF Ltd) operates within the area previously covered by East Ayrshire Local Committees: Kilmarnock North, Kilmarnock Central, Kilmarnock South, Irvine Valley and the North Area. EANCF Ltd contributes to ensuring the continued effective and routine engagement of the community in the development and on-going review of the Community Planning process. The Federation represents the community on strategic partnership groups by receiving funding for the purpose of ensuring community involvement in decision making from Community Planning Partners through the Community Regeneration Fund. EANCF Ltd aims to involve communities within the North of East Ayrshire in the processes that affect them, and assist in working partnerships between the Federation and the communities to help provide safer and more active communities.

EANCF Ltd has identified 4 targeted objectives: Community Capacity Building  Kilmarnock Town Centre Regeneration (Includes an established Shopmobility Scheme)   Improving the Environment   Improving Opportunities for Young People 
 

In order to achieve our objectives EANCF Ltd expects to work closely with East Ayrshire Council, Special Interest Groups, the Businesses Community and the community as a whole. EANCF Ltd, believes that by doing this we can work together for the benefit of our communities and help make a contribution to the following:
                     

Active Communities Inward Investment Transport Infrastructure Neighbourhood Centre Development Safer Communities Attractive Communities Protecting & Improving the Environment Providing Cultural, Recreational & Leisure Facilities Education & Training Healthy Lifestyles Positive Alternative to Drugs

As many of you will be aware Sarah Gilmour, Project Development Officer has now left East Ayrshire North Communities Federation Limited and moved on to new pastures. The Board of Directors and Federation Members would like to take this opportunity to thank Sarah for all her hard work and wish her well in her new venture. Due to Sarah’s departure, EANCF Ltd have now employed two new members of staff to assist in the work of the Federation. Heather Baillie, Project Development Worker and Pamela Littlejohn Office Administrator. While Pamela will oversee the day to day running of the office, Heather will be available to assist anyone who has a project idea that will benefit their community. So if you have a project idea in mind but are unsure on what to do next contact Heather on 07918627421 to find out how East Ayrshire North Communities Federation Limited can assist your project idea.

Graham Piggott - Convenor Maurice Ashbridge - Treasurer Fiona Andrew - Director Frank Dawson - Director John McFadzean - Vice Convenor Jean Brown - Secretary Linzie Haggerty - Director

The Directors would like to take this opportunity to thank Tom Cook, the previous Vice Convenor, for all the hard work and commitment he has shown to EA North Communities Federation Limited over the past few years and wish him every success in his new venture as Councillor for Kilmarnock West & Crosshouse. The vacancy of Vice Convener has now been filled by John McFadzean. The Directors would also like to take this opportunity to welcome Frank Dawson on board as a Director. Frank has vast experience in working within the Voluntary Sector and we are sure he will come to be a valuable asset to the Federation’s cause.

Membership of EANCF Ltd is open to representatives of all Community Councils and communities of interest in the North of East Ayrshire, including young people, older people, people with a disability or health related problems, carers, ethnic minorities, local traders, commercial and agricultural communities and unemployed people. Current membership of EANCF Ltd includes: Clubs for Young People  Dunlop & Lugton Community Council   East Ayrshire Carers Centre   East Ayrshire Elderly Forum   East Ayrshire Access Panel (North District)   Fenwick Community Council   Galston Community Council   Gatehead Community Council   Grange/Howard Community Council   Kilmarnock Retail Association   Moscow & Waterside Community Council   New Farm Loch Community Council   Piersland & Bentinck Community Council   Stewarton & District Community Council 
 

Recruitment of new members is on-going, if you are interested in joining EA North Communities Federation Ltd please do not hesitate to contact Heather on 01563 572712 for further information.

East Ayrshire Council now has a new look, as a consequence of the recent elections, with Members representing Wards in the North Communities Federation Area having a much more important role than in recent years. For example, the new Provost is Councillor Stephanie Young (Ward 6, Irvine Valley); the Depute Provost is Councillor John Campbell (Ward 4, Kilmarnock East & Hurlford) and the new Leader of the Council is Councillor Douglas Reid (Ward 3, Kilmarnock West & Crosshouse) whose Depute is Councillor Iain Linton (also Ward 3). The Council has established a Cabinet decision making process. The Cabinet comprises 10 Senior Councillors, 9 Members from the Administration and 1 Member from the main Opposition party. This body will make all key strategic and service delivery decisions. Members of the Cabinet have been allocated ‘executive portfolios’ and will act as a spokesperson in their areas of responsibility. Some of these portfolios are of direct relevance to the work of the Federation: for example ‘Community Planning and Equalities’; Environment & Regeneration’ and ‘Community Wellbeing’. Cabinet executive portfolio responsibilities are set out below: Community Planning & Equalities Lifelong Learning Management & Resources Environment & Regeneration Community Wellbeing Councillor Douglas Reid Councillors Iain Linton and Jim Roberts Councillors Jim Todd and Hugh Ross Councillors Bobby McDill and Jim Buchanan Councillors Kathy Morrice and John Mackay

The role of the Cabinet is counterbalanced by a mechanism that enables all decisions, activities and performance to be scrutinised by a Governance Scrutiny Committee that will meet in public. It is intended that this Committee will hold the Cabinet to account by performance reviews, audits, risk management and corporate governance activities. The EANCF will continue to work closely with the reorganised Council to bring benefits to our Communities.

The Federation’s Van is available to any member who requires it to undertake the work of the Federation or to simply take to an event to advertise the Federation’s work. Contact Pamela or Heather for availability on 01563 572712.

Since taking up the position of Chair, I have been impressed by the quality of the projects and initiatives driven forward through Community Planning and have been fortunate to visit many of them already. The East Ayrshire Community Plan and associated Thematic Action Plans have been reviewed and earlier this year we celebrated our significant achievements over the four years from 2003 to 2007. As we move into our second four years (2007-2011) of Community Planning there is much to look forward to and we are committed to building on our success to date. Community Planning Partners know that working together is the right way to make the best use of the resources available and ensure the greatest positive impact on the lives of the people of East Ayrshire. Audit Scotland’s 2006 report on Best Value and Community Planning highlights the quality and effectiveness of Community Planning in East Ayrshire and provides independent expert confirmation for our belief that we are working well together.
Councillor Douglas Reid Leader of East Ayrshire Council and Chair of Community Planning


EANCF Ltd has recently signed a partnership agreement with East Ayrshire Council to assist in the regeneration of the Kilmarnock Town Centre. The project will see priority buildings within the Town Centre undergo extensive repair to ensure that the buildings will be sustainable for the future. The project will also tackle the issue of shop fronts within John Finnie Street and grants will be available for building repair/improvement to assist shop owners.

Pictured are some of the buildings that will undergo extensive repair.

A Community Organisation will be asked to contribute to each newsletter. If you have something you want to share and include in our newsletter please contact Pamela or Heather on 01563 572712.

In their inaugural year, Heal the Earth Ayrshire has been influential in raising awareness of Green issues within its group, local organisations and supermarkets. Made up of ordinary Ayrshire people sharing an interest in environmental issues, they have supported each other to make sweeping changes to their lifestyles. ‘Change comes one step at a time’, said founder member, Jenny Brown. ‘We have tackled one change a month, rather than being daunted by the scale of all possible environmental issues in a modern household. Did you know that it saves energy to fill a kettle with just the amount of water that you need?' Keen group members made a commitment to reduce the amount of plastic being acquired. ‘We are aiming for zero waste in our green bins’, said Chairperson, Jan Sinclair. 'We use cotton shopping bags or re-use plastic bags where this isn't possible.' Next year, Heal the Earth Ayrshire aim to print its own cotton bags. Products, with what Heal the Earth Ayrshire members deemed to have excessive plastic packaging, were sent back to manufacturers with a letter requesting that they consider other materials. About 80% of companies replied. Morrisons, for instance, was considering trays made of cellulose and bags made from GM free material. However, Heal the Earth Ayrshire discovered that using maize as a substitute may not be the solution as it involves forest clearances in order to plant the maize. So until sustainable packaging is available, the message is to recycle plastic or choose loose products. Heal the Earth Ayrshire found out that in East Ayrshire plastic is compressed and made into garden furniture. It has always been an aim of Heal the Earth Ayrshire to make links with other like-minded groups and to encourage formation of similar groups.

'We felt it was important to raise awareness of low carbon footprint products within local supermarkets,' said Jenny Brown. 'We have been in talks between Asda and local Farmers Associations to sell local, seasonal produce in the Kilmarnock store.' A report on the comparison of the eco-footprint of local supermarkets will be printed soon in local newspapers. In addition, Heal the Earth meditations are held fortnightly and are open to anyone wishing to made a real change to the healing of our planet. We welcome anybody interested in eco-living to come along to our monthly meetings or join our meditations in Kilmarnock. Contact Jan Sinclair on 01563 520904 for details.

STEPS is a developmental programme which has earned a reputation as a powerful tool for individual and community regeneration and helps individuals and organisations to lift their aspirations, confidence and performance. If you are interested in STEPS training, please contact Pamela on 01563 572712 for further details.

The funding application form to the Investing in Ideas strand of the Big Lottery has now been submitted. If the EA North Communities Federation Ltd is successful in this funding bid, a Feasibility Study will be carried out within the New Farm Loch area to explore the need for a purpose built Youth Centre. The result from the Feasibility Study will allow EA North Communities Federation Ltd, East Ayrshire Council and New Farm Loch Community Council to develop a range of local activities and help to build a stronger more active community.


EANCF Ltd has joined the Community Learning and Development Partnership, to assist in the development of Community Based Learning Programmes which will support the development and continuation of community based organisations. Full information is available from the Office .

In April 2003 when the Community Plan was launched, Partners agreed to a four-yearly review to ensure that it continues to address the issues that are important to the residents of East Ayrshire. The first review was progressed during 2006/07 and wide-ranging consultation with communities and key stakeholders confirmed that the Community Plan vision and priorities identified in 2003 were still relevant for 2007 and beyond. New Community Planning documents are now available at www.eastayrshirecommunityplan.org, including the Community Plan Review Supplement, to be read in conjunction with the existing Community Plan, the six related Action Plans for the period 2007-2011, an updated Good Practice Guide and an updated East Ayrshire by Numbers. In addition, copies of the updated Community Planning documents are available in all public libraries and Local Offices in East Ayrshire. If you wish to contact us in respect of Community Planning, please email communityplanning@east-ayrshire.gov.uk or contact: Community Planning and Partnership Unit East Ayrshire Council Barrhill Road, Cumnock, KA18 1PG Tel: 01290 428340


NHS Ayrshire & Arran has recently appointed a Transport & Access Co-ordinator to ensure that improvements are made in transport and access arrangements for patients, visitors and staff. The initiative has seen printed hospital boards for both Ayr and Crosshouse hospitals, travel information leaflets on display within the hospitals, community hospitals and at bus stations throughout Ayrshire. For further information on this initiative contact Lynn Sproat on 01292 885877 or email Lynn.sproat@aapct.scot.nhs.uk


Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) Every year more people die by suicide than from all of the several armed conflicts around the world and, in many places, about the same or more than those dying in traffic accidents. For every suicide, there may be up to 100 times more who are injured by nonfatal suicidal behaviours. In any year, as many as 6% of the population have serious thoughts of suicide. How can further deaths and injuries be prevented? How can we support people to choose life when something prevents them from seeing a way forward? ASIST workshops provide practical training for caregivers seeking to prevent the immediate risk of suicide. Working mostly in small groups of one trainer to no more than 15 participants, the ASIST workshop focuses on suicide first-aid, on helping a person at risk stay safe and seek further help. At the workshop you can learn to: Recognise invitations for help  Reach out and offer support   Review the risk of suicide   Apply suicide intervention model   Link people with community resources 
 

Evaluations have shown that the workshop increases caregivers’ knowledge and confidence to respond to a person at risk of suicide, that intervention skills are retained over time and that they are put to use to save lives. Why not help to create and support a life-assisting community. It begins with you. The benefits live on. Make a difference. Come to ASIST. Workshops (lasting two days) will be held in Kilmarnock in October and December. For a booking form or further information please contact Irene Sinclair at East Ayrshire Community Health Partnership on: 01563 537243 or email Irene.Sinclair2@aapct.scot.nhs.uk

As part of their key objective of involving patients, carers and members of the public in the development of local health services, East Ayrshire’s Community Health Partnership (CHP) has set up a Public Partnership Forum (PPF). By becoming a member of the Public Partnership Forum Individuals and Voluntary Organisations can take part in the Development of Local Health services in a number of ways. They can choose to attend meetings, take part in consultations, or simply receive Information and pass it on to the groups they represent or people they know that would be interested. The East Ayrshire Public Partnership Forum (PPF) is moving forward at an ever increasing pace. During the month of June the PPF ran planned public meetings which were fairly successful in that they were able to give information about the PPF and how it will work in our communities. Out of the 121 people that are now registered with the PPF, just under two thirds are individual members with the rest representing various groups across East Ayrshire. This means that in reality information is going out to a wide range of our communities as each group disseminates the information to its members. The PPF hopes to continue to hold public meetings and is now planning the next set of meetings to be held over the north area of East Ayrshire in late September/early October 2007. Prior to and along with these public meetings, members of the PPF had been visiting doctors’ surgeries to raise awareness of the PPF among the patients who were in the waiting room. On the whole, there has been a good response. As, after having the concept of PPF explained to Individuals, they are now more aware of the work that is being carried out by the PPF in the hope to help better the Community Health Service. Earlier in the year Kenny Milne, Public Partnership Coordinator, contacted various young people’s groups within East Ayrshire with a view to starting a Young People’s Public Partnership Forum to run in conjunction with the PPF. It is believed that if this sub group was initiated it would be the first of its kind within Scotland. A small group of young people were given the information leaflet on the PPF to provide information on how this leaflet could be altered to ensure that it was young people friendly. The comments received flagged up interesting points which will be taken on board when a young people’s leaflet is produced. It is now hoped that a PPF DVD will be made from the information made available from the PPF and the East Ayrshire CHP. If you are aware of any young people who would like to become involved in the making of the PPF DVD please do not hesitate to contact Kenny Milne on 01563 551531 or email Kenny.Milne@aapct.scot.nhs.uk. Kenny would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank Margaret Gardiner and EA Dialogue Youth for their help and support in achieving our youth involvement.



Kilmarnock Shopmobility in partnership with East Ayrshire Council and East Ayrshire North Communities Federation Ltd recently celebrated its first year in operation with a birthday party which was attended by Councillor Reid, Leader of East Ayrshire Council and friends of Kilmarnock Shopmobility. In its first year in operation Kilmarnock Shopmobility has exceeded all expectations and has had a massive 1600 recorded bookings and with 255 registered users from a varied postcode range the service is going from strength to strength. Based within the Kilmarnock bus station which is situated within the centre of the town this free service is available to anyone who has difficulty going around the shops within the Kilmarnock Town Centre. The project aims to reduce the feeling of isolation and social exclusion felt by many disabled and infirm people. The service also gives the user the ability to access many areas which are at present too far away for them to reach by walking such as banks, post offices, GP Surgeries or just a recreational visit for a coffee with friends. The service also offers a FREE Holiday Loan Scheme which allows registered users the opportunity to take manual wheelchairs on holiday with them, since this scheme was introduced 12 users have taken advantage of it and have benefited from the service while they have been on holiday. Kilmarnock Shopmobility is located within the Kilmarnock Bus Station, Green Street, Kilmarnock and is open: Monday to Friday from 10am until 3.30pm. If you would like further information on this FREE service contact Danny Howley on 01563 541420.

East Ayrshire North Communities Federation Limited Registered in Scotland 315186. Registered Address: 64a John Finnie Street Kilmarnock KA1 1BS Tel: 01563 572712 Email: eancf@btconnect.com A Registered Scottish Charity SCO38345 East Ayrshire North Communities Federation Limited is funded and supported by

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