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					Welcome to London’s oldest spa.

welcome to the Porchester Spa...
The Porchester Spa welcomes over 26,000 visitors each year. It offers a unique ambiance for the individual to relax, unwind and recharge or for a group of friends to meet and enjoy the atmosphere. Its central London location means that it is a convenient and affordable haven of relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of city streets but on people’s doorstep. Stepping inside the spa, visitors will experience an oasis of calm with its traditional décor of green and white tiles, high ceilings and all the original features intact. This stylish basement facility also offers the chance to naturally heal and rebalance through the many therapeutic and revitalising treatments for both men and women.

activities on offer...
• • • • • • • Deep cleanse your body in one of the Russian Steam Rooms Revitalise yourself between treatments in the Body Showers Cool off in the Cold Plunge Pool Experience the benefits of a traditional Finnish Log Sauna Heal aches and pains with a number of Therapeutic Massages Choose from the extensive range of Body and Beauty Treatments Relax upstairs in the lounge with light refreshments

facilities on offer...
The other facilities at The Porchester Centre include a modern, well-equipped gym and swimming pool, as well as a wide range of exercise classes and a variety of other facilities which ensure that there is something for everyone. The Porchester Spa is open seven days a week from 10am10pm and offers “pay as you go” or membership options. The Spa operates couples or male/ female only sessions. Three treatment rooms offer a variety of relaxing and revitalising treatments which are available at an extra cost. The Spa’s relaxation room provides the perfect tranquil setting for customers to chill out whilst catching up with friends over lunch.

The PorcheSTer SPa - TreaTmenTS
maLe GroomInG
TradITIonaL WeT Shave The wet shave commences with hot towels to soften and prep the skin. A bristle brush is then used to lift the stubble for the closest possible shave. The shave treatment involves the application of a soothing and calming protective moisturiser. 30 min. £17.00 The deLux Shave A luxurious grooming treatment combining a Facial and Wet Shave. The Treatment commences with a facial cleansing massage using herbal oils followed by the application of hot towels, traditional wet shave, cooling the skin with cold towels and hot towels, a PFB vanish to treat in growing hair, finishing with a moisturising lifting lotion, and a choice of traditional Victorian aftershaves. 45 min. £27.00 The SuPreme Shave This ultimate treatment includes a facial cleansing massage using herbal oils followed by the application of hot towels, Traditional wet shave, cooling the skin with cold towels and hot towels, a PFB vanish to treat in growing hair, finishing with a moisturising lifting lotion, and a choice of traditional Victorian aftershaves. The treatment involves a step-by-step consultation on how best to incorporate grooming products into your daily routine. Followed by a deeply relaxing shoulder and neck massage. 60 min. £47.00 cITruS BLISS Sea SaLT ScruB Awaken your senses with this refreshing treatment. Relax each and every muscle, fresh aroma of citrus fruits fill the air as your body is massaged with a blend of detoxifying Sea Salt and cleansing essential oils. The Sea Salt gently lifts away dead skin cells and softens rough patches while the soothing essential oils cleanse your body from impurities, followed by the application of a refreshing body balm, leaving your skin soft and glowing. (This treatment takes place in the privacy of the treatment room, available during all Men’s and Couples sessions and for Ladies on Fridays and Sundays.) 30 min. £25.00 oLIve SoaP BodY BruSh Scrubbing the skin is an essential part of the washing ritual in the traditional Turkish Hamam. Dull and flaky skin cells are brushed from your body using thick warm lather foam of original olive and peppermint soap cleansing and rejuvenating your skin. This refreshing and invigorating treatment, is followed by the application of a zesty fragranced refreshing body balm.(This treatment takes place in the privacy of the treatment room, available during all Men’s and Couples sessions and for Ladies on Fridays and Sundays.) 30 min. £25.00 STeamed herBaL comPreSS maSSaGe A calming relaxation massage involving the use of warm Herbal steamed compresses creating a wonderful heat on the body. The herbs are wrapped in a muslin ball and heated with steam. The compress is then applied to the body using specialised re- energizing and detoxifying massage techniques, whilst the delicate refreshing scents will veil your body, restoring inner harmony (This treatment takes place in the privacy of the treatment room, available during all Men’s and Couples sessions and for Ladies on Fridays and Sundays.) 60 min. £58.00 SWISS SPorTS TheraPY Unique to the Porchester Spa. This treatment is a heaven for the Sports enthusiast as well as a stress buster, involving deep tissue massage techniques, combined with joint mobilization and assisted stretching of sore muscles. Your skin is exfoliated with Birch leaf extracts to allow maximum penetration of beneficial Swiss Alpine herbs such as pine, and a blend of peppermint and rosemary. The herbs used during this treatment are designed to ease muscular tension and to boost circulation. (This treatment is available during all Men’s and couples sessions and for Ladies on Fridays and Sundays) 60 min. £ 49.00 IndIan head maSSaGe Based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing system using the upper Chakras. The head, more than any other part of our body represents who we are and it is the centre of our nervous system and home to our identity and intelligence. The Chakra at the top of our head (crown chakra) is the one we use to communicate with our higher self. If our head feels good we feel good. The treatment involves massage to the shoulders, upper arms, neck and scalp, finishing with the face. 30 mins £25.00 The BodY coFFee exFoLIaTIon exPerIence A sumptuous blend of ground coffee Arabica, dead sea salt and therapeutic essential oils. The coffee and salt gently slough away dead skin cells, while the invigorating aroma of rosemary, mint and citrus oils awakens your senses, revitalising tired, dull skin to reveal a more radiant appearance. 30 mins £25.00 The BodY coFFee maSSaGe Continue the Body Coffee Exfoliation Experience with a massage using the body coffee energising oil, caffeine from coffee extract offers the full power of its toning and firming properties to energize your weary body. 30 min. £25.00 45 min. £35.00 60 min £45.00

hoT STone maSSaGe The ancient healing art of stone therapy using various massage techniques and warm stones relaxes the body at its deepest level. The subtle energies of the stones introduced into the treatment calm the senses, relax muscles tension and promote a meditative state. 45 min - back and legs £52.00 75 min - full body £74.00 maSSaGe A therapeutic, deep tissue massage that aids relaxation, can help ease aches and pains, relieves stress and tension, stimulates the immune system, improves blood circulation and increases energy levels. 60 min. £42.00 45 min. £32.00 30 min. £24.00 hoT ToWeLS TreaTmenT A deeply healing treatment created uniquely at the Porchester Spa for serious stress relief. The treatment begins with a hot jasmin oil neck, shoulder and upper torso massage while your legs and feet are immersed in healing hot salts. You are then transferred onto the adjacent cushioned marble surface where you are completely covered in steaming hot towels and are fully massaged. To complete the treatment you are finished with a cleansing hot bergamot rub down. The after effect is to leave you energised and full of life. (This treatment is only available during Men’s sessions.) 30 min. £35.00 ShmeISe Shmeissing is the Jewish East End traditional art of steam room massage. The historic Porchester treatment involves a full chair massage while your feet and legs are soaking in a huge tub of hot epsom salts. Then, into the healing steam room. Your head is cool covered as you lie on a bed of soft towels while your body is massaged with a soft giant hot thick soapy raffia besom. Its effect is to release the muscle acid from your body and enhance your circulation. Finally, cold fresh towels leave you glowing. It’s a truly exhilarating experience and is one of The Porchester Spa’s signature treatments. (This treatment is only available during Men’s and Couples sessions) Full Shmeise £25.00 c hair Shmeise £15.00

BodY TreaTmenTS
The unIQue PorcheSTer BodY ScruB Exfoliation of the skin using a special Moroccan Mitt to eliminate dead skin cells, invigorating! £15.00 BroWn SuGar ruB ScruB Tia and Anda’s brown sugar rub body scrub is a gorgeous treatment, you get lathered up then scrubbed down using a mix of natural salt, brown sugar and exquisitely blended essential oils. Your skin is left feeling wonderfully clean, nourished and super soft. 30 min. £25.00 marIne PreLude The ultimate in exfoliation, using natural sea salts and marine mud. Eliminates dead skin cells, helps smooth skin roughness, refines skin texture and invigorates the entire body by activating micro-circulation. 60 min. £50.00 mIcronIZed marIne aLGae BodY WraP Rich in minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients, this seaweed body wrap activates circulation, increases metabolism and relieves aches and pains. Excellent for general well-being and total relaxation. 60 min. £50.00 aromaceane WraP Ultra relaxing and cleansing treatment combining dead sea mud and essential oils chosen specifically for relaxation or vitality. 60 min. £50.00

naILS manicure £20.00 d eluxe manicure (using paraffin wax to treat dry skin) £25.00 PedIcureS (no cutting of skin or medical procedures used) Pedicure deluxe Pedicure (using paraffin wax to treat dry skin) £28.00 £34.00

SPraY Tan Sienna x is the leading spray tan brand, you will look and feel fantastic in less than 15 minutes. The fast acting formula goes on beautifully to develop into a rich lasting natural looking tan.Please note: Exfoliate/Wax/Shave at least 24 hours prior to treatment. Session. £25.00 course : pay for 5 receive 6th free £125.00 LuxurY SPraY Tan PackaGe Sienna x gorgeous body scrub that removes impurities and polishes away dead skin cells, pomegranate, kiwi, and walnut extracts, fragranced with grapefruit and orange essential oils, pH balanced, leaving the perfect finish for your Sienna x spray tan. 30 min £35.00 course: pay for 5 receive 6th free £175.00

SPecIaLISed TreaTmenTS
aromaTheraPY Aims to treat the whole person by helping to restore the harmony of mind, body and spirit. Works with the pure properties of plants, using their essential oils in a natural complementary therapy which can help improve both physical and emotional well being. The oils are blended to individual needs. 60 min. £47.00 reIkI A safe and gentle non-intrusive hands on healing technique to treat physical ailments without using passive manipulation or massage. It is a holistic treatment to balance, heal and harmonise mind, body and spirit. Can be combined with a message for a truly powerful and deeply relaxing treatment. 30 min. £24.00 45min. £32.00 60 min. £42.00 roSe BodY GLoW Rose, the queen of flowers, and ancient Arabian traditions, come together in this royal ritual. Unwind and relax, whilst your skin is exfoliated, cleansed and nourished during this gentle treatment. Incorporating specialized massage techniques. This heavenly experience is completed with the application of luxuries rose body milk, leaving your skin completely refreshed, hydrated, and soft as a rose petal. The ultimate treatment for the sophisticated lady. (The treatment takes place in privacy of the treatment room. Available on Fridays and Sundays) 30 min. £ 29.00 maroccan hamam rITuaLe This ancient ritual uses steam, and a blend of fragrances for the ultimate body relaxation treatment. Following a steam bath the full body is cleansed using black olive and eucalyptus soap. Followed by a vigorous exfoliation with a kessa glove, to allow the products to penetrate the skin, complimented by the application of , A Rassoul Clay mask body wrap, rich in minerals. Following a shower your skin is nourished with a special blend of Body balm. An optional massage is the perfect complement to this treatment at an additional price. (The treatment takes place in privacy of the treatment room. This treatment is available during all Men’s and couples sessions and for Ladies on Fridays and Sundays) 60 min. £ 48.00

BeauTY TreaTmenTS
WaxInG As a safety precaution we do not carry out the following treatments on clients using the spa. Full leg & bikini line £30.00 Full Leg £26.00 1/2 Leg £15.00 Bikini Line £10.00 Brazilian £26.00 Full arm & under-arm £24.00 Full arm £19.00 1/2 arm £14.00 u nderarm £8.00 Lip or chin £8.00 Lip & chin £10.00 eyebrow Shape £10.00 c hest (men) £15.00 chest & Stomach (men) £20.00 Back (men) £20.00 FacIaLS We offer a variety of facials to suit all skin types. A facial consists of: Cleanse, Steam, Exfoliation, Massage and Mask. 60min. £40.00 naTuraL LIFT FacIaL maSSaGe A natural face lift without the need for surgery! When East meets West. It incorporates the Indian Face Massage, Acupressure and Face Reflexology techniques. Visually you look refreshed and energized losing the tight stressed and tired looking face for a more relaxed, younger stress free face which really shows, skin appears rejuvenated and wrinkles seem to be dramatically reduced. A “natural instant facelift” can be achieved. Using a luxurious aromatherapy facial booster oil. 45 min. £40.00 90 min combined with facial £70.00 eYeLaSheS & eYeBroWS (All tints require a 24 hour patch test) eyebrow Tint £8.00 eyelash Tint £13.00 eyebrow & eyelash Tint £18.00

Call 020 7792 3980 after 10am for bookings and further information.

opening times
ladies: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday Sunday (last entrance 2pm) gentlemen: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday couples: (Sunday only) last entrance: 10am–10pm 10am–4pm 10am–10pm 4pm–10pm 8pm

admission prices
member non-member rescard holder concession couples Pair (Sundays only) rescard couples £17.00 £23.00 £12.75 £7.55 £31.00 £26.00

•	 All	treatments	must	be	booked	one	week	in	advance. •	 Treatment	cancellations	must	be	made	giving	24	hours	notice	 otherwise the full treatment fee will be chargeable. •	 Treatments	are	provided	under	3rd	party	licensee	agreements •	 Payment	for	all	treatments	is	to	be	made	directly	to	the	therapists.	 •	 Treatment	vouchers	are	available	directly	from	the	spa	reception. •	 Swimwear	to	be	worn	at	all	times	during	the	couples	session. •	 Two	towels	are	provided	as	part	of	the	service. •	 An	attractive	membership	scheme	is	available	but	not	obligatory. •	 The	Porchester	spa	rules	and	regulations	apply	at	all	times.

The Porchester Spa, Queensway, London W2 5HS

Tel: 020 7792 3980


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