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If You're Not on Twitter You Should Tweet Slap Yourself - Here's Why!


									Presented by Daniel Toriola
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If You're Not on Twitter You Should Tweet Slap Yourself - Here's Why! By Ben Jordan

Twitter we've all heard about this phenom thingy. What is Twitter exactly, how do you use it properly and why the hell should you most certainly be using it in the real estate or any other industry on the planet? For starters as of today... Twitter is already the 36th most visited website in the world and climbing fast according to, I expect it to hit top 20 website by the end of the year or higher. That's a pretty good reason to get yourself on there and benefit from the immense traffic on the site. Next Twitter is estimated to have 100 million members possibly by the end of 2009. Over HALF of all Twitter members are age 35 or older. Over 51% of Twitters make over $60,000 a year. Twitter is NOT MySpace or Facebook, or what I call the teeny bopper and booty call sites. Twitters are mostly professionals, business owners or at least "wanna be" business owners. 63% of users have college and/or graduate school degrees or attended. 76% of Twitter users have wireless internet. What this means to people in the real estate or any other industry? These Twitters are highly educated, high tech and affluent buyers that can and will need your services someday soon. Next why Google will for sure buy Twitter this year I believe, because of the REAL TIME search capabilities. What does that mean you may wonder?

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Unlike Google where you type a keyword phrase in and on first page you usually get a lot of spam sites, articles, press releases, article directories and things not related to your search. With Twitter if you put in say "real estate Austin Texas", you will instantly see who in the world at that EXACT time or at least in the last few hours has been talking about real estate in Austin Texas. You then can join that conversation, send those people a direct message on Twitter, maybe refer them to someone, follow them on Twitter to build a relationship with them, answer there question or direct them to your blog or website for more info. It’s basically like these people are raising their hands waiting for you to help them. This is why you should be spending hours on Twitter daily, yes hours no kidding. This is the TRUE POWER of Twitter, that's never been seen before in the marketing, sales and business world. Twitter also helps you build your incoming links to your personal or business blog and website for free. The more followers you have and tweets you do, the more incoming back links you will generate to your sites. More links = more traffic = higher search rankings more the keywords your going for = more $$$ for YOU! Wikipedia states: Twitter is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables its users to send and read other users' updates known as tweets. Tweets are text-based posts of up to 140 characters in length which are displayed on the user's profile page and delivered to other users who have subscribed to them (known as followers). So like a regular blog that you may have on ActiveRain, Word press or Blogger. You can build your personal brand in your niche, you can grow and show your expertise in your field, you can help educate and inform potential prospects on your Twitter profile. These are just a few reasons why you must have and use daily a Twitter account, to stay competive or have the edge over others in your real estate or any other niche. Ben Jordan is the founder of Mobile Austin Notary a Texas notary and Texas loan signing agent company that covers the entire state of Texas. Rated as one of the top Austin Texas Notary service providers because of their Texas sized customer service, use of cutting edge technology and vast experience.

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Presented by Daniel Toriola
Increase Twitter Followers by Using It for Advertising By Stacey Zimmerman

Twitter is growing by leaps and bounds. Do you know how to increase twitter followers by using Twitter as advertising? There are several ways to do this including using RSS feeds, PPC and other advertising methods. While this may seem a bit hard to do, once you get the hang of using it as advertising, then you will see a dramatic rise in the number of people that you will be able to add to your Twitter list. Advertising or using Twitter as advertising is a good way to get more followers. Let's talk about how to increase twitter followers by using advertising on Twitter. Let's talk about your tweets first, as they are considered advertising. You need to plan your tweets accordingly and not tweet about the same subject over and over again. The best time to tweet is before bedtime. Your tweets need to be short, to the point and very precise. When using Twitter, the more predictability that you have, the less followers that you will have. Remember, if your tweet sounds like garbage, then don't tweet about it. Don't tweet junk on your Twitter site, just what is useful. Using news aggregator sites will give you a better advantage. Using RSS feeds is another way to increase twitter followers. These feeds can help you tell the world about your business or website. Another way to use RSS feeds with your blog or site in conjunction so that you can give them news and information that may affect them. These are ways to use RSS Feed to your advantage. You also have many RSS Feed readers that you can choose from. This is the way to increase twitter followers. By using a variety of RSS Feed readers, you have given potential followers many ways to find you and your information. Using pay per click can also be helpful when looking to increase twitter followers. What a pay per click does, is that it pays you for every link your follower clicks that is advertised. There are several services such as Magpie that work very well with Twitter. With this software, you also have the option of pay per view, pay per lead and pay per sale. Per view is a base amount for a tweet, per lead is when your follower enquires or joins and per sale means per sale made. So as you can see, using Twitter as advertising can definitely help to increase twitter followers. By using any or all of these ideas in tandem, you have an extremely good chance of not only getting more business but also building more following by the use of the advertising ideas that have been stated above. It is easy to see why people would start following you more by the use of advertising methods as included above. Just remember that you need to advertise you and your particular space. This can also mean niche advertising, if you are a self help person or have a specialization for yourself or your business.

Stacey Zimmerman is the author of many health, fitness, business and marketing related articles, and runs numerous websites on nutrition, fitness, marketing, business and many other subjects. If you would like to increase twitter followers please visit Also Check out his site on where to buy isagenix

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Presented by Daniel Toriola

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