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Summit Impact Report by esk19463


									Summit Impact Report

     September 2007
                              Summit Impact Report
                                    An evaluation of the 2007 Nevada
                                   Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Summit

                                                                      Submitted by:

                           Ed Smith, Natural Resource Specialist
              Sonya Sistare, Living With Fire Program Coordinator

                                                                      Submitted to:

                                               Everell “Butch” Hayes, Deputy State FMO
                                               Nevada State Office, Bureau of Land Management

                                                           September 2007
                                       BLM Assistance Agreement FAA010032

The University of Nevada, Reno is an Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color,
religion, sex, age, creed, national origin, veteran status, physical or mental disability, or sexual orientation in any program or activity it operates. The University
of Nevada employs only United States citizens and aliens lawfully authorized to work in the United States.
                              Summit Impact Report

In 2001, a list of over 250 Nevada communities that were vulnerable to wildfire and
located near federal lands was published in the Federal Register (66 FR 160). The
Nevada Fire Safe Council, with funding from the Nevada State Office of the Bureau of
Land Management (BLM), retained the services of Resource Concepts, Inc. to conduct
an assessment of the wildfire threat to these communities. As a result of this effort, 68
communities were rated as “extreme” or “high” wildfire hazard.

Assisted by grant funds from BLM, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
coordinated an interagency effort to promote actions that would reduce the wildfire
hazard ratings to these 68 communities. Organizations involved in the planning
       Bureau of Land Management
       Division of Emergency Management
       Elko County
       Kingsbury General Improvement District
       Nevada Association of Counties
       Nevada Division of Forestry
       Nevada Fire Safe Council
       Nevada Tahoe Conservation District
       North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District
       Reno Fire Department
       Reno Gazette-Journal
       Sierra Front Wildfire Coordinators
       State Fire Marshal’s Office
       USDA Forest Service
       University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
       Washoe County

This effort, entitled the “2007 Nevada Wildland-Urban Interface Fire Summit”, was
conducted on September 26, 2007 at the Regional Public Safety Training Facility in
Reno, Nevada. The purpose of the summit was to invite representatives from the
extreme and high wildfire hazard communities, fire service personnel responsible for
those communities, county managers, and others to discuss how the wildfire risk factors
could be reduced and to promote action at the local level. Specifically, the summit
participants were asked to respond to the following statement:

       “Determine a process to organize people and resources to reduce the
      extreme and high wildfire threats to our neighborhoods and communities.”

This report summarizes the results of the summit.
            Summit Planning Committee

    Elizabeth Ashby, Division of Emergency Management
    Cynthia Bagley, Division of Emergency Management
             Kelli Baratti, Nevada Division of Forestry
                 Beth Brady, USDA Forest Service
                 Sheri Eklund-Brown, Elko County
            Lori DeGristina, State Fire Marshal Office
           Mike Dondero, Nevada Division of Forestry
         John Ellison, Nevada Association of Counties
                Steve Frady, Reno Fire Department
      Vinson Guthreau, Nevada Association of Counties
           Ruta Glinski, Bureau of Land Management
               Ann Grant, Nevada Fire Safe Council
           Butch Hayes, Bureau of Land Management
          JoAnne Hill, Nevada Fire Chiefs Association
Mike Havercamp, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
     Ronna Hubbard, Sierra Front Wildfire Coordinators
      Jack Jacobs, Nevada Tahoe Conservation District
              Kacey KC, Nevada Division of Forestry
                   Kurt Latipow, Washoe County
              Andrew List, Nevada Fire Safe Council
               Dave Marlow, USDA Forest Service
      Doug Martin, Nevada Tahoe Conservation District
   Greg McKay, North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District
             Elwood Miller, Nevada Fire Safe Council
              Pat Murphy, Nevada Fire Safe Council
                Sevil Omer, Reno Gazette-Journal
   Kim Otero, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
               Joan Presley, Reno Fire Department
 Greg Reed, Kingsbury Grade General Improvement District
            Janice Roberts, Nevada Fire Safe Council
        Jill Sarick, Nevada Tahoe Conservation District
           Marty Scheuerman, Reno Fire Department
 Sonya Sistare, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
   Ed Smith, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
                     Rob Stokes, Elko County
             Valerie Sweetland, USDA Forest Service
  Norb Szczurek, North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District
                Greg Vergari, USDA Forest Service
                 Mike Wilde, USDA Forest Service
                                 Key Results

•   129 people attended

•   11 of Nevada’s 17 counties were represented

•   34% of the participants were community representatives

•   22 different entities were represented

•   32 (47%) of the 68 “extreme” or “high” hazard communities were represented

•   Overwhelmingly, community representatives indicated as a result of the Summit,
    they had a better understanding of the wildfire threat to their community, are
    more aware of the people and resources that can assist them in reducing the
    wildfire threat, and plan to take some form of action when they return home

•   More than 90% of the participants thought the Summit was held at a convenient
    time of year and that it should be an annual event

•   93% of the participants were familiar with the Living With Fire materials

•   Top three suggestions for getting better attendance from community
    representatives were more promotion of the event through the media and
    newsletters, personal and multiple contacts, and changing the location

•   Top three things that participants liked about the summit were everything,
    networking, and the information presented

•   Top three things that participants did not like were not enough question and
    answer opportunities, too few breaks, and panel discussions were too long

•   Additional comments included good job, thank you, and provide handouts

•   Overall, on a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being “no” and 5 being “yes”, the conference
    was rated 4.8 in terms of being worthwhile
            Summary of Summit Participant Demographics

Total Number of Summit Participants: 129

Summit Participants by County
    Carson City         18
    Clark               14
    Douglas             32
    Elko                10
    Eureka               3
    Humboldt             2
    Lander               2
    Lincoln              5
    Nye                  1
    Storey               3
    Washoe              33
    Out-of-state         6

Summit Representatives
    Bureau of Land Management                          11
    Community Representative                           44
    County Government                                   7
    Department of Conservation and Natural Resources    1
    Division of Emergency Management                    2
    Fire District/Department                           18
    Guest                                               1
    Kingsbury Grade Improvement District                1
    Nevada Association of Counties                      2
    Nevada Division of Forestry                        10
    Nevada Fire Chiefs Association                      1
    Nevada Fire Safe Council                            5
    Nevada Insurance Council                            1
    Nevada Tahoe Conservation District                  1
    NorthTree International                             2
    Reno Gazette Journal                                1
    Sierra Front Wildfire Cooperators                   1
    State Fire Marshal’s Office                         2
    Tahoe Regional Planning Agency                      1
    USDA Forest Service                                10
    University of Nevada Cooperative Extension          6
    Washoe Tribe                                        1
              Extreme and High Wildfire Hazard Communities
              Represented at the Summit (shown in bold): 32

Carson City County                      Lander County
Clear Creek                             Austin
Clark County
Cold Creek                              Lincoln County
Kyle Canyon                             Eagle Valley/Ursine
Lee Canyon                              Mt. Wilson
Mountain Springs                        Pioche/Caselton Heights
Torino Ranch                            Lyon County
Trout Canyon                            Silver City

Churchill County                        Mineral County
Eastgate                                Marietta

Douglas County*                         Nye County
Bodie Flats                             Belmont
China Springs                           Ione
Fish Springs                            Manhattan
Holbrook Junction                       Pershing County
Job’s Peak Ranch                        Humboldt
North Foothill Road Corridor            Unionville
Pine Nut Creek
Sheridan Acres                          Storey County
Spring Valley/Double Springs            Gold Hill
Topaz Ranch Estates                     Virginia City
                                        Virginia Highlands
Elko County
Adobe Heights                           Washoe County*
Adobe Ranchos                           Antelope Valley
Contact                                 Hungry Valley
Deeth/Starr Valley                      Mount Rose Corridor
Jarbidge                                Rancho Haven
Jiggs/Smith Creek                       Red Rock
Lamoille                                Warm Springs Valley
Lee/South Fork Indian Reservation       Washoe Valley West
Lucky Nugget I & II
Midas                                   White Pine County
Mountain City                           Cherry Creek
Ruby Valley Indian Allotments           Lake Tahoe Basin
Ruby Lake Estates                       Cave Rock/Skyland
Ten Mile                                Chimney Rock
Tuscarora                               Crystal Bay/Incline Village
                                        Elk Point/Zephyr Heights/Round Hill
Eureka County                           Glenbrook
Eureka                                  Kingsbury
                                        Logan Shoals
Humboldt County
Fort McDermitt

*Except Lake Tahoe Basin communities.
        Summary of Responses to the Summit Evaluation Form

Total number of responses: 72

Which category best describes your role in this Summit? (72 responses)
        a. Resident of an Extreme/High Hazard Community                     43%
        b. Fire Service responsible for an Extreme/High Hazard Community    24%
        c. County Manager or designee                                        4%
        d. Summit presenter                                                  7%
        e. Guest                                                            11%
        f.  Other                                                           11%

Residents of Extreme/High Hazard Communities responded to the following

      As a result of attending this Summit, do you have a better understanding of
      the wildfire threat to your community? (31 responses)
             Yes 89% No 11%

      As a result of this Summit, are you more aware of the people and resources
      that can assist your community in reducing the wildfire threat? (35 responses)
             Yes 100% No 0%

      When you return home, do you plan to take some sort of action (tell
      neighbors, help organize a meeting, find out about becoming a fire safe
      council chapter) to address the wildfire threat to your community? (34
            Yes 94% No 3%           Not Applicable 3%

All parties responded to the following questions:

      Was the timing of the Summit convenient to your schedule? (65 responses)
            Yes 92%      No 8%

            If no, please indicate another month: February/March =1, April=1, May=2,
            During NWFAW=1, June =1, November =1

      Do you think this Summit should be held annually and report on the
      progress being made in reducing the wildfire threat to Extreme/High Hazard
      Communities? (66 responses)
            Yes 98%      No 0%      Don’t Know 2%

      Were you familiar with the Living With Fire materials prior to coming to the
      Summit? (67 responses)
           Yes 93%      No 7%
What could be done to get more community representatives to attend? (51 responses)
     More promotion of the Summit with the media and newsletters        20%
     Personal contact/Multiple contact                                  18%
     Change location (Elko, rurals, Tahoe, etc)                         10%
     Hold it on weekend or evening                                       8%
     Offer perks for attending (raffle, grant dollars, free crew, etc.)  6%
     Hold multiple regional meetings                                     6%
     Holding an annual summit will generate more participants            6%
     Don’t know                                                          6%
     Invite others (CABs, chapter leaders, moderate communities)         6%
     Have more fires                                                     2%
     You got a good turnout                                              2%
     Quality of people, not quantity is important                        2%
     Start a NFSC Chapter                                                2%
     Pay for travel                                                      2%
     Promote through church and other community groups                   2%
     Embarrass them                                                      2%

What did you like most about the Summit? (103 responses)
     It was all good, nothing wrong                               17%
     Networking, interaction, leads                               17%
     Information presented                                        13%
     Well organized                                                8%
     All the stakeholders were present                             8%
     Presenters                                                    8%
     Break out sessions                                            8%
     Elwood                                                        3%
     Food and service                                              3%
     Sonya                                                         2%
     Aden Seidlitz and Cathy Scofield’s presentation               2%
     Providing hope                                                2%
     Hearing about funding sources                                 2%
     How agencies can help                                         1%
     Sound system                                                  1%
     State Fire Marshal’s presentation                             1%
     10 minute rule for speakers                                   1%
     Insurance presentation                                        1%
     Dispelling that government agencies are the enemy             1%
     Hearing concerns directly from the community members          1%
What did you dislike or want to see changed if there’s another Summit? (35 responses)
      Not enough questions and answers, interaction                        23%
      Breaks (more and earlier)                                            11%
      Panel discussions too long                                           11%
      Facilities (split room, audio-visual)                                11%
      Agency representatives not participating in group discussions         9%
      Breakout sessions too long                                            6%
      Lack of directions to the facility                                    6%
      Too many acronyms                                                     3%
      Need to advertise the Summit better                                   3%
      More fire chiefs should be present                                    3%
      Too many agency people, not enough community people                   3%
      Not all panelists addressed how they could help communities           3%
      Lack of concrete solutions                                            3%
      Legislative Council Bureau should be here                             3%
      Breakout session dedicated to funding                                 3%

Any additional feedback you want to pass on to the Summit organizers? (49 responses)
      Good job                                                           14%
      Thank you                                                          10%
      Include handouts of presentations and what agencies do             10%
      Next Summit needs to present success stories                         8%
      Sonya rocks!                                                         6%
      Beautiful portfolio and pen, thank you BLM                           4%
      Monitor progress in reducing community hazard ratings                4%
      Reno Gazette Journal coverage was great                              4%
      Provide Summit summaries to participants                             2%
      Make mandatory for local fire officials to attend                    2%
      Good topic development                                               2%
      I-80 corridor fire activity should be addressed                      2%
      Reno City Council should be here                                     2%
      Very comfortable environment                                         2%
      How do you fix homeowner apathy                                      2%
      Create a unified lobbying effort for funds                           2%
      Change to Monday                                                     2%
      Need more elected officials in attendance                            2%
      Appreciate the positive, upbeat message                              2%
      Use the lapel microphone                                             2%
      Appreciate promotion of the Nevada Fire Safe Council                 2%
      Hope the Summit continues to grow                                    2%
      Great fire department turnout, hope they want to partner             2%
      Make the Summit an annual event                                      2%
      Very enjoyable and informative                                       2%
      Good to see Elwood                                                   2%
      Thank you for caring about our beautiful state                       2%
      Ed needs a coat and tie                                              2%

Overall, on a scale of one to five (with one being a definite “No” and 5 being an absolute
“Yes”) was the Summit worth attending? (Circle one)
        1              2              3 (2 Responses) 4 (10 responses) 5 (50 responses)
       No                                                                Yes
                                    4.8 Weighted Average
Participants & guests

                                           Breakout group participants using their Community Overview

Community member presents highlights for her group
                   Community Reports

                          Antelope Valley
         Antelope Valley Vision (Key Words and Phrases)
                  Belmont, Eureka and Kingston
             China Springs Youth Camp/Bodie Flats
                     Clear Creek-Carson City
                   Fish Springs/Pine Nut Creek
               Jacks Valley and North Foothill Road
                   Jobs Peak Ranch/Sheridan
                     Kyle Canyon, Cold Creek
          Kyle Canyon Vision (Key Words and Phrases)
                        Lake Tahoe Basin
                Lee/ South Fork Indian Reservation
                     Lida, Esmeralda County
                   Lincoln County, Pioche Area
                         Mt. Rose Corridor
                     Mt. Rose Corridor Vision
       Mt. Rose Corridor Vision (Key Words and Phrases)
               Red Rock/Hungry Valley/Bridal Path
Red Rock/Hungry Valley/Bridal Path Vision (Key Words and Phrases)
                          Storey County
                              Ten Mile
                     Unidentified Community
                     Antelope Valley
             First Wildfire Action Group Meeting Plan

Key Topics:           Maps, water safety, Pro/Cons NFSC, Are we
                      safe?, Available Resources—city/county
                      cooperation, Education/Awareness

Key People:           Owners, Interagency Representatives
                      ( N VFSC, Reno Fire, Washoe County,
                      Sierra Front, City Council )

Other Communities:    Yes, Red Rock and Hungry Valley

Promotion:            Phone, mail outs, Public Announcement,
                      newspaper, TV, Radio

Location:             Community Center, Large facility, Church,
                      School, Weekday evening, 30-60 days out

Leadership:           Community Leaders, ( before election) ,
                     Antelope Valley
                   ( K ey Words and Phrases )

•   Education-organization
•   Interagency Cooperation
•   Community-building a strong sense
      Belmont, Eureka and Kingston
             First Wildfire Action Group Meeting Plan

Key Topics:            Identify Hazards and risks

Key People:            Kingston: Fire Dept./Fire Council
                       Belmont: Town Board/Fire Dept.
                       Eureka: VFD/County Agent ( UNR )

Other Communities:     Kingston, Belmont, Eureka, Beowawe, Crescent

Promotion:             Flyers, mailers, town board meeting, word of

Location:              Fire station, town hall

Leadership:            Fire chief, county comm., October for all 1st
            China Spring Youth Camp/
                         Bodie Flats
             First Wildfire Action Group Meeting Plan

Key Topics:           High Risk, fuels reduction, community involvement/
                      cooperation, fire prevention, education and aware-
                      ness, identifying needs within the communities,
                      possible funding, egress ( c syc )

Key People:           Homeowners, landowners, BIA, Douglas County,
                      EFFPD, BLM, USFS, Washoe Tribe

Other Communities:    Double Springs, Rhuenstroth, Dresslerville, Bodie
                      Flats, Pineview Estates

Promotion:            Leaf-letting, door to door, Record Courier, NV
                      Appeal, TRE website, county website, Public
                      Access TV ( 16 )

Location:             Initially China Spring Youth Camp ( t o become
                      Fac. at alternate location ) volunteer station
                      ( 10 )

Leadership:           China Springs Staff to be determined following
                      initial mtg. ( duties, responsibilities, coordinator,
                      communications officer, finances, secretary )
            Clear Creek– C arson City
             First Wildfire Action Group Meeting Plan

Key Topics:           Fuel Reduction South and West of Community

Key People:           USFS, Douglas County, Private Property Owners,
                      Washoe Tribe, Pat Murphy

Other Communities:    Jacks Valley, Douglas County, Indian Hills, South-
                      west Carson homes/businesses

Promotion:            Interaction Between Key People

Location:             Clear Creek Canyon or Fuji Park

Leadership:           Clear Creek Fire Safe Council Chapter Leader
        Fish Springs/Pine Nut Creek
             First Wildfire Action Group Meeting Plan

Key Topics:            Coop. HAZ MIT

Key People:            John Dicks, John Hanley, Terri Clark

Other Communities:     Pine Nut Creek ( has a chapter ) /Fish Springs

Promotion:             Call those interested, flyers, meeting, guest
                       speaker, follow up, co-chairman

Location:              Fire Station-Fish Springs

Leadership:            Coop, co chairs/ start new chapter
Jacks Valley and North Foothill Road
             First Wildfire Action Group Meeting Plan

Key Topics:           Awareness of Fire Danger, Accept owner responsi-
                      bility of their property

Key People:           Chapter Leader, NV Fire Safe Countil Project Co-
                      ordinator, NDF?, homeowner association ( s ) ,
                      USFS, NDOT?, EFF&PD?

Other Communities:    Cear Creek, Genoa

Promotion:            Door to door, reader board at school, peach sheets
                      with students, Record Courier, NV Appeal

Location:             School

Leadership:           Chapter Leader, Project Coordinator
            Jobs Peak Ranch/Sheridan
             First Wildfire Action Group Meeting Plan

Key Topics:           Education, fuels reduction, maintenance of the fire
                      breaks, water partnering w/cal fire and USFS to
                      mitigate fire fuels in adjacent areas, participation in
                      volunteer fire department

Key People:           NFSC Chapter Chairman and members, project
                      managers, contractors

Other Communities:    Sheridan, Genoa, North Kingsbury, Sierra Country
                      Estates, Whispering Pines

Promotion:            Email, phone, newspaper, posters, local TV spots

Location:             Local fire station

Leadership:           Chapter leader, Project Cordinator
              Kyle Canyon, Cold Creek
             First Wildfire Action Group Meeting Plan

Key Topics:           Meeting Purpose, Fire Risk/Hazard Chart,
                      Pay Boxes

Key People:           Govt. Reps, homeowners, commercial property
                      owners, VFD, Political liaisons

Other Communities:    Yes. NVFSC Rep to contact homeowners

Promotion:            Mailing, Flyers, E-Mail, Bulletin Board & Media

Location:             Private Home, Library, Fire House

Leadership:           NVFSC Chapter Leaders
                         Kyle Canyon
                     ( K ey Words and Phrases )

•   Leader
•   Date
•   Refreshments
•   Questionnaire
•   List
•   Meetings
•   Activities
•   New Resident Packets
•   NVFSC Project Coordinator
•   Raffles
•   Participations
•   Fire Dept TV Show ( Channel 4 )
                  Lake Tahoe Basin
             First Wildfire Action Group Meeting Plan

Key Topics:            1 ) Enough planning
                       2 ) Develop an implementation team
                       3 ) Agency heads call for a unified command
                       team to be composed of project management
                       4 ) Project management specialist ( P MS )
                       create the specific action steps to be completed
                       next year and in subsequent years
                       5 ) PMS gets funding, puts in flag lines, hires
                       contractors, inspects work and moves on to the
                       next year or they are fired.

Key People:            n/a

Other Communities:     n/a

Promotion:             n/a

Location:              n/a

Leadership:            n/a
  Lee/South Fork Indian Reservation
             First Wildfire Action Group Meeting Plan

Key Topics:           Street signs/addresses, fuels reduction, South Fork
                      Subdiv., education, training on VFD equip., funding

Key People:           Neighbors/who can help, Band Council, BIA,
                      community-neighbors that aren ’ t tribal,
                      VFD ( Jiggs ) , BLM ( Dylan Rader)

Other Communities:    Jiggs

Promotion:            Newsletters, brochures, website, council meetings,

Location:             Community Admin Bldg.

Leadership:           Band Council
              Lida, Esmeralda County
             First Wildfire Action Group Meeting Plan

Key Topics:            Population 18, 6 residences, CWPP, Fire Safe

Key People:            Fire Chiefs, ECC, EMD

Other Communities:     Gold Field, Gold Point, Fish Lake Valley, Dyer,
                       Silver Peak

Promotion:             Fire History Maps, Local Events, Living with Fire

Location:              Esmeralda County Goldfield Fire Station

Leadership:            Harriet Ealey, ECEM
                       Kim Otero, FSC
                       Mark B, NDF
                       Chris, NDF
                       When: Oct. 2007
        Lincoln County, Pioche Area
             First Wildfire Action Group Meeting Plan

Key Topics:            1-Fuels maintenance
                       2-Meeting outlining fire dangers, homeowner
                       education on Defensible Space
                       3-Water Sources-Dry Hydrants

Key People:            Residents, Responders, County Planning, County
                       Official ( Rhonda) , NDF, Chuck Reifsryder-Fire
                       District Members

Other Communities:     Pioche, Mt. Wilson, Ursine, Eagle Valley, Castle-
                       ton Heights, McDermitt, Communities designated
                       as High/Extreme rating w/risk Hazard Assess-

Promotion:             Direct Contact, Sending Flyers, email blasts,
                       phone tree, posted at post office

Location:              School multi-purpose room, Fire house, court
                       house, town meeting hall.

Leadership:            Margie Gunn to organize meeting
                       Fire District Members
                       Now-Jan 2008
             First Wildfire Action Group Meeting Plan

Key Topics:           Reducing fuels at properties, proper road and
                      house ID ( s treet & house signs ) , clear brush
                      under power lines ( u tilities) , brush abatement on
                      sides of city roads, turnarounds in roads

Key People:           Utility Company ( Sierra Pacific ) , Mine Rep,
                      Midas homeowners/property, VFDS, Elko County
                      Rep., NDOT/highway dept., NDF, BLM, NFSC

Other Communities:    Community that has decreased risk/success story
                      to help. Send report or come to mtg. ( B elmont,
                      Kingston, Manhattan )

Promotion:            Mail, phone, email, face to face

Location:             Firehouse ( BLM)

Leadership:           Jim Schennum
                   Mt. Rose Corridor
             First Wildfire Action Group Meeting Plan

Key Topics:            Communications, Clear Expectations, Education,
                       Funding, Organization, Success Metrics

Key People:            See Chart

Other Communities:     No

Promotion:             Sign Board, Media, County Comm. Development,
                       Mailers, Theme Meetings, Guest Speakers

Location:              S. Valleys Library

Leadership:            Nevada Firesafe Council w/help from local chap-
                       ter leaders.
                    Mt. Rose Corridor

Develop a linkage between fire agencies, HOAs, CABs, County Planning,
Individual Fire Safe Council Chapters and non-represented residents
under one master coordinating Fire Safe Council organization and develop
a fuels management component to the county forest area plan that compli-
ments land use.

                               Coordinating Council

     CABs         FSC           JR              WC    UNRAP    USFS



                    Mt. Rose Corridor
                    ( K ey Words and Phrases )

Goal—Initiate a process, Organize

•   Education
•   Unity
•   Pro-Active vs Reactive
•   Enforcement
•   Buy-in: county depts., media, landowners
•   Communication
•   Funding
•   Prioritize
•   Partnerships
Red Rock/Hungry Valley/Bridal Path
             First Wildfire Action Group Meeting Plan

Key Topics:           Risk Value, Awareness of Risk, Goals

Key People:           Board of Directors, Local Fire Department, Law

Other Communities:    Initially own community, then others

Promotion:            Presentations of NVFSC, Fire Department-
                      handouts, Food

Location:             Central to parcel. To take place within three

    Red Rock/Hungry Valley/Bridal Path
                     ( K ey Words and Phrases )

•   Know the risks
•   Community awareness
•   ID Goals
•   Communication
•   Team Effort
             First Wildfire Action Group Meeting Plan

Key Topics:            Lack of street/road/address signs, improving
                       Defens. space at properties, removing unneces-
                       sary fuel ( b uildings/barns/etc. ) , reducing fuel
                       on highway right of ways

Key People:            Prop owners/residents, 4-H kids, NFSC

Other Communities:     Ozino, White Rock, Elburz

Promotion:             Rydon Store/campground— advertise, person to
                       person contact

Location:              Ryndon meeting place ( B ingo )

Leadership:            Rowe NFSC chapter
                     Storey County
             First Wildfire Action Group Meeting Plan

Key Topics:            How do you get community involvement
                       How do you get community to understand fire

Key People:            NDF/Emergency Mgmt./County Rep./SCFD/
                       Community Members

Other Communities:     Outside communities needed for help with local
                       participation issues

Promotion:             Most methods have been tried and have failed
                       emails, media ads, postal, signs

Location:              County Courthouse, 2nd Wednesday

                           Ten Mile
             First Wildfire Action Group Meeting Plan

Key Topics:            Get community together, pros/cons, costs/
                       benefits, motivation, formation of Fire Safe
                       Council Chapter, insurance benefits, costs/losses
                       of fire, what can community do?

Key People:            Prop owners, businesses in comm., fire agencies
                       ( B LM/NDF ) , insurance comp.

Other Communities:     Once group formalized

Promotion:             Public education, person to person contact,

Location:              Private homes or fire station

Leadership:            ?
             First Wildfire Action Group Meeting Plan

Key Topics:           Educate The Community That We Are High Risk

Key People:           Home Owners, Residents, Landowners, Fire Safe
                      Council, Douglas County ( Fire Dept., Code En-
                      forcement, Power Company, GID, BLM ) , Other
                      Chapter Leaders

Other Communities:    Holbrook Junction ( e ast side only ) , Quail Run,
                      Jack Wright ( American Way ) , Kyle Drive

Promotion:            Food with educational mtg., Presentation at Local
                      Community Groups, Local Businesses, Distribution
                      of Flyers on School Busses, Flyers, Mailers, Door
                      to door,

Location:             Park Bldg. , guest speakers quarterly

Leadership:           Ginger Van Brunt, Ronna Hubbard, Betty Hinton-
                      Rebiejo, Estelle
              Unidentified Community
             First Wildfire Action Group Meeting Plan

Key Topics:           Education

Key People:           Home/Landowners, Local Fire Dist., NFSC,
                      federal/state agency ’ s, chapter leaders

Other Communities:    Geographic communities that meet

Promotion:            Food, door to door, mailers, newspaper, websites
                      ( T RE )

Location:             Community bldg., fire station, schools

Leadership:           Citizens who want to make a difference in their

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