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					Patrice Rasmussen, M.Ed.
Administrative Practicum Final Self-Evaluation by Practicum Student Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies University of South Florida Student Name: Patrice S. Rasmussen Directions: Using the following scale to rate your practicum performance in each of the indicators below. Scale 4=Exceeds expectations opportunity to Demonstrates potential for school leadership that is above average for an entry-level school leader 3=Meets expectations Demonstrates potential for school leadership that is just about average for an entry-level school leader 2=Does not meet N=No

expectations demonstrate Demonstrates potential for school leadership that is below average for an entry-level school leader

Program Standards Domains 1. Visionary and Strategic Leadership Articulates a clear vision for school improvement. Is able to facilitate a change process. Is able to develop staff as a collaborative, responsible learning community. Works with staff to develop a strategic plan for change. 2. Leadership for Student Performance Promotes a positive school culture focused on enhancing student learning and performance. Assists school personnel in identifying, understanding, and using data to assess progress toward learning goals. Works with staff to select well-planned, contextually appropriate professional development. Facilitates development of a school culture that understands and is comfortable using data to assess progress toward learning goals. Helps school staff assess the effectiveness of curriculum, instruction, and/or professional development programs. 3. Organization and Resource Management Manages the school organization to optimize the learning environment for students and staff. Can develop plans for effective fiscal, human, and/or resource management to promote student learning and performance. Involves staff in setting priorities based on needs assessment and research-based data. Can engage staff in effective problem solving, consensus building, and/or conflict resolution. Understands how to align resources with organizational vision and performance goals. 4. Collaborative Leadership Works from a stance of collaborative leadership. Develops productive group processes. Engages others in reflective dialogue.

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Uses effective communication to reach consensual outcomes. Knows how to provide logistical support and facilitation for collaboration. 5. Ethical Leadership Demonstrates self-awareness and authenticity in behaviors and interactions with others. Can articulate well-reasoned beliefs based on integrity and respect for the rights of others. Can assist a school community to make decisions based on moral, ethical, and legal principles. Demonstrates ethical practice. Models professional conduct. 6. Legal, Policy, Political, and Socio-cultural Contexts of Leadership Advocates for learning-centered, student-focused schools. Embraces diversity and advocates for the rights of others. Can identify and address implications of diversity and exceptionality for teaching and learning, and for policy and practice. Advocates for equity and helps the school community surface and address diversity “blind spots.” Enables a positive, egalitarian learning environment. 7. Technology Leadership Uses and promotes technology and information systems to monitor, manage, and enrich the learning environment. Knows how to assess and apply current technology for time, task, and systems management. Uses current technology for effective and timely communication. Uses current technology for information access, management, and presentation. Helps staff use current technology for curriculum enrichment and diversification of instructional strategies. Acts as an informed consumer of technology, selecting technology appropriate for organizational vision and performance goals. Knows how to evaluate technology effectiveness. Addresses issues of technology access and equity. OVERALL Demonstrates potential to provide leadership to an educational organization. GENERAL COMMENTS 1. What do you perceive to be your overall strengths?

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My vision and the ability to communicate, share and deliver that vision are my strongest assets. I am an extremely passionate, enthusiastic, motivational leader and speaker who embodies the courage, strength and willingness to take necessary risks to speak out for social justice and for new innovations. Similarly, my ability to motivate and encourage others enables me as Sergiovanni labels it “a servant leader.” I was born to help others achieve their goals and often surpass them. It fills me with great excitement as I am able to energize others to go beyond their dreams and expectations and accomplish things that they never thought were possible. I am able to transmit my confidence in my abilities, as a teacher and coach which enables me to get the ‘buy-in’ from the people that I want to help. I have been trained for performance my entire life. I know what is expected to deliver excellence on an international level and I know how to deliver it. It is a matter of training, perseverance, courage, stamina and mental strength. I have honed these skills so strongly in me; that others are able to trust and relax; knowing that I will lead them in the directions they need to go. My greatest strength is my belief and confidence in myself combined with my steadfast determination, perseverance, and continual pursuit towards excellence. I am gifted teacher, guide and coach and I look

forward to now being at the stage in my life where I am able to see my strengths and to embrace them. This new knowledge of my self-acceptance will now allow me the privilege to help others on their journeys to travel paths far beyond what they ever dreamed and similarly, to begin the climb towards self-actualization. Moreover, I value the intrinsic worth of every human being as ‘equal in the eyes of God.’ I believe that we are all born unique with a different set of gifts, talents and challenges to learn to manage. I am convinced of the inevitable design of creation that we are here on this earth to help each other by partnering with others to share our gifts and talents. This willingness to surrender your gifts and talents to the world creates a reciprocal and synergistic effect that enacts that law of attraction. Similarly, this is noted in the Bible as Jesus teaches us to: “Give and it shall be given unto you.” I believe in the tenet of Christianity that if you stand firm in your faith; even when it is as small as a mustard seed then anything you imagine is possible. I know this is true as we envision our life based on our faith. When we visualize our success and the success of those we help; we are then allowing this faith to empower our commitment to action. This type of commitment and action is what takes a school from an “F” grade to an “A” grade. It is therefore on this faith and trust in God that I base my great strength; as I stand on “the rock” and not on “shifting sand.”(The Bible) 2. In what areas do you believe you need to focus future leadership development activities? I believe I need to focus on developing my ability to use rhetoric to get across my beliefs and my mission in this life. I feel that the internet is the true means of communication in the 21st century and I want to embrace it completely. I plan on spending 10 hours per day writing and exploring the computer and its technological capacities in order to understand how to utilize this tool for my business and work in this world. Similarly, I have spent an enormous amount of time in full time graduate study in both education and music. I am continuing to pursue my Masters in Voice Performance as a second Master’s Degree to then follow that with a PhD in research in music and education. I feel if I am going to be able to deliver my gifts and talents to the world fully when I hone my singing performance technique; which is a complementary leadership and motivational speaking role, and also to hone my advanced technology skills. I believe that as people use the internet more for school and work that I need to be aware of how to ‘drive the traffic on the web,’ and to market and network so that I am able to send the message of my organization throughout the entire world. Finally, it is not enough for me to speak to one group or to actualize my talents in one area. I am at the time of my life where I need to pull together all my abilities and strengths and fine tune them into one compact place where I am able to fully and completely express and change people’s lives the way that God intended me to. You may question the word focus and my answer is this. I have focused on my voice, my education, theory, research and now I must focus on bringing it all together and tying it into one. Therefore, my journey and my focus needs to be on connecting the disparate parts in my life and aligning myself with all my gifts and talents honed carefully by together by a thread that weaves together all of my complexities in order that others may see my light and that I may truly shine for Christ in this world. I must unify myself and my gifts to be able to be easily seen by others for what I am, a child of God with many gifts and talents to share. 3. What evidence did you see that you will be able to work with, and lead, teachers and students toward higher levels of achievement? My evidence that I am able to work with teachers is in my two formal letters of support from teachers at Harrison school of the arts. Similarly, I have proved it to myself and the teachers that I have worked with at Harrison School of the Arts that I am able to connect and interact with them. I absolutely have the courage to present myself to these artists at Harrison School of the Arts with courage and the willingness to humble

myself in my role as ‘servant leader’ which for me as been my most successful and satisfying experience in my life. Moreover, my evidence lies in the confidence I feel and the wonderful sense of completeness I transmit to others as I have the courage to reach out and touch other teachers’ and people’s lives. Similarly, in the emails I receive from the some of the teachers at Harrison and the care they have shown to me proves to me what I have done for them. In terms of students, I have made a tremendous difference in the life of EVERY student that I have touched. I have treated each student as a special and unique creation and built up each one in different ways that are areas that needed to be strengthened in them I have given my life to them in complete service and I know that they will be successful from what I have done and what I have said. When I had 100% percent of my students pass FCAT writes in Grade Four with high grades and go way beyond what their records say could be expected; then this is all the proof I need that I am a change agent and know how and when to affect and effect positive change successfully.

4. What do you believe should be your next steps toward a career in school leadership? My next steps are to continue furthering my education. As a leader of the future leader in education, this path of academic scholarship and honing my performance skills is a lifelong journey. This journey is now a way of life for me which I plan to turn into a complete commitment to helping others step onto higher paths and begin to dream and embrace their ability to be scholars. I use my life as a model of this continual pursuit of academic excellence and scholarship. I have started my second Master’s Degree in Voice Performance at USF in Tampa and in six months I plan on applying for a transfer to a PhD in education. I believe that research; writing and motivational speaking regarding what I have learned and studied will be my area of focus and my contribution to this world. Moreover, the greatest gift that I have as an educational leader in the future is to teach adults how to access higher education and to provide higher education and technology training for adults in need. I believe that my gift is in motivational speaking and encouraging. I want to be used in this way to promote and to help schools achieve funding and support to provide the types of education that our children need today. I don’t see myself as a Principal of one school, but rather I see myself a part of a larger organization such as a University or Center of learning where I could speak out and go out into the community and effect change in other adults. I am able to gain their attention and provide strength, courage and encouragement to these great troopers. There needs to be some people who boost others up so they can keep on in the school systems as they are difficult places to work. I want to be the person who motivates the leaders. Finally, I see myself training teachers, motivating principals and working with adults to help them embrace their inner child that many lose along the way. In our school systems today there are too many adults who have lost and forgotten what it is like to be a child. They have forgotten the much needed praise and encouragement that are essential for students to achieve their potential. Many teachers have lost their mission and are there for the wrong reasons or for power. I believe there needs to be a re-connection for these teachers where they can go inside themselves and regenerate their original feelings of creativity, hope and sense of wonder with the world. Instead of perceiving technology as a threat, which many of them presently do, I want to show them how to embrace technology as a child would…..with hope, with excitement, with wonder. Essentially, I want to help adults find the excitement again that will allow them to be their best selves as they work with our treasures: the children in our schools. When a child looks at their teacher they want to see a role model. They want to see someone who has hope and happiness. They want to see someone who is still alive and vibrant and excited about learning.

My gift will be to give these adults back their joy as they find the child inside themselves again and once against embrace life revived. This will be my leadership focus: to help the adults re-connect to their dreams.

For how many years have you worked with your practicum supervising administrator? 4 months For approximately how many hours did your supervising administrator observe your work during the practicum? 55 hours Practicum Student’s Name: Patrice S. Rasmussen School/District Polk School District   Position : Junior Choir Director and Soprano Section Leader at Good Shepherd Episcopal Church in Lake Wales o o o Full time student in Music Master’s Degree in Voice Performance at USF in Tampa, FL Teacher of singing and piano, self-employed. Freelance writer and internet marketing specialist. Date : Nov. 22, 2009

Signature: Patrice S. Rasmussen