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					Financial Report
Figures as of October 11, 2004

Balance Sheet

                                       Last Month           This Month
 Checking                                     13,133              16,975
 Sweep Account                                15,004              15,004
 Special Projects Fund                        10,000              10,000
 Reserve Fund                                 20,000              20,000
 Petty Cash                                       40                   40
 Total Cash Available                         58,177              62,019

Comparisons of Budget Amounts to Actual Revenues / Expenses

                                        YTD Only             YTD Only             Whole Year
 Revenues                                Actual               Budget               Budget
  Administration                                   900               525                      700
  Events                                        24,725            11,694                   15,000
  Interest Groups                                    0             1,900                    1,900
  Marketing                                          0             1,275                    1,650
  Membership                                    10,535            14,161                   27,500
  Other                                         14,049             1,125                   11,500
  Professional Development                      10,813            10,597                   13,500
  Technology                                       180               375                      500
  Volunteers                                         0                 0                        0
               Total Revenues                   61,202            41,652                   72,250
  Administration                                27,729              24,903                 33,705
  Events                                        16,379               8,008                 10,410
  Interest Groups                                  452               2,785                  3,280
  Marketing                                        103                 745                    995
  Membership                                       378                 649                  1,175
  Other                                          5,448               3,422                 14,700
  Professional Development                       2,108               3,114                  3,975
  Technology                                        52               1,602                  1,635
  Volunteers                                       466               1,200                  2,375
               Total Expenses                   53,115              46,428                 72,250
 Net Income                                      8,087              -4,776                      0

Explanations of Major Variances

Admin (Admin, Membership)

       Current membership stands at 425. Membership last year was 426 (end of September 2003).

Events (Professional Development, Interest Groups, Programs)

       Nothing out of the ordinary. All expenses related to Thiagi have been paid, including his fee.

Other (Conference, Senior Initiative, ALC, Volunteers, Marketing)
       Registrations and exhibitors/sponsors are a little slow.


       Nothing out of the ordinary.

Outstanding Expenses
(to be paid at next board meeting and NOT included in the Total Cash Available figure above)

       Credit card - $TBD
       Reimbursement to Michelle Sepanski ALC airfare - TBD
       Reimbursement to OETC for conference committee - $91.48
       Postage to Shared Support Services - $TBD
       The Connor Group retainer for November - $1,920

Narrative Board Member Reports, October, 2004

Board          Report
President              Succession Planning for 2005 Board: Continuing to nail down potential
                        candidates in consultation with Aaron.
                       Attended Member Orientation on Sept. 30 along with 5 other Board
President            By the time of this meeting, ALC will be history -- and our presence will
Elect            have been a raging success, no doubt. Thanks to Nancy and Sheryl for helping
               to present the wonderful things Cascadia is doing!
                     The ASTD Automation is well underway. The membership database is
               completely rebuilt, with lots more flexibility and the basis for much
               more capability online. The renewal and new member processes this cycle
               all use the new database, and kinks are being worked out along the way. As you
               can imagine, Kathleen has played a big role in this work, and I appreciate her
               support. Next will be the information self-update (so members can update their
               profile anytime) and the chapter member number lookup.
                     We have a fabulous board coming on, and planning for the retreat and
               transition dinner is proceeding. Mark your calendars for the 6th of
                     Others can give a more complete conference report at the meeting, but
               things are moving along well there -- please continue to talk it up at
               your events and with partners, clients, and coworkers. We need more

VP Events
VP Prof.
VP                  Successful orientation of about 20 people (including the board
Membership              members)
                           o 7 non members signed up; 3 actually came
                           o 2 new members from the orientation
                           o Positive comments about the session after; people liked getting
                               to know others
                      416 members at the end of September
                      4 new members in September
                      System has been updated and renewal notices are out (thanks Aaron
                        and Kathleen).
                           o End date for renewals is 11/15
                      Let me know if questions or suggestions through the end of Oct and
                        then I will pass the baton on to Theme

VP Marketing
VP Sigs/Gigs          Has proposal for GIG
VP Finance            See attached financial report
Business            The forms that will allow new members to automatically receive their
Manager        membership number is up and running as is the new renewal form. All
               other forms now work in conjunction with the new database so new members
               can instantly use their membership number to register for programs and
               use the membership directory. Thanks Aaron!
                    The renewal process is actually going pretty well considering Kathleen
               is getting used to the new form (and not spending much time with
               entering data!).
                    Kathleen's total hours for the year are over by 18 hours as of the end
               of September. However, 22 hours can be directly attributable to the
               automation project and the conference.
                    Kathleen has phone appts to meet with each new board member in
                        October to go over information they need to hit the ground running.

Next Meeting : November 16, 2005- 6pm-8pm LOCATION TBD