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Performance Profile- sample report by usp13488


									  Joe Sample                           Position Reviewed:
  Division Manager                     Regional VP
  San Diego, CA

Interview Score: 8   Promotabilty: 9       Readiness: 6        Relocatability: 8

Strengths                                          Areas for Development

Integrity and Trust                                Analytical Thinking
• Values honesty and integrity above all           • Manages with facts and figures. However,
else.                                              due to quick decision style, is likely to make
• Recently exposed potential unethical             faulty judgments or misinterpret data at times.
practices in a sub-committee reporting.            (360, W-G)
• Has earned the respect of others because         • Needs work on computer skills and ability to
of values, integrity, and honest leadership        extract performance information from internal
style (360 and interview).                         systems.

Initiative and Action Orientation                  Company Knowledge
• Is respected as a hard worker; internally        • Has limited exposure to how things work
driven; regularly surpasses performance            outside of his district and region.
targets.                                           • Limited experience working on high-level
• Sees opportunities and possibilities; acts.      projects or negotiations.
                                                   • Limited exposure to C-level team
Customer Orientation
• Has gained the respect of customers;             Priority Setting/Time Management
follows through on customer promises and           • Appears a bit disorganized at times (360,
deliverables.                                      interview).
• Stresses serving the customer in all he
does.                                              People Skills
• Oversees a unit with 92.9% Sat. scores           • May place unreasonable expectations on
                                                   subordinates without fully understanding their
Additional Comments                                roles (360, W-G, interview)
• Willing to relocate for the right                • May offend people due to rapid decision-
opportunities.                                     making process; can be viewed as overly
• Would succeed in a more responsible role.        candid and aggressive.
However, must focus on people                      • Very contractually focused versus
management versus data management in               relationship focused.
order to be a more effective leader.               • Limited high-level management experience
  Joe Sample                                                         Position Desired:
  Division Manager
  San Diego, CA
                                                                     Regional VP
                           360° Feedback                                                                          MBTI® ENFP
                           Overall Leadership                                              ENFPs are enthusiastic, insightful, innovative, versatile, and
                                                                                           tireless in pursuit of new possibilities. They enjoy working on
                    Very                                                          Out-
                    Poor    Poor            Fair   Average   Good     Excellent standing   teams to bring about change related to making things better
                                                                                           for people.

                       Leadership Competencies
                    Very                                                          Out-
                    Poor    Poor            Fair   Average   Good     Excellent standing

Business Acumen
Decision Making
Planning & Org
Integrity & Trust
                                                                                                     Thomas-Kilmann® Conflict Mode
Results Orientation
                                                                                                           Percentile Score
Customer Focus
Managing Change
Leading Others
Performance Mgt

                                   Very                             Quite       Great
                    None           Little           Some            a Bit       Deal         Watson-Glaser® Critical Thinking Appraisal
Lacks Focus
Not a Team Player
Not Trusted
Lacks Confidence
Eager to Please

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