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The Definition Essay - PowerPoint by gof81448


									  The Definition Essay

Now What Do You Mean By That?
       The Qualities of Definition
• The definition of “Definition” is “a
  statement expressing the essential nature
  of something” (Merriam – Webster
   – Actually that is the second definition, the
     first being “an act of determining;
     specifically : the formal proclamation of a
     Roman Catholic dogma” (Merriam –
     Webster Online).
• Thus the purpose of a Definition Theme
  is to establish a true understanding of a
  terms with which may contain “disputed
  abstractions” or more specific meaning to
  a smaller group (McQuen-Metherell and
  Winkler 370).
• The act of stating a precise meaning or
• A close synonym for “description.”
• The purpose of the Definition theme is clear,
  factual, understanding without the interprosition
  of the author’s feelings or prejudices.
• The writer is free either to arrive at a universal
  consensus of the definition of a term or choose
  any number of special usages of a term by limited
       The Process of Definition
• Think of some term the understanding of
  which you think is important but lacking.
• Decide whether to establish a common or
  specific understanding of the word or phrase.
• Move to the facts either through interviews or
  library research.
• Begin the definition by saying what the term
   – This is best done by using a reference which can be
   – Merriam Webster
   – O E D: Oxford English Dictionary
   – Gender Dictionary
• The above will also help you expand your
  definition, if necessary, by etymological analysis
  of the term.
• Expand your definition with examples
• Attempt to differentiate the word from others like
  it, even synonyms
• You may need to combine techniques.

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